Seventeen Seas

Episode 13 - Into the Bao Chen Sea
The Path to Port Pillage

Game Date: Widderways 119 – 137, Year 74
Starting Point: Bao Chen Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

The Kruthik crosses into the Bao Chen Sea, following Coquette’s oblique directions. During the first voyage, they pass a strange island, covered in small statuettes, endure a thunderstorm and make the acquaintance of Zhitao, an elven sempai who demands that Cecily be trained in her arts. When the ship arrives at its first destination, Dai Chen Bay, Coquette has a brief and cryptic meeting with a local and gives them their next heading.

On the voyage to the Xings, they pass an uncharted island native to gemshell beetles, Korbin managing to capture one. Captain Inio and Hakari conspire to get Coquette drunk and see what secrets about the Sistren and the spyglass she might spill. While their friendship certainly improves, she gives no immediate information about the spyglass, causing Inio and Hakari to consider alternate methods. As they aproach the Xings, a trio of drownies attack the ship and slay a crew member. Once the monsters are put down, Korbin keeps one corpse for study while Hakari keeps one “alive” for purposes unknown. Arriving in the Xings, the same process repeats and Coquette receives another – her last – set of directions, leading them towards Port Pillage.

En route to Vatino, they rescue Polly, a marooned woman who squawks like a parrot. Hakari and Deadrick plot to swipe Ovette’s conch shell from out underneath her. The Kruthik passes a potential target, an elven merchant ship, but, on Coquette’s advise, decides against taking it, considering the short time frame they have to reach Port Pillage. Once they’re arrived at Vatino, the Kruthik waits an hour and, eventually, a massive portal opens up, revealing an astral gateway to parts unknown – presuambly Port Pillage.

Episode 12 - The Hostage Situation
The Kruthik's Course Is Altered

Game Date: Widderways 111 – 113, Year 74
Starting Point: Gibbet Islands
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Once returned to the Kruthik with their captive and their new crewman, their wounded allies are tended to and all souls convene in the scheming room, to hear the testimony of this strange old woman. According to Coquette – as she identifies herself – she’s a powerful pirate captain, affiliated with the Sistren, who was unexpectedly ambushed by bounty-privateers and hauled away for the 50,000 doubloon reward on her head. Since the crew intervened on her behalf, she’s quite grateful but not sure whether she can trust them to deliver her back t o safety.

Before they’ve adequate time to discuss this, a ship appears suddenly from behind a rocky island – a four-masted frigate, bearing down on them fast. Pimas quickly identifies The Immolator, the bounty-privateer they stole Coquette from and the sails are made ready on the double. A tense chase ensues, wherein the Kruthik dodges between rocks and shallow islands in an attempt to lose their prey. Eventually, Hakari hatches a scheme to send a dinghy as a distraction, to lure the Immolator away, which eventually buys them the time they need to escape.

Lurking in Shipbreaker’s Bay for the next few days, the Kruthik is repaired and resupplied before heading back to Barnacle, to see who’s won the impending gang war. When they arrive, they find the place in chaos, both Brother Toque and Sederigo the Scalp dead and Cruel Krazzt queen of the molehill. Making a deal with the sahuagin trade boss, they sell one jar of the St. Zalomao honey for a very lucrative 25,000 doubloons and prepare to leave Barnacle – not before purchasing some expensive poison and hiring the services of a few prostitutes to service the ship.

Once back aboard, the Kruthik’s crew decides to divert their course, head south towards Port Pillage and return Coquette to her crew. As insurance against her treachery, they lace her food with slow-acting poison and withhold the antidote, keeping her in the dark unless they need to threaten her. Heading south in the Bao Chen Sea, they celebrate with a great feast.

A few days along their journey, an ensorcelled chuul attacks the vessel, clamping onto the Kruthik’s rudder and forcing several members of the crew to clamber down at do battle with the loathsome thing. It’s eventually Hakari and Cecily, working together, who defeat the beast, tearing it apart and saving some of its limbs to cook for crab meat.

Episode 11 - Avast!
The Kruthik's First Act of Piracy

Game Date: Widderways 110 – 111, Year 74
Starting Point: Taltoc Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Storming aboard the Ameline with half a dozen cutthroats, the Kruthik’s captain and crew find the merchanter’s cargo heaped on the deck and its crew surrendered. Searching the hold, Korbin uncovers a hidden hold and, what’s more, a small crate of St. Zalomao honey, one of the most precious commodities in all the Seventeen Seas. After negotiating with the Ameline’s desperate captain, they resolve to leave the merchanter a single jar and prepare to depart. During the loading of the precious cargo, Ovette and her old beau Layardo explode into argument, prompted by Korbin’s zone of truth.

