Seventeen Seas

Episode 29 - The Third Pearl
The Final Rest of the Righteous

Game Date: Clockways 29-30, Year 75
Starting Point: The Righteous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Resolving to save the missing children, Hakari, Korbin, Weed and Inio went below, swimming through the shark infested waters to the last known location of the three hunters. They quickly stumbled upon a nest of facehuggers – strange aberrations that parastically attach to their victims faces – and flew into furious battle. Bō coming to the rescue, the facehuggers’ hosts were quickly defeated by the little critters proved a little harder to kill. Working quickly, however, they managed to defeat the creatures – and one opportunistic shark – without too much difficulty.

Needing some rest and recuperation, our swashbuckling heroes split up. Most retired back to the Hammerhead, to feed the children and research the map and inquire about Corgaine’s whereabouts. Hakari, meanwhile, elected to stay and guard the ship, starting a small fire and breaking into the captain’s quarters. Aboard the Hammerhead, Korbin subjected Woodward to a fierce interrogation about Corgaine’s magical nature and she begrudingly confessed all – Corgaine was always a simulacrum, ever since departing Port Pillage, and that she was almost certainly using Woodward’s glasses as a focal point to race here and see what became of the Righteous. Hatching a scheme to steal those glasses, Korbin joined his comrades the next morning to continue looting the Righteous.

After extinguishing the fire Hakari neglected, they continued their examination of the Righteous. Partways down the aftcastle, they eventually discovered, shrouded and mist and lightning, the Pearl of Storms, the undisputed master of the derelict warship. Thanks to some quick thinking on Bō’s part, the Pearl was snatched and stuffed into a pocket of Ilisa’s enchanted coat, safely removing the powerful artifact from this plane. In so doing, however, they suddenly plunged the Righteous into the sea and our swashbuckling heroes needed to move quickly to escape the rapidly sinking vessel. As they rowed back to the Hammerhead, they were amazed to discover the raging storm had vanished.

No sooner were they back aboard, however, than Woodward confronted Korbin about the theft of her glasses. Managing to deflect the blame onto Inio, Korbin quickly went to retrieve those glasses and, their enchantment dispelled, Corgaine and her flagship, the Nymph, promptly arrived.

Episode 28 - Master and Commander
Intrigue Aboard The Righteous

Game Date: Clockways 29, Year 75
Starting Point: The Righteous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Dispatching the stormchaser drakes in short order, the Hammerhead’s officers and captain make a quick sweep of the remaining five masts, collecting what booty they can from here and there. When Captain Inio makes some noises about wanting to fish out Ilisa’s skeletal remains, Korbin obliges him. While the Captain roots through the pockets of the legendary captain’s enchanted coat, Korbin interrogates the fallen Iron Maiden with a speak with dead ritual. From this, they learn a number of startling revelations – that one of the Pearl’s might be responsible for the ship’s destruction and that the treasure is located somewhere to the west. Meanwhile, Inio discovers a coded treasure map and failures to completely convince his comrades of its importance.


Descending deeper into the vessel, our swashbuckling heroes loot the library and chart room and eventually arrive at the ship’s fortified deck. Here, they do quick battle with a pair of stormskulls, likewise animated by the ship’s powerful magic. While Hakari, Weed and Bō continue exploring lower, Korbin pursues a hunch on the fortified deck and eventually makes the acquaintance of Dogface, a young hyenafolk inexplicably aboard the derelict. Down below, Hakari and Weed make the acquaintance of Captain Dagger and her cronies, discovering a whole colony of shipwrecked children in the Righteous’ lower deck.

After browbeating the panicked children into listening, the pirates learn that these’re the descendants of the piratical prisoners the Righteous once took, all those years ago. Surviving by rations and occasional fishing, the kids – calling themselves the Brats – are ruled by the tyrannical Captain Dagger and currently in a tizzy about their missing hunters, having never returned from the latest expedition.

Dropping into the water to investigate, Weed is quickly attacked by the patrolling hunter sharks. The rest of her companions leaping into the water to her aid, the sharks are hastily dispatched and, wounded and wearied after a long day of exploring, our swashbuckling heroes debate their next move.

