The Captain

Nameless Captain of the Shriek


“The cabin is flooded with unnatural darkness, filling every corner the moonlight does not glint against. The only figure you can see sits at the cabin’s table and only hints of that figure are visible – the rim of a great hat, the silver of a broad bandolier, deathly pale skin. The merest of the figure’s face reveals no more than a skull, a thin layer of near-transparent skin stretched across its ridged and angular bones. No eyes burn in those empty sockets and it is with no motion than the figure speaks, a voice sounding in your head unlike any earthly voice. No sooner have you stepped inside the cabin and beheld this horror than the door behind you slams shut.”


More a specter than a true person, the Captain of the Shriek goes by no other name among his ghostly crew and is rarely seen upon the deck. He commands his crew with absolute loyalty, pursuing his unearthly ends all across the Seventeen Seas. He never speaks but rather can insinuate his will into the thoughts of any he chooses. What interest he takes in the wreck of the Hurricane was utterly unknown – until very recently.

Witnessing the titanic struggle between the Shriek and the Leviathan, the Hammerhead and her crew borne witness also to the unholy ritual the undead crew performed upon said creature, raising it from the dead and – presumably – binding the creature to their will. By perusing the notes stolen from the Shriek’s cabin, our heroes have learned that the Captain is supposedly one Tibalt di Esmond, a former privateer who met with a bad end in the northern seas 176 years ago and that his vessel, once called the Shrike, has now been converted into a ghost ship of unknown purpose.

Race: Human (Undead)
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hair: None
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 2 – The Shriek
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 35 – Leviathan

The Captain

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