Congressional Spellsail, Crushing On Hakari


“There’s no trace of humor about this halfling specimen. Dressed in nondescript robes and with nondescript brown hair kept in a simply ponytail, she’s cuts a very conservative figure. Her only distinctive trait, her one defining physical feature, are her glasses – round, impeccable, perched just on the tip of her nose. The face behind those glasses, however, is distinctly unamused. There’s nothing about her short, unassuming frame to suggest anything lighthearted or romantic about her.”


The spellsail formerly assigned to the Hammerhead by Corgaine, Woodward is utterly humorless in her attitude and behavior. She’s aboard to perform a task and sees all her interactions with the Hammerhead and her crew as simply that – a task to be performed. In short, she’s not here to make friends.

However, over the course of her time aboard the ship, it’s slowly been revealed that she might have a soft spot for Hakari. Via some subtle investigating, our swashbuckling heroes have learned that she’s been surreptitiously leaving the burly half-orc notes and presents, using her magic to remain undetected. Though not close friends with the halfling, Corgaine was unsurprised to discover this fact, suggesting this isn’t the first such incident.

After parting ways for some months, Woodward reunited with the crew of the Dragon Turtle on Leviathan Rest. Accompanying them on their treasure hunt, she was offered the position of spellsail in exchange for her silence to Corgaine about the treasure map.

Race: Halfling
Age: 38
Height: 3’8"
Weight: 31 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

First Appearance: Episode 19 – Far, Far Below
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 71 – Castaway Island


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