Seventeen Seas

Episode 36 - Into the Shao Han Sea
Season Two Begins!

Game Date: Clockways 48 – 69, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Escaping the Shriek and its captive leviathan with the daybreak, the Hammerhead sailed eastward, making for Sirenspire and the nearest available pirate port.

Along the way, Bloodboil was spared from execution, Korbin was demoted to a common sailor and Bō and Hakari agreed to assume the duties of quartermaster until another could be elected. Despite the high number of prizes, the pirates elected not to take a ship, owing to their extremely damaged craft. While searching through Corgaine’s letters and papers, the remaining piece of Ilisa’s map was uncovered – save for a tiny hunk in the middle.

One night along the voyage, both Hakari and Bō fell prey to an insidious seaweed monster, attempting to strangle the two pirates with its tendrils. Ignoring every other member of the crew, the hauntingly familiar creature targeted only the first mate and the boatswain. It was Hakari who defeated the creature’s central brain down in the Hammerhead’s bilge but no questions were answered for the time being about who the attacker was or why they failed to target Korbin or Weed.

Arriving at Sirenspire, the Hammerhead narrowly avoided smashing themselves to pieces on the rocks, lured by the haunted singing of the disembodied sirens. Soon as they dropped anchor, the crew split into factions, some going shopping, others going drinking. Their ship repaired, their cargo sold, their carousing complete, they all reconvened in the scheming room to discuss their next venture – commandeering a proper warship.

Episode 35 - Leviathan
Two Titans Clash

Game Date: Clockways 48, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed


A compulsion falls across the deck of the Hammerhead, urging its crew to run forward and hurl themselves into the boiling water below. Most resist and those that do not are saved by Korbin and Bō’s quick thinking. Before they can congratulate themselves too much, three massive tentacles rise from the water and commence an attack on the unsuspecting caravel.

It is a bitter struggle. With one sweep of a tentacle, the Leviathan can snatch a dozen sailors in its grasp and several of our swashbuckling heroes are so ensnared. Hakari works quickly to tie down crew, to ensure they’re not carried away. Bō and Weed take the fight immediately to the creature, lashing out with fists and spells. Korbin commands his golems to operate and cannon and commence firing on the tentacles but notices that the third tentacle is most interested in Emilio and its secreted Pearl. Destroying the ship in its attempt to apprehend him, the tentacle grabs the Pearl and slinks back into the water defeated.

While Korbin leaps into the water in an attempt to wrest the Pearl back, a third party enters the conflict. The Shriek, firing strange blue ballistae, appears on the horizon and engages the Leviathan. Supremely wounded by this attack, the great behemoth lets go of the Pearl and swims off to confront this new threat, allowing Korbin to escape the boiling water with his prize in tow. Due to some expert sailing, the Hammerhead is able to swiftly escape the churning water as sea monster and ghost ship give ferocious battle to one another.

Before they escape, however, they manage to see that it’s the Shriek, somehow, that emerges as the victor, the Leviathan’s great defeated corpse rising to the surface.

As they lick their wounds, new anxieties gnaw at the Hammerhead’s crew. What was the Shriek’s aim? Why did it come to their aid? What was that strange glowing metal they used to defeat the creature? Against their better judgment, our swashbuckling heroes crew a dinghy and row across to investigate. When they arrive, Hakari’s guess proves correct – it seems the Shriek’s crew mean to raise the Leviathan from the dead for some fell purpose. Unable to intervene but unwilling to stand by, they go sneaking onto the Shriek while its crew is distracted and pillage the mysterious Captain’s office.

As they make their hasty escape, the undead crew catches wise and, what’s worse, the dead Leviathan starts to come to life, complicating their escape all the more. Finally, in a wacky plow that involves waterwalk, Hakari dragging Korbin by a rope and Weed polymorphing into a giant octopus, the Hammerhead’s crew make their escape, returning to their vessel immediately as the Leviathan comes under the Shriek’s control.

