Seventeen Seas

Episode 20 - Voyage of the Hammerhead
Reunions and Funerals

Game Date: Widderways 146 – 160, Year 74
Starting Point: Cape Celesta
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Arriving back on the Material Plane, the Hammerhead, her captain, her officers and her advisors chart a course across the Sea of Rapture. Choosing to remain off the well-charted lanes, they strike westward, following the mysterious storm that seems to somehow have moved in the weeks they spent on the Elemental Plane of Water. Departing from Cape Celesta, the Hammerhead encounters the St. Ladrosa, a saintship for the patron saint of pirates. They meet the many strange and fascinating new crewmen and they conduct one scheming session with Corgaine, discussing who Ilisa was and where she believes this storm will lead them.

Seeking a dummy flag for their vessel, to better pretend they’re privateers, the Hammerhead drops anchor at a small island in the Shrines called Withernsea, hoping to meet Cecily’s estranged parents. Dressing to the nines, they head into town and attempt to acquire an audience with the indentured dressmaker and, after much shenanigans, Cecily and Liao-Xi have a heart-to-heart. Cecily learns that, after she departed, not all things were well amongst her family, her parents separating and her father turning to drink. Resolving to find her father, Liao-Xi nonetheless agrees to help, sewing a red privateering flag for the Hammerhead and even a few sets of surprise baby’s clothing for Ovette’s unborn daughter.


Sailing from the Shrines, however, disaster strikes. A shambling mound of seaweed, possessed by arcane magic, attacks the Hammerhead, seemingly bent on killing Ovette. The crew fights the thing valiantly, despite its parasitic tendrils and nearly manages to slay the creature but not before it gets its hooks into poor Ovette. Dragged overboard, there’s another attempt to rescue the halfling woman before she’s pulled too deep but this, alas, comes to no avail. Despite all their efforts, Ovette is killed, floating dead in the water, the shambling mound dragging her down into blackness.

Episode 19 - Far, Far Below
The Hammerhead Departs Port Pillage

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Meeting Corgaine on the Kruthik’s deck, our swashbuckling heroes strike a new deal with their sometimes friend, sometimes foe. Corgaine proposes they work together to uncover the treasure, pooling their resources and splitting the reward evenly. She doesn’t trust Inio and blames him for the disappearance of Ilisa’s items, believing them now in the hands of the Cutlass, but is willing to collaborate, should that turn up the treasure. Offering to provide them a spellsail, they agree to depart as soon as their new ship – the Hammerhead – is ready to sail.

While crew and cargo transfer between ships, the party runs a few errands, both great and small. To appease her curious child, Ovette goes book shopping, seeking children’s stories to read to her unborn daughter. Cecily is tested once again by Zhitao and, after besting her in a combat trial, decides to purchase her mentor a gift. Hakari sniffs around Scholar’s Row, seeking answers about Shun Ji’s disappearance and pockets a text about dragon turtles. Korbin goes shopping, outfits some new armor and investigates his mysterious clue from the Wise Master, discovering a trail that leads far below the floating city.

Collecting his companions, Korbin leads the Kruthik’s officers on a quest deep into the Elemental Plane, stepping through a portal that sends them far underwater. Nearly crushed by all the pressure, the crew nonetheless presses on, following a glowing light across an undersea landscape filled with wonder. One of those wonders, however, proves to be a trap; the glow they believed they were following turned out to a massive transparent seadevil, eager to snap up one of the heroes in its fanged maw.


Working together, however, the Kruthik’s crew make quick work of the beast, Hakari keeping the creature’s massive jaws for better use in his new tavern. Following the glow, they eventually come upon the Shallow Palace of Ngaio the Night-Navigator. The great marid is a gracious host, referring to Korbin by his birth name, and beseeching his help in recovering the other two pearls from the Material Plane. Secretive and suspicious by nature, Ngaio nonetheless promises to provide Korbin with more lore, should they agree to work together. Striking an accord, the Kruthik and her crew return to Port Pillage and prepare to get underway.