Episode 27 - The Righteous
The Storm's Secret Revealed

Game Date: Clockways 26 – 29, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Taking several days to repair their vessel and see to the injured crew, the Hammerhead headed cautiously towards the center of the storm’s eye, to investigate that strange dark dot on the horizon. Soon as they approached, however, they marveled to discover the Righteous, a floating Colonial fotress left derelict both by a fearsome storm and by a fearsome battle. Learning some of the ship’s sordid history from a stunned Corgaine, our swashbuckling heroes – plus Captain Inio and Korbin’s clay-men – crewed a dinghy to row closer and investigate.

The skies and water around the Righteous thrum with ensorcelled drakes and sharks, the pirates are surprised to learn – plus her deck is manned by a literal skeleton crew. During the boarding attempt, Hakari quickly became separated from the rest of his companions and overwhelmed by the ship’s undead crew. As the rest of the heroes attempted to scramble aboard, they were all horrified to discover that Corgaine was nothing more than a simulacrum, a magical facsimile made from snow.


The battle is bitter, the heroes hopelessly outnumbered. Despite this, the pirates acquit themselves well, Bō emerging from her trance-like state to deal death to a small crowd of skeletons. Korbin and Weed, meanwhile, coordinate with the ravenfolk’s squad of clay-men to quickly dispatch their overwhelming enemy. The tide starts to turn against the heroes, however, when Hakari inadvertently provokes a water elemental, nearly drowning him and Korbin when he comes to rescue him.

In the end, the heroes manage to defeat the skeletons and escape the water elemental but not before noting a suspicious-looking tiefling in amongst the other skeletons, one the crew suspect may be the remains of Captain Ilisa. Taking a short rest, the Hammerhead’s officers do a little light scheming, learn that Corgaine’s nowhere to be found aboard the ship and subsequently send for the luckblade, for Hakari’s use. Resolving to continue searching the ship for signs of anymore clues, the pirates make a sweep of the topdeck.

When inspecting one of the masts, Weed stumbles onto a nest of stormchaser drakes and, when Korbin hears they’ve collected some shinies, he cannot resist starting battle with them. Once again, our swashbuckling heroes are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of foes and retreat into the mast, the stormchaser swarms biting and clawing at their heels.

Episode 26 - Stormfront
The Clouds Burst

Game Date: Clockways 26, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

With nothing else for it, the Hammerhead steers straight into the hurricane.

Though obviously magical, the storm is none too rigorous at first. The waves are choppy, the winds are fierce, the occasional blue lightning bolt comes streaking down to ignite patches of the ship on fire. Working quickly, our swashbuckling heroes are able to scramble about the deck, keeping the ship afloat and the crew heartened.

Things become more complicated when a great wave deposits three water elementals aboard the vessel, moving to attack the hapless crew. What’s worse, the way before the ship starts to become treacherous, great whirlpools opening up before their path. Moving quickly into battle, the Hammerhead’s officers make quick work of the elementals. Bō wields her aggressive form in combat for the first time, blasting one elemental into steam. Korbin employs his new squad of “clay golems” to help rescue overboard crew and contain the water elementals. There’re some shenanigans involving Hakari, Weed, a treasure chest and one thousand ball bearings that does not bear repeating.


From here, however, the storm only grows worse as Captain Inio accidentally pilots the Hammerhead into one of the whirlpools. With a great blast of lightning, a fourth elemental – a towering lightning elemental – joins the fray on the aftcastle. While the heroes are busy engaging the massive elemental, sunken ships start to burst from the surf, thrown like missiles at the poor defenseless Hammerhead.

Through all these dangers and more do the heroes pilot their craft. The storm eventually breaks, however, and the Hammerhead emerges into its massive central eye – heavily damaged but still in one piece.

Episode 25 - Into the Ying Wei Sea
The Storm Discovered

Game Date: Clockways 15 – 26, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Departing New Colonia with trouble on their tail, the Hammerhead strikes out into the Ying Wei Sea, once again on the trail of the storm. The further south they sail, however, the closer and closer they come to their prize, those forbidding clouds growing all the greater on the horizon.