Episode 34 - Between Buccaneers
Scheming and Shenanigans Galore

Game Date: Clockways 45 – 48, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Three days sail into the Shao Han Sea, the Hammerhead encounters the Basilisk. A debate breaks out on deck about what, precisely, should be done to acquire their artifacts, The ideas range back and forth, from all out assault to parley and eventually a scheme is hatched the party is divided into two fronts. On the news that there’s a traitor onboard, there’s no shortage of suspicion among the crew, even between the officers, as the plan is set into motion.

Rowing over to the Basilisk in a dingy, Korbin, Weed and Captain Inio plan to stall the sentient sword as long as they can. Meanwhile, escorted by a team of merfolk, Hakari, Deadrick and Bō creep onto the Basilisk’s aftcastle and attempt to abscond with all the Cutlass’ stolen goods. To everyone’s surprise, this goes swimmingly – Hakari and Bō are swift and silent, recovering the artifacts, while Korbin and Weed are sufficiently distracting to keep everyone’s attention on the negotiations. Contriving an excuse to depart, the two parties separate and our swashbuckling heroes have only just reached the Hammerhead before all chaos breaks loose aboard the Basilisk.

There’s an abortive attempt at a chase but some accident with some contraption aboard the Basilisk conspires to slow them down and, moving swiftly, the Hammerhead is able to flee straight southward, heading towards Zao and into the night.

Once there’s a moment of relative peace, the suspicions start to fly again. Hakari presses Inio to reveal that he knows the real traitor – Bloodboil – but Inio is nervous about this, knowing how it might affect Korbin. When he does eventually gather the whole crew and make the formal accusation, Korbin shocks the whole ship and declares it was he who conspired with Cutlass and it should be he who takes the blame.

No sooner has he done this and a vote is called for, however, than strange glowing lights appear in the water around the ship. The water in a great circumference starts to bubble and boil, twisting and warping the wood below. That same sea monster – the very one that sank the Hurricane all those months ago – has returned!

Episode 33 - Fog of War
The Mist Dissipates

Game Date: Clockways 40, Year 75
Starting Point: Gangwu
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Hurrying to rejoin her companions, Bō arrives at the misty monastery and together, our swashbuckling heroes turn to approach the fog-shadowed pavilion, the nexus of all the magical mist. Bō, eager to discover the secret, rushes ahead and thus triggers an attack from a quartet of stone lion gargoyles. Her companions rushing to her aid, the battle is joined!

While Bō, Korbin and his squad of clay-men give battle to the stone lions, Hakari and Weed sneak around the complex’s side, seeking a more advantageous position. In so doing, however, they managed to awaken the true master of the mist-shrouded monastery – a oni, a fearsome demon that attacked them with a vengeance. While Hakari fled from the creature, Weed teleported onto the pavilion’s highest point. Down on the ground, Bō smashes stone lions this way and that while Korbin draws the oni’s attention and loses one of his brave skeletons.

Through a combination of spells, they manages to push the oni back into the mists but not before another pair of mist monks drops from the rafters to confront them. These’re quickly dispatched by Hakari and Bō and, as the monk goes running to finally face the oni, it stops, almost recognizing her, before she dispatches the creature completely. In their examination of the monastery, our heroes discovered some treasures – the oni’s warclub, a mysterious bottle and several ki scrolls – but also a strange statue in one of the smaller shirnes, whose face eerily resembles Bō.

Upon returning to Gangwu, the buccaneers discover that the mist has completely vanished from Gangwu, breeding much confusion among the masses. When they return to the Hammerhead, they hear the full story from Captain Inio – thugs from the Basilisk broke onto the ship and stole several of Corgaine’s artifacts, her letters included – and he’s hopping mad to steal them back. Through some more investigating, Hakari learns it was Bloodboil who, however accidentally, provided them with the information and Bō speaks with her father, the one surviving witness of the attack.

Ready to depart, the Hammerhead puts out from the suddenly clear waters of Gangwu and heads west, in pursuit of Captain Cutlass.