Now that the Hammerhead’s complete, the pirates hire a rowdy new crew in Port Pillage and cast off, bringing Corgaine and her new spellsail, Woodward, along for the ride. Once the portal to the Astral Sea is opened, several of the heroes – Hakari most of all – wishes once again to glimpse the infinite cosmos beyond. This short voyage done, the Hammerhead reappears on the Material Plane in the Sea of Rapture, just off the shore of Cape Celesta – once again ready to start their hunt for the Sistren’s lost treasure.

Episode 18 - Aye or Nay
The Scheming Reaches Its Climax

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Quickly giving an excuse as to why Captain Inio is absent from this Congressional hearing, Cecily, Korbin and Ovette deftly dodge the matter of whether or not they should be forced to join the Congress. Soon as the Captains are dispatched to vote, Corgaine’s motion to hear the Colonial proposal wins by a landslide and, though she’s anxious about where Inio has disappeared to, agrees to accompany the corsairs to the Sea Creature for a drink.

Through an absurd lie, Hakari and Inio manage to shirk the blackmarks on the_Iron Fist’s_ paper deck and eventually reach the captain’s cabin, the one once belonging to Ilisa, Corgaine’s dead sister. A little acid dissolves the lock and they’re quickly looting the untouched valuables inside. After bagging a bottle dragon turtle, some magical navigational device and an extremely valuable sword, Inio discovers a cache of letters he believes will point them towards the treasure. That’s when the Red Hands, on Corgaine’s orders, arrive and, in the ensuing chaos, Hakari escapes and Inio is captured.

The revels at the Sea Creature, then, are cut short when a cursing Inio is thrown before Corgaine’s feet. When she learns that he was caught snooping around Ilisa’s quarters, she flies into a rage. She surrounds the three heroes and demands to know what their interest in Ilisa and the treasure is. They attempt to resist, even attempt to charm Corgaine, but this all comes to naught and they’re forced to admit that they’re seeking Ilisa’s lost treasure.

Feeling guilty about the capture of his friend, Hakari hatches a scheme to free Inio from Corgaine’s clutches. Stealing a pair of red gloves, he infiltrates the Iron Fist and, feigning orders from the Cleaver, manages to abscond Inio from under their noses. Moving quickly through the city, Hakari stashes the unconscious Inio in a room at the Happy Accident and pays a young tiefling girl – Twenk – to summon Deadrick and some toughs to hatch his plan – stealing a ship and fleeing Port Pillage.

Soon as word reaches Corgaine about Inio’s disappearance, some quick thinking on Korbin’s part – blaming the Cutlass – saves all of their heads from the chopping block. Swallowing the lie hook, line & sinker, Corgaine asks the heroes to prove their loyalty by marshalling their crew and joining her at Plunder Plaza, where they’ll mount an assault against the Basilisk and retrieve him. Returning to their ship, the Kruthik’s crew reconnects with Hakari and wonders what to do.

The plan they eventually hatch is a precarious one. With Deadrick’s help, Inio is carried from the Happy Accident into Point Pretty, territory near where the Basilisk is docked. Stashed aboard an under-construction vessel, the crew then leads the searching Red Hands towards Inio’s hiding place, convincing them that it was the Cutlass who stashed Inio here. Once he’s recovered, the Captain is carried into the Iron Hand for further questioning and the Kruthik’s crew are left to wonder about their fate.

Waiting in the Kruthik’s scheming room, our swashbuckling heroes discuss Ovette’s pregnancy, a mysterious stranger that approached Korbin and the artifacts Hakari recovered from Ilisa’s cabin, including a rare luck blade – a weapon of boundless potentiality. Before long, however, Inio does return, in one piece, and tells them the good news and the bad news. The good news – he’s been freed and they’re allowed to leave. The bad news – Corgaine is coming with them.

Episode 17 - Under Siege
The Shriek Returns!

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

After some fierce debate, the Kruthik and her crew decide to join the fight against the Shriek – assuming that other pillagers leap into the fray to aid them. Waiting for the Sirocco and the Hell Hound to start the hostilities, the Kruthik slung around the battle’s side and laid waste to the rowboats full of undead marines that the Shriek attempted to drop onto the port’s shores. In this, they were partially successful – blasting three of the four rowboats but also drawing the Shriek’s attention.