On the first leg of their voyage, Korbin conducts an experiment with his pearl, opening a void to another startling dimension. Captain Inio makes a startling discovery in perusing Corgaine’s pilfered letters – she and Ilisa were lovers, he discovers, and they speak in their coded messages about a secret island of the tiefling’s, where they hoped to return one day. Shortly thereafter, they’re pursued by a Colonial warship, the Courageous, which chases them until nightfall, when they manage to lose the vessel. All the while, through the spyglass, that storm grows closer and closer.


On the second leg of their voyage, our swashbuckling heroes make the acquaintance of Toruka Kaia, the Knight of Weeds and Weed’s father. Though he has little time to speak, he pleads with the crew to protect Weed against the Lady of Weeds and gifts his daughter with an old companion – Ghostcrab. The crew also rescues an entangled sea lion from a net, allowing the wounded beast to escape and swim away to freedom. Finally, Korbin notices some competition in his duties as Chimeran priest and ponders what to do. Ever closer comes that storm, the wreckage of ships its destroyed a constant reminder of its strength and potency.

On the third leg of the voyage, Ngaio the Night-Navigator sends a messenger to collect the Pearl of Fathoms from Korbin, while he continues to investigate his second one. A third care package is left for Hakari and he officially goes on the investigation, attempting to discern whom his secret admirer might be. It is eventually revealed to be Woodward, the halfling spellsail, despite Hakari’s jilted suspicions that it might be Yu, the ship’s standoffish bartender. Finally, the Hammerhead arrived before the storm – a great roaring tempest that spreads across the entire horizon – and debated how best to plunge themselves into those troubled waters.

Episode 24 - Mind Your Manors
The Beldonte Heist

Game Date: Clockways 12 – Clockways 13, Year 75
Starting Point: New Colonia
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao-Ling Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

While Korbin and Weed get some much deserved rest, Cecily, Hakari and Deadrick head into the Interior to case the Beldonte manor and learn what information they can. While Hakari and Deadrick looks for valuables – or books, as the case may be – Cecily bumbles into her father and they hatch a plan to rescue him the following evening, when everyone is forced to listen to Lady Beldonte’s infuriatingly poor harp performances.

The next day, the plan is hatched. A carriage is stolen, signals are agreed upon and several of the crew are disguised in appropriate livery. Captain Quincy comes trotting up to the Interior’s gate, while his stealthier companions slip over the wall and rendezvous at the Beldonte estate. Korbin climbs a tree some distance from the carriage, Weed is instructed to hide in nearby bushes and Deadrick, Hakari and Cecily sneak back into the compound.


They’re almost immediately thwarted, however, when Wan-Su is not in the kitchen, their agreed-upon meeting place. While Deadrick and Hakari commence looting, Cecily discovers him trapped in the performance hall, unable to make the rendezvous. While Deadrick and Cecily conspire to disguise themselves as servants, a guard happens upon them and manages to blow his whistle before he can be dispatched.

Chaos breaks loose. More guards come searching around the side of the house, seeking the source of the disturbance and Weed is spotted. Korbin starts making tons of chaotic and confusing noises, suggesting other whistles and the arriving militia. Hakari goes running upstairs, to loot the master bedroom, while Deadrick and Cecily start pretending to light a fire in the kitchen, hoping to lure the cooks away.

Finally, after Korbin’s summoned the carriage, Hakari’s finished his looting and Weed’s rejoined the group, Cecily manages to get hands on her father. As they all flee, Hakari spreads ball bearings all across the ground, confusing the pursuit. The one remaining household guard firing at them, the swashbucklers all pour into the carriage and flee out of the Interior and back towards their ship.

With that and a twelve hour wait to depart, they’re free from New Colonia and back on the trail of the storm.

Episode 23 - Flock Together
Birds of a Feather

Game Date: Clockways 12, Year 75
Starting Point: New Colonia
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Faveen Lone-Choir, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

After a tortuous twelve-hour wait, the Hammerhead finally drops anchor in New Colonia’s Channel district, mooring up against the various drydocks. Happy to disembark, the crew heads to the nearest tavern and rumor-mill – the Lock and Quay – to recuperate a little from the voyage and to plan their next moves in the unofficial capital of the Colonial Empire.