Episode 32 - Mistbound
The Party Splits

Game Date: Clockways 37 – 40, Year 75
Starting Point: Gangwu
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Reporting back from Zideng Pass, Weed wanted to collect her companions and explore the mysterious voice. With some reluctance, both Korbin and Hakari agreed to accompany her, while Bō was summoned off the island by Zhitao, wishing to return to prisoners to Yang and also wishing her pupil to attend her. While Bō sought passage to the elven city, Weed, Korbin and Hakari followed the purple lanterns deeper into the mists.

One mile and a judicious use of water walk later, they discovered a mist-shrouded monastery high on a slope. Investigating the ruin, they found it littered with purple lanterns and choked in the same magical mist that plagues the island, Korbin hypothesizing that this might be the epicenter of all that strange magical effect. In one of the outbuildings, they discovered and battled mist monks, strange ephemeral warriors composed more of vapor than flesh. In another outbuilding, they were assailed by animated suits of armor and a whirling cloud of flying sabers, retreating before they’re diced to pieces.


Meanwhile, on Yang, Bō had her first taste of high elven culture, exploring the city’s highly magical streets. Shopping in the abandoned Renqun Square, she purchased some new clothes and some spices and eventually accompanied Zhitao to a teahouse. Only upon leaving did Bō realize that the place was owned and operated by Zhitao’s family and that this too had been a lesson for her – what sacrifices she must make upon becoming a full-fledged monk.

Upon returning to Gangwu, Bō learned that not only had her companions not returned from Zideng Pass but that someone had broken into the Hammerhead, stealing Corgaine’s letters and several of her artifacts. With no time to solve that mystery, Bō headed down the Purple Lantern Pass, to hopefully reconnect with her companions before they would up dead.

Episode 31 - Courageous Under Fire
Tension At Teatime

Game Date: Clockways 31 – 37, Year 74
Starting Point: The Courageous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Fighting their way across the Courageous, our swashbuckling heroes split into two groups – some heading abovedecks to pursue the fleeing captain, others belowdecks to deal with the large numbers of crew remaining down there. After many shenanigans involving bull rushes, musket fire, hypnotic patterns and ball bearings, Hakari and the mysterious captain eventually come to terms, agreeing to a ceasefire in order to discuss the truce.

Several minutes later, the two parties reconvene on a tea table constructed on the corvette’s topdeck and make the official acquaintance of their adversary, Lord Philip Reis. A cold and calculating individual, the captain informs them he’s been pursuing them from New Colonia, following a warrant on Captain Quincy, and is willing to let them go their separate ways. Taking the Gaolong and its crew as a prize, the Hammerhead and her crew readily agree to this plan and, extricating their vessel from the Courageous, they depart, with Bō as prize captain of the Gaolong.

Heading southwest, the two pirate ships make for Gangwu, an elven pirate port under the control of Fei, Commodore of the Red Lantern Armada. Attempting to pass through the enchanted mist that encircles the port, the Hammerhead is much more successful than the Gaolong, the latter sustaining extensive damage under Bō’s leadership. Once docked, the crew splits up, each heading off in different directions in the mist-shrouded port.

Korbin stays aboard and crafts a new legion of clay-men. Bō heads to Commodore Fei’s headquarters where she has a nasty run-in with the visiting Captain Cutlass and, with the aid of her captain and her companions, sells the Adventure’s cargo to the Stepsister. Hakari visits an opium dealer and a local pirate captain both, fixing a tea to help soothe Yu’s pain and attempting to muscle his way into the opium trade. Weed, meanwhile, wanders the island and is eventually lead, by a mysterious ethereal voice, to a pass lit by a purple lantern and entice to leap into the water.

Episode 30 - Comes the Calm
Old Friends, New Enemies

Game Date: Clockways 30 -31, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

As soon as the Nymph appears through the portal, the pirates work quickly to get their stories straight. Welcoming Corgaine aboard, they engage her in a surprisingly pleasant dialogue, peppered with only the occasional falsehood. They question her about the nature of the simulacrum and she questioned them about they found aboard the Righteous. While they kept the map and pearl from her knowledge, they did give her Captain Ilisa’s horns and coat and, convinced the trail had dead-ended, the two parties agreed to part ways, after a celebratory debauch on the deck of the Nymph.

