Xiao Wan-Su

Hammerhead Cook, Cecily's Father


“There’s something puckish in this elf’s expression. His precise age is impossible to guess, considering his elven nature, but he seems entirely too old to sport that little gleam in his eye, that little curl to his lips. Indeed, even his clothing seems out of place on him – dressed in a cook’s apron and commoner’s clothing, he doesn’t appear to be scallywag that his bearing and his expression seem to suggest. There’s an inner mischief behind this elf’s ostensibly responsible eyes.”


Xiao Wan-Su conned his way into a head cooking position with the de Manco family on the small island of Withernsea. It was here he met his wife, Chen Liao-Xi. They had a child together, the rebellious Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, and Wan-Su was very happy to spend what little time he could away from the kitchens with his daughter.

When Cecily ran away to become a pirate, Wan-Su life slowly started to crumble. He took to drinking, they started to quarrel with his wife and he was eventually sold to another noble, his contract purchased by the Beldontes on New Colonia. When Cecily once again returned, father and daughter shared a joyous reunion, Cecily agreeing to spring her father from his imprisonment and for Wan-Su to join her pirate crew as the replacement cook.

After Bō departed, Wan-Su felt particularly adrift and attempted to leave the ship with a dragonborn merchant but Korbin persuaded him to stay.

Race: Elf
Age: 54
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 114 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 23 – Flock Together
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 46 – Into the Shamala Sea

Xiao Wan-Su

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