It was a fierce battle, one that nearly went very poorly for the outgunned Kruthik. Many broadsides were exchanged, the Kruthik’s pirate allies fled and eventually the Kruthik too was forced to flee. In her parting salvos, however, she dealt a final blow to the Shriek. To the pirate’s confusion, however, the ship began to dissipate, dissolving into thick black smoke rather than sinking completely.

Filled with fervor, Korbin and Cecily lead a team of Kruthik crew ashore to finish off the last of the undead hordes that went ravaging through the city. Hakari and Ovette, meanwhile, organized another team of Kruthik crewman to go looting in the attacked areas. The fighting and the pilfering concluded with a great carousal at the Sea Creature, only to be interruped by a dressing-down from Inio and eventually a summons from Coquette. The Sistren demanded that, in the wake of the events, they come and testify before the Congress, telling all they know of the Shriek and its possible motives here.

With a few hours to kill before the Congressional hearing, our swashbuckling heroes spread out. Cecily undertook and performed admirably at another of Zhitao’s lessons, earning the master’s respect. Ovette went to investigate Stashside and the wizard – Shun Ji – that the undead hordes carried away. Korbin caught his beauty sleep. Inio, Hakari and Deadrick started a scheme, wherein they would infiltrate the Iron Fist and learn what they could about the Sistren’s missing treasure.

Summoned before the Congress of Corsairs, our swashbuckling heroes arrived at the Iron Fist, the great tiefling warship that serves as their headquarters in Port Pillage. While Korbin, Ceily and Ovette met the Congress to give testimony, Inio and Hakari went sneaking about the great ironsided warship, seeking some choice intel.

On the main deck, Korbin and Ovette told their story, explaining how they knew of the Shriek and what brought them here. Captain Cutlass attempted to poke holes in their story, to cast doubt on their intentions, but Corgaine seized the moment and delivered a rousing speech about the future of Port Pillage, playing on the recent attack to rally her supporters.

Meanwhile, down below, Inio and Hakari run into a little trouble, discovering themselves on the business end of a flintlock pistol and a question that’s a little difficult to answer – “Explain yourselves”.

Episode 16 - Electioneering
The Democratic Process in Action!

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Receiving the list of captains to swayed, our swashbuckling heroes met Coquette at Plunder Plaza to hear her pitch. According to Coquette, nothing is set in stone – she simply wants to talk with the Crown’s representative. She envisions a future wherein, with the aid of this Colonial contract, the Congress can grow and swell and become a world power, something that the Colonial crown no longer threatens to wipe from existence. With a certain reluctance, the heroes agree to convince some captains to her cause – all except Hakari, who goes along somewhat unwillingly.

First, they head to the Underbelly in Point Pretty, seeking the fearsome Captain Brak Bones. No sooner have they arrived, however, than goons in the employ of Captain Cutlass, the leader of Corgaine’s opposition, and their slavering gorehound. A fight quickly ensues, wherein the Cutlass cutthroats are quickly dispatched and their gorehound loosed on the city. Inside the brothel, the Kruthik’s crew makes the acquaintance of both Brak Bones and the very Cutlass itself. Exchanging some insults with the latter, they manage to convert the former with the promise of a four-masted caravel and a little honeyed mead.


After this, the crew splits up to pursue their separate errands. While Cecily and Ovette seek out Captain Bo of the War Wound, Korbin – with Bloodboil at his side – join Captain Doomsayer aboard the Sirocco for a religious ritual. Hakari, meanwhile, goes out on the town, tired of politics and looking to cause some trouble.

While meeting Captain Bo and his spellsail at the Courtyard, Cecily and Ovette both discover the somewhat disturbing fact that the wizard has thoroughly ensorcelled the captain to obey his every whim. While Cecily distracts the Captain with yun li, Ovette appeals to the spellsail, offering him a chance to examine her, in her highly arcanized state, in exchange for changing the ship’s vote.