In need of supplies and repairs, the Hammerhead headed southwest, towards the local pirate port of Gangwu. They hadn’t sailed more than a league, however, before Korbin elected to experiment with his newfound pearl. The whole affair was nearly a disaster – Korbin electrocuted, Cecily ensorcelled, Weed attacked by sharks and Hakari nowhere to be seen. Avoiding another hurricane, they managed to stuff the pearl back into the pocket of holding.

Shortly thereafter, however, the Hammerhead came across a spectacular sight – two vessels, one Colonial and one elven – in pitched battle with one another. While they didn’t recognize the elven ship, the Colonial vessel was clearly the Courageous, the same four-masted corvette that pursued them from New Colonia. Rather than keeping their distance, the Hammerhead charged into the breach, determined to attack their vulnerable foe and possibly win favor with the elves.


At full tilt, the Hammerhead charged towards the Courageous’ stern, ready to ram her. After exchanging a volley of cannonfire, they slammed into one another, the Hammerhead’s ram puncturing straight through the stern windows and allowing all the pirates a clean means to board. In a brief and bloody boarding action, the pirates managed to subdue the first gundeck before the vessel’s captain – a lanky and imposing figure – was summoned to contest them. Following a harrowing duel on the companionway stairs, the mysterious captain retreated back to the topdeck and the pirates prepare to give chase.

Episode 29 - The Third Pearl
The Final Rest of the Righteous

Game Date: Clockways 29-30, Year 75
Starting Point: The Righteous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Resolving to save the missing children, Hakari, Korbin, Weed and Inio went below, swimming through the shark infested waters to the last known location of the three hunters. They quickly stumbled upon a nest of facehuggers – strange aberrations that parastically attach to their victims faces – and flew into furious battle. Bō coming to the rescue, the facehuggers’ hosts were quickly defeated by the little critters proved a little harder to kill. Working quickly, however, they managed to defeat the creatures – and one opportunistic shark – without too much difficulty.

Needing some rest and recuperation, our swashbuckling heroes split up. Most retired back to the Hammerhead, to feed the children and research the map and inquire about Corgaine’s whereabouts. Hakari, meanwhile, elected to stay and guard the ship, starting a small fire and breaking into the captain’s quarters. Aboard the Hammerhead, Korbin subjected Woodward to a fierce interrogation about Corgaine’s magical nature and she begrudingly confessed all – Corgaine was always a simulacrum, ever since departing Port Pillage, and that she was almost certainly using Woodward’s glasses as a focal point to race here and see what became of the Righteous. Hatching a scheme to steal those glasses, Korbin joined his comrades the next morning to continue looting the Righteous.

After extinguishing the fire Hakari neglected, they continued their examination of the Righteous. Partways down the aftcastle, they eventually discovered, shrouded and mist and lightning, the Pearl of Storms, the undisputed master of the derelict warship. Thanks to some quick thinking on Bō’s part, the Pearl was snatched and stuffed into a pocket of Ilisa’s enchanted coat, safely removing the powerful artifact from this plane. In so doing, however, they suddenly plunged the Righteous into the sea and our swashbuckling heroes needed to move quickly to escape the rapidly sinking vessel. As they rowed back to the Hammerhead, they were amazed to discover the raging storm had vanished.

No sooner were they back aboard, however, than Woodward confronted Korbin about the theft of her glasses. Managing to deflect the blame onto Inio, Korbin quickly went to retrieve those glasses and, their enchantment dispelled, Corgaine and her flagship, the Nymph, promptly arrived.