Enter Faveen Lone-Choir. The crowfolk carnie knows he’s running from something – the circus, probably – but can’t quite remember why. Stumbling into the tavern, Faveen immediately implores the heroes – particularly Korbin – for aid. So repulsed by the noisy troubadour, Korbin storms off about his errands, dragging Faveen and Weed along with. Cecily heads towards the island’s interior, seeking her father, while Hakari stays in the Channel district, on the hunt for another boatswain to compare notes.

Receiving a small reward for the cargo retrieved from the Adventure, Korbin, Weed and Faveen eventually retired to the Hammerhead, where they eventually learn that Faveen’s actually stolen a magical pearl, one that’s suspiciously familiar, from the ringleader of his circus. In the Interior, Cecily meets her father, overjoyed that she’s alive, and eager to be sprung from his indenture to the Beldonte family. Back on the dockside, meanwhile, Hakari makes the acquaintance of Tuelo, a local privateering boatswain, and scares away yet more crowfolk circus performers – the Flying Fandra Brothers, looking for Faveen and his stolen Pearl of Winds.


Back at the Hammerhead, that confrontation comes to a head as all the party members reconvene to discover a drunken Captain Inio in an altercation with the thugrobats. It’s not long before a battle ensues, all the heroes leaping to their Captain’s defense. During the melee, Cecily engages three acrobats at once, trading incredible feats of acrobatics and martial prowess. Faveen confuses and enchants his former friends with bardic magic, keeping his distance. Korbin summons spectral spirits to protect and ravage the acrobats. Hakari rides the magical crane back onto the ship, shortly before a wild magic surge causes Weed to explode the whole thing in green fire.

In short order, the circus folk are defeated – but not before the local constabulary is summoned. Thanks to a quick lie from Faveen, the guard is momentarily pacified and the crew reconvenes aboard the ship, attempting to decide how best to squirm from this latest trouble.

Episode 22 - Into the Clemestine Sea
The Reign of Captain Quincy

Game Date: Widderways 165, Year 74 – Clockways 12, Year 75
Starting Point: Clemestine Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Perturbed by her sudden appearance, the Hammerhead’s officers pawn off Weed’s care on various members of her crew – Twenk, Corgaine – and debate their options concerning the Giuzeppa and the Adventure.Learning from Corgaine that the Adventure is actually a member of the Corsair’s Congress, she attempted to convince them to capture the vessel’s captain, but the Hammerhead’s crew made other plans. Under the guise of privateers, they would attempt to shake the Adventure down, securing some or all of its cargo with minimal bloodshed.

Departing northward across the Clemestine Sea, the Hammerhead has an uneventful voyage. The New Year arrives, with seventy-five obnoxious tolls from the ship’s chronometer. Weed wanders about the ship and develops an attraction to Korbin’s pearl. Zhitao continues Cecily’s training and the student chooses a new name – Bō. Korbin receives a missive from Ngaio, the Night-Navigator, warning him to “beware the weed”. Before long, the Adventure appears on the northern horizon. Signaling for parley, the Adventure accepts a boarding crew rows across.

Aboard the Adventure, Captain Quincy and his crew find the deck curiously deserted. Both fore and aftcastle filled with pirates lying in ambush, Captain Borothea the Braggart comes forth to hear terms. After exchanging forged letters of marque, the parley begins and is quickly interrupted when Weed, having snuck aboard, attacks Captain Borothea with drownie’s touch, causing her to start choking. However, through some quick words and cunning action, our swashbuckling heroes manage to stop hostilities before they start.

Threatening to out Captain Borothea in front of her crew as a pirate and a member of the Congress, Captain Quincy and his allies managed to secure an alarming portion of the Adventure’s cargo. Their hold full, their crew happy, the ship departed back south, headed to New Colonia and new adventures.

Episode 21 - People Drown
The Traitor Unmasked!