Korbin, meanwhile, attends Captain Doomsayer’s, a devout toadfolk, prayer service and connects with the zealous pirate captain. By preaching the gospel of Mother Monster and promising to attend another flagellating service, Korbin secures the Sirocco’s vote. Meanwhile, Hakari gets into trouble across the port, taking a contract with a local barkeep and breaking it for a better offer. Bumping into Inio, the two commiserate over how boring politics is and instead start some drunken hoopla, Hakari claiming that Inio’s the greatest duelist on this or any plane.

Once returned the ship, the swashbuckling heroes anxiously await the results of the vote. As the captains start to run out their flags, the unexpected strikes – the Shriek appears from a sudden portal and opens fire, laying waste to the nearest pirate ships. The crew immediately explodes into debate – fight, run or hide?

Episode 15 - Port of Plunder
Motherland of Marauders

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Pillage
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Freshly emerged from the canal, all the squalor and splendor of Port Pillage spreads out before the crew of the Kruthik. Soon as they dock, Coquette hastens away, off to pursue her very important business in the city, telling her rescuers they could reach her at the Lace Curtain, a brothel in Point Pretty. Our swashbuckling heroes, then, are left to fend for themselves in this new and exciting port.

Cecily – along with Ovette, Hugo and Hakari – headed to High Carouse, looking to throw back a few tankards. Visiting the inebriated circus at Revel Riding, Cecily became only passingly involved with Ovette’s misunderstanding and, after a bowl of urchin stew, returned to the Kruthik to pursue her studies. Engaging in a game of yun li with Zhitao, Cecily was able to overcome her impatience and tap into her calm, centered self. Ignoring the clamoring of her companions, she eventually accompanied them to the Lace Curtain, to meet Coquette.

Urged by Deadrick, Hakari stalked Ovette to Revel Riding and, via an elaborate ruse involving a drunken dwarven pedestrian, managed to palm the warlock’s implement – her precious conch shell. Conferring with his elven accomplice, Hakari sought a spellsail on Scholar’s Row and had a copy made. Giving Deadrick the copy to sell in town, he returned the necklace to Ovette’s quarters, his companions none the wiser. After a heart-to-heart with Captain Inio, the pair of them departed for the Lace Curtain, to meet Coquette.

Korbin immediately struck off on his own, headed to the Lorehoard in Scholar’s Row, Bloodboil in tow. Deep in the dark of the Lorehoard, Korbin did much research into the Pearl, the Wise Master Ngaio and the marids of the Elemental Plane of Water. After a brief squabble with a local wizard, he – accompanied by Ovette – sought a buyer for the St. Zalomao honey. Meeting both the Mummy and Apostate, he eventually joined his companions at the Lace Curtain, where they planned to meet Coquette.

It was an unusually giddy and upbeat that Ovette accompanied Cecily to the circus. Once there and extremely intoxicated, Hakari – via an elaborate ruse – stole her necklace. The warlock, however, was much too inebriated to notice. Overcome with a sudden craving for seaweed, she shared some urchin stew with Cecily and eventually joined Korbin on his hunt for a buyer. Upon returning to the ship, she discovered that, not only was her necklace gone, she could only speak Aquan. While Korbin hypothesized this having something to do with her missing necklace, she joined her companions on the way to the Lace Curtain, to meet Coquette.

At the Lace Curtain, a hurried Coquette offered to purchase them a new ship as payment for transporting her to Port Pillage. In the same breath, however, she begged their help. There was an election she needed fixed and there was precious little time for them to accept. Divided on the matter, the crew decided not to act until they had more information from her. From what little they could glean, they were left shaken by Coquette’s proposal – to legitimize the Congress of Corsairs in the eyes of the Colonial Crown, to better target elven shipping concerns.

Episode 14 - The Way Between The Worlds
The Kruthik Crosses Between Planes

Game Date: Widderways 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Vatino
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

A little apprehensively does the Kruthik start to sail towards the great yawning black portal. At Coquette’s assurance that it’s perfectly safe for the ship, Inio orders the crew to get underway and, though a thoroughly strange experience, the caravel passes from this world into another. Before it can, however, Ovette discovers the body of Nails, sequestered belowdecks and demands Hakari – with Deadrick’s help – to clean things up.