Episode 28 - Master and Commander
Intrigue Aboard The Righteous

Game Date: Clockways 29, Year 75
Starting Point: The Righteous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Dispatching the stormchaser drakes in short order, the Hammerhead’s officers and captain make a quick sweep of the remaining five masts, collecting what booty they can from here and there. When Captain Inio makes some noises about wanting to fish out Ilisa’s skeletal remains, Korbin obliges him. While the Captain roots through the pockets of the legendary captain’s enchanted coat, Korbin interrogates the fallen Iron Maiden with a speak with dead ritual. From this, they learn a number of startling revelations – that one of the Pearl’s might be responsible for the ship’s destruction and that the treasure is located somewhere to the west. Meanwhile, Inio discovers a coded treasure map and failures to completely convince his comrades of its importance.


Descending deeper into the vessel, our swashbuckling heroes loot the library and chart room and eventually arrive at the ship’s fortified deck. Here, they do quick battle with a pair of stormskulls, likewise animated by the ship’s powerful magic. While Hakari, Weed and Bō continue exploring lower, Korbin pursues a hunch on the fortified deck and eventually makes the acquaintance of Dogface, a young hyenafolk inexplicably aboard the derelict. Down below, Hakari and Weed make the acquaintance of Captain Dagger and her cronies, discovering a whole colony of shipwrecked children in the Righteous’ lower deck.

After browbeating the panicked children into listening, the pirates learn that these’re the descendants of the piratical prisoners the Righteous once took, all those years ago. Surviving by rations and occasional fishing, the kids – calling themselves the Brats – are ruled by the tyrannical Captain Dagger and currently in a tizzy about their missing hunters, having never returned from the latest expedition.

Dropping into the water to investigate, Weed is quickly attacked by the patrolling hunter sharks. The rest of her companions leaping into the water to her aid, the sharks are hastily dispatched and, wounded and wearied after a long day of exploring, our swashbuckling heroes debate their next move.

Episode 27 - The Righteous
The Storm's Secret Revealed

Game Date: Clockways 26 – 29, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Taking several days to repair their vessel and see to the injured crew, the Hammerhead headed cautiously towards the center of the storm’s eye, to investigate that strange dark dot on the horizon. Soon as they approached, however, they marveled to discover the Righteous, a floating Colonial fotress left derelict both by a fearsome storm and by a fearsome battle. Learning some of the ship’s sordid history from a stunned Corgaine, our swashbuckling heroes – plus Captain Inio and Korbin’s clay-men – crewed a dinghy to row closer and investigate.

The skies and water around the Righteous thrum with ensorcelled drakes and sharks, the pirates are surprised to learn – plus her deck is manned by a literal skeleton crew. During the boarding attempt, Hakari quickly became separated from the rest of his companions and overwhelmed by the ship’s undead crew. As the rest of the heroes attempted to scramble aboard, they were all horrified to discover that Corgaine was nothing more than a simulacrum, a magical facsimile made from snow.


The battle is bitter, the heroes hopelessly outnumbered. Despite this, the pirates acquit themselves well, Bō emerging from her trance-like state to deal death to a small crowd of skeletons. Korbin and Weed, meanwhile, coordinate with the ravenfolk’s squad of clay-men to quickly dispatch their overwhelming enemy. The tide starts to turn against the heroes, however, when Hakari inadvertently provokes a water elemental, nearly drowning him and Korbin when he comes to rescue him.

In the end, the heroes manage to defeat the skeletons and escape the water elemental but not before noting a suspicious-looking tiefling in amongst the other skeletons, one the crew suspect may be the remains of Captain Ilisa. Taking a short rest, the Hammerhead’s officers do a little light scheming, learn that Corgaine’s nowhere to be found aboard the ship and subsequently send for the luckblade, for Hakari’s use. Resolving to continue searching the ship for signs of anymore clues, the pirates make a sweep of the topdeck.

When inspecting one of the masts, Weed stumbles onto a nest of stormchaser drakes and, when Korbin hears they’ve collected some shinies, he cannot resist starting battle with them. Once again, our swashbuckling heroes are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of foes and retreat into the mast, the stormchaser swarms biting and clawing at their heels.


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