Game Date: Widderways 160 – 165, Year 74
Starting Point: Sea of Rapture
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Ovette’s death sends The Hammerhead’s crew reeling. Stunned at the sudden loss, the crew musters together a humble service, Korbin saying grace. Many pirates – including Hakari – come forward to say something on Ovette’s behalf, including one shanty sung by the fond crew, but Cecily keeps silent as the burlap sack, filled with trinkets and remembrances goes overboard. There’s a brief disagreement between the bereaved officers over who should take the warlock’s role as boatswain but Hakari eventually wins out and claims the officer’s title.

The caravel’s not a full day from Ovette’s tragic end when another disaster – a fire in the larder – strikes. Working quickly, the crew is able to extinguish the blaze before it can threaten the powder magazine but the message is clear. There is still a saboteur aboard the Hammerhead and they absolutely must be rooted out before the voyage can continue.

There are numerous subjects unearthed and discarded. The cooks are questioned, with little success. Deadrick assures them he’s nothing to do with the fire, even though he’s been seen around the scene of the crime. A plot is uncovered concerning one of Hakari’s prostitutes and another sailor, one that Hakari decides to keep quiet for now. There’s something equally fishy about Corgaine and her inaction during the emergency, the Sister citing only that she cannot, for mysterious reasons, approach fire.

Strenuous investigation eventually reveals Pimas, a near invisible member of the crew that came aboard following the battle on Crowclaw Island. Seeking revenge for her slaughtered shipmates, Pimas has been working against our swashbuckling heroes for months, immediately beneath everyone’s noses. After a brief scuffle, Pimas is chained and made to walk the plank, much to the crew’s jeering thrill and Cecily’s sudden horror, seeing another halfling woman pulled below the water.

Nonetheless, the Hammerhead continues and crosses into the Clemestine Sea. Along the way, they pass a damaged privateer, the Adventure, that seems to stick in Corgaine’s mind. Another day past, they encounter an even more heavily damaged merchant cog, the Giuzeppa, and, posing as privateers, they approach the beleaguered vessel. Learning the Adventure are too only disguised as privateers and fell upon the Giuzeppa, the faux-privateers of the Hammerhead agree to retrieve the cargo and return it to New Colonia.

Before they can embark, however, they’re hastily summoned back aboard the Hammerhead. Eerie singing steers them towards Ovette’s cabin, where they discover an eerie little child, her hair all of seaweed, vandalizing the storybooks she’s found. “Mommy drowned,” she explains to them, much to our heroes’ collective horror.

Episode 20 - Voyage of the Hammerhead
Reunions and Funerals

Game Date: Widderways 146 – 160, Year 74
Starting Point: Cape Celesta
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Arriving back on the Material Plane, the Hammerhead, her captain, her officers and her advisors chart a course across the Sea of Rapture. Choosing to remain off the well-charted lanes, they strike westward, following the mysterious storm that seems to somehow have moved in the weeks they spent on the Elemental Plane of Water. Departing from Cape Celesta, the Hammerhead encounters the St. Ladrosa, a saintship for the patron saint of pirates. They meet the many strange and fascinating new crewmen and they conduct one scheming session with Corgaine, discussing who Ilisa was and where she believes this storm will lead them.

Seeking a dummy flag for their vessel, to better pretend they’re privateers, the Hammerhead drops anchor at a small island in the Shrines called Withernsea, hoping to meet Cecily’s estranged parents. Dressing to the nines, they head into town and attempt to acquire an audience with the indentured dressmaker and, after much shenanigans, Cecily and Liao-Xi have a heart-to-heart. Cecily learns that, after she departed, not all things were well amongst her family, her parents separating and her father turning to drink. Resolving to find her father, Liao-Xi nonetheless agrees to help, sewing a red privateering flag for the Hammerhead and even a few sets of surprise baby’s clothing for Ovette’s unborn daughter.


Sailing from the Shrines, however, disaster strikes. A shambling mound of seaweed, possessed by arcane magic, attacks the Hammerhead, seemingly bent on killing Ovette. The crew fights the thing valiantly, despite its parasitic tendrils and nearly manages to slay the creature but not before it gets its hooks into poor Ovette. Dragged overboard, there’s another attempt to rescue the halfling woman before she’s pulled too deep but this, alas, comes to no avail. Despite all their efforts, Ovette is killed, floating dead in the water, the shambling mound dragging her down into blackness.


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