Once they’re passed through the portal, the Kruthik starts to sail down the canal, a channel of protected water that leads through the Astral Sea and towards their mysterious destination. Along the way, they can glimpse incredible vistas through the shimmering green membrane and, what’s more, gravity is substantially lessened in this plane, allowing the crew to leap about freely. Attempting to go about her duties as normal, Ovette makes a paling discovery – the drownie is loose.

Working together, the Kruthik’s officers manage to track down and defeat the drownie in the ship’s bilge, only to discover it had attacked and converted another crewmember, Mama Madras the cook. After a heated exchange, Inio summoned them all to the “scheming chamber” and it was theorized that someone intentionally freed the drownie, to pursue an unknown agenda. While preparing funerary services for Mama Madras, the crew began slowly to investigate the possibility of a saboteur aboard.

They were not given long to investigate, however, before an extraplanar scavenger – a dharculus – penetrated the canal, in search of prey. The crew marshaled on the deck and repelled the ravenous monster with ease. While Korbin lead efforts to preserve the beast, Cecily dispatched all three of the creature’s heads. Hakari, meanwhile, braved the void to battle the creature’s main body and was overcome with the wonder and awe of the cosmos.


Shortly after defeating the beast, the Kruthik passed through a second portal and emerged onto a new sea, full of strange wonder – its waters phosphorescent and colorful, its clouds bizarre and energetic, the very air buzzing with alien energy. They had arrived on Aquos, the Elemental Plane of Water and far off, on the horizon, the keen-eyed could just see the white sails of Port Pillage.

Episode 13 - Into the Bao Chen Sea
The Path to Port Pillage

Game Date: Widderways 119 – 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Bao Chen Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

The Kruthik crosses into the Bao Chen Sea, following Coquette’s oblique directions. During the first voyage, they pass a strange island, covered in small statuettes, endure a thunderstorm and make the acquaintance of Zhitao, an elven sempai who demands that Cecily be trained in her arts. When the ship arrives at its first destination, Dai Chen Bay, Coquette has a brief and cryptic meeting with a local and gives them their next heading.

On the voyage to the Xings, they pass an uncharted island native to gemshell beetles, Korbin managing to capture one. Captain Inio and Hakari conspire to get Coquette drunk and see what secrets about the Sistren and the spyglass she might spill. While their friendship certainly improves, she gives no immediate information about the spyglass, causing Inio and Hakari to consider alternate methods. As they aproach the Xings, a trio of drownies attack the ship and slay a crew member. Once the monsters are put down, Korbin keeps one corpse for study while Hakari keeps one “alive” for purposes unknown. Arriving in the Xings, the same process repeats and Coquette receives another – her last – set of directions, leading them towards Port Pillage.

En route to Vatino, they rescue Polly, a marooned woman who squawks like a parrot. Hakari and Deadrick plot to swipe Ovette’s conch shell from out underneath her. The Kruthik passes a potential target, an elven merchant ship, but, on Coquette’s advise, decides against taking it, considering the short time frame they have to reach Port Pillage. Once they’re arrived at Vatino, the Kruthik waits an hour and, eventually, a massive portal opens up, revealing an astral gateway to parts unknown – presuambly Port Pillage.

Episode 12 - The Hostage Situation
The Kruthik's Course Is Altered

Game Date: Widderways 111 – 113, Year 74
Starting Point: Gibbet Islands
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Once returned to the Kruthik with their captive and their new crewman, their wounded allies are tended to and all souls convene in the scheming room, to hear the testimony of this strange old woman. According to Coquette – as she identifies herself – she’s a powerful pirate captain, affiliated with the Sistren, who was unexpectedly ambushed by bounty-privateers and hauled away for the 50,000 doubloon reward on her head. Since the crew intervened on her behalf, she’s quite grateful but not sure whether she can trust them to deliver her back t o safety.

