Bō's Mentor


“The elf who stands before you appears timeless, careless and penniless. Dressed in tattered clothing that vaguely suggests an elven style, the body beneath is limber and athletic, tuned to absolute physical perfection. Her hair styled in a strange and unsettling elven fashion, the face it frames is cold, stoic and unfriendly. There is something altogether too stiff in her movements, too forbidding in her aspect, that suggests she’s compensating for something, an inner weakness or insecurity, hidden beneath layers of flinty exterior.”


Born on Yang, the elven sifu now known as Zhitao eschewed her family and past to become a martial arts master. Her name meaning “twig” in Elven, she’s a master of Immobile Form, an earth adept of the Gong Zao, the Thingless sect of elves that eschew all the decadence and extravagant wealth of their people. According to her, she’d been wandering the waves seventeen days before encountering the Kruthik, searching for a pupil in need of her wisdom. She seems imperious, hard to please and eager to criticize every action of Cecily. All the same, under Zhitao’s tutelage, Cecily was learning more of her culture and of their way of life.

When Chuanli appeared, however, he revealed a startlingly truth about Bō’s former master – she, in a fit of pique, accidentally killed a former pupil. When implored by her former master, Bō agreed to cease her training with Zhitao and come with him back t o Zao. The master and the student exchanged one fateful conversation, Bō promising that she’d work to clear Zhitao’s name, before her master disappeared.

Zhitao’s whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Race: Elf (Gong Zao)
Age: 180
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Episode 13 – Into the Bao Chen Sea
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 39 – Kill the Masters


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