Before they’ve adequate time to discuss this, a ship appears suddenly from behind a rocky island – a four-masted frigate, bearing down on them fast. Pimas quickly identifies The Immolator, the bounty-privateer they stole Coquette from and the sails are made ready on the double. A tense chase ensues, wherein the Kruthik dodges between rocks and shallow islands in an attempt to lose their prey. Eventually, Hakari hatches a scheme to send a dinghy as a distraction, to lure the Immolator away, which eventually buys them the time they need to escape.

Lurking in Shipbreaker’s Bay for the next few days, the Kruthik is repaired and resupplied before heading back to Barnacle, to see who’s won the impending gang war. When they arrive, they find the place in chaos, both Brother Toque and Sederigo the Scalp dead and Cruel Krazzt queen of the molehill. Making a deal with the sahuagin trade boss, they sell one jar of the St. Zalomao honey for a very lucrative 25,000 doubloons and prepare to leave Barnacle – not before purchasing some expensive poison and hiring the services of a few prostitutes to service the ship.

Once back aboard, the Kruthik’s crew decides to divert their course, head south towards Port Pillage and return Coquette to her crew. As insurance against her treachery, they lace her food with slow-acting poison and withhold the antidote, keeping her in the dark unless they need to threaten her. Heading south in the Bao Chen Sea, they celebrate with a great feast.

A few days along their journey, an ensorcelled chuul attacks the vessel, clamping onto the Kruthik’s rudder and forcing several members of the crew to clamber down at do battle with the loathsome thing. It’s eventually Hakari and Cecily, working together, who defeat the beast, tearing it apart and saving some of its limbs to cook for crab meat.

Episode 11 - Avast!
The Kruthik's First Act of Piracy

Game Date: Widderways 110 – 111, Year 74
Starting Point: Taltoc Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Storming aboard the Ameline with half a dozen cutthroats, the Kruthik’s captain and crew find the merchanter’s cargo heaped on the deck and its crew surrendered. Searching the hold, Korbin uncovers a hidden hold and, what’s more, a small crate of St. Zalomao honey, one of the most precious commodities in all the Seventeen Seas. After negotiating with the Ameline’s desperate captain, they resolve to leave the merchanter a single jar and prepare to depart. During the loading of the precious cargo, Ovette and her old beau Layardo explode into argument, prompted by Korbin’s zone of truth.

During the hour voyage to Barnacle in the Gibbet Islands, it is discovered that Ovette has crabs.

Soon as the Kruthik drops anchor in Barnacle, the crew sets about carousing, after their lengthy voyage across the Taltoc Sea. Heading to the spacious Cave Inn, they drink, dance and make merry. During the festivities, Hakari and Ovette have a frank conversation about the mysterious stranger that appeared to her on deck. When they’re all reconvened, the crew decides to investigate all three of the port’s squabbling trade bosses, to see who can get them a better deal on their cargo. Ovette and Cecily – both supremely inebriated – visit Sederigo the Scalp in the Cliffs, while Hakari and Deadrick visit Brother Toque in the Gallows and Korbin, unaccompanied, meets Cruel Krazzt in the Floats.

After much scheming, the crew eventually decides to sell the mundane cargo to Krazzt, as she is not currently embroiled in a gang war. Waiting to sell the Zalomao honey until one of the trade bosses emerges victorious, the Kruthik’s crew decide to row over to Crowclaw Island and investigate the strange note they recovered.

Upon the wet spit of land, they discover a small encampment of bounty-privateers, watching over an allegedly very valuable prisoner. Briefly posing as disguised naval officers from aboard the Quixotic, the pirates exchange a brief word with the prisoner – an elderly woman who professes to be a pirate – before leaping into action to free her.

It’s a bitter brawl, the redheaded brute reigning destruction down upon the unsuspecting Korbin. During the melee, Ovette kept lightning pouring through the unstoppable berserker, Cecily unleashed a blast of elemental magic and Hakari tossed an unfortunate halfling into a fire. The tide was eventually turned when Hakari managed to convinced one of the remaining privateers – Pimas – to betray her crew and join their side. When the dust settled, all their foes – save one hidden sniper – were defeated, along with two of their comrades. Bloodied and beaten, the Kruthik’s crew – plus their new recruit and their prisoner – limped off Crowclaw Island and back to the Kruthik.


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