During the hour voyage to Barnacle in the Gibbet Islands, it is discovered that Ovette has crabs.

Soon as the Kruthik drops anchor in Barnacle, the crew sets about carousing, after their lengthy voyage across the Taltoc Sea. Heading to the spacious Cave Inn, they drink, dance and make merry. During the festivities, Hakari and Ovette have a frank conversation about the mysterious stranger that appeared to her on deck. When they’re all reconvened, the crew decides to investigate all three of the port’s squabbling trade bosses, to see who can get them a better deal on their cargo. Ovette and Cecily – both supremely inebriated – visit Sederigo the Scalp in the Cliffs, while Hakari and Deadrick visit Brother Toque in the Gallows and Korbin, unaccompanied, meets Cruel Krazzt in the Floats.

After much scheming, the crew eventually decides to sell the mundane cargo to Krazzt, as she is not currently embroiled in a gang war. Waiting to sell the Zalomao honey until one of the trade bosses emerges victorious, the Kruthik’s crew decide to row over to Crowclaw Island and investigate the strange note they recovered.

Upon the wet spit of land, they discover a small encampment of bounty-privateers, watching over an allegedly very valuable prisoner. Briefly posing as disguised naval officers from aboard the Quixotic, the pirates exchange a brief word with the prisoner – an elderly woman who professes to be a pirate – before leaping into action to free her.

It’s a bitter brawl, the redheaded brute reigning destruction down upon the unsuspecting Korbin. During the melee, Ovette kept lightning pouring through the unstoppable berserker, Cecily unleashed a blast of elemental magic and Hakari tossed an unfortunate halfling into a fire. The tide was eventually turned when Hakari managed to convinced one of the remaining privateers – Pimas – to betray her crew and join their side. When the dust settled, all their foes – save one hidden sniper – were defeated, along with two of their comrades. Bloodied and beaten, the Kruthik’s crew – plus their new recruit and their prisoner – limped off Crowclaw Island and back to the Kruthik.

Episode 10 - Into the Taltoc Sea
Enemies and Allies of Sea and Sky

Game Date: Widderways 102 – 110, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Panthera
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Departing the Owathi Chain, the Kruthik and the Mikalakawika go their separate ways. Bael Briarborn and Prince Tua head toward the Isles of Compromise and Highpledge beyond, while Captain Inio and his crew take the shorter route, headed past the Ixli Spires. Both members of the flotilla agree to reconvene in the Gibbet Islands, the licentious pirate port in the southern Taltoc Sea.

The voyage from Vindharna to Taltoc is fairly uneventful. Along the way, the crew makes the acquaintance of Bayonet, the ship’s cat. Korbin makes the acquaintance of Deadrick and Hakari, a pair of gentlemen thugs on the employ of Port Panthera’s trade boss, looking to score a little capital off the advantage they hold over the Kruthik’s quartermaster. During a fierce thunderstorm, a supernatural stranger appears on the deck and blesses Ovette’s necklace with some unknown enchantment.

Crossing the Ixli Spires proved a little stranger. Firstly, a topdeck brawl was broken up by Hakari, the acting boatswain, earning the half-orc some repute among the crew. Secondly, the Kruthik salvaged the wreck of an unfortunate ship, ignited by angry taxwings and run aground on some jagged rocks. Thirdly, when the aarakocra did appear, some fire-and-brimstone from Korbin managed to convert them to the faith of Mother Monster, allowing the Kruthik to escape without a scratch.

As they headed further south, their ship in tact, more strange events started to befall the Kruthik. Firstly, a bottle containing a cryptic message was found by a merfolk crewman. Secondly, a squad of ensorcelled sahuagin attacked Korbin in the night, attempting to steal his Pearl on behalf of someone called Ngaio, the Wise Master. Thirdly, a Colonial ship – the Ameline – was spotted, unarmed but flying a pirate flag. At the violent behest of Ovette, the ship was persued and persuaded to drop anchor.

Episode 9 - Secrets of the Monkeyfolk
Phadkhambra Revealed!

Game Date: Widderways 101-102, Year 74
Starting Point: Jogami
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Descending the eerie stairs inside the ziggurat, Bael and Korbin are relieved to discover some faint green light, helping to illuminate the massive chamber they’re entering. The entire ziggurat hollowed out, the two pirates descend and descend a spiral staircase, open to the air, until they come eventually to the ground, discovering every inch of ground covered in more dusty bones. A cautious testing of those bones reveals a shuffling sound somewhere deeper in the chamber – they’re not alone down here.

Accompanied by a band of pirates, Cecily, Ovette and Captain Inio plunge into the thick jungles surrounding the ziggurat, off to recover their companions and their spyglass respectively. Braving next the horrible stench, they eventually arrive at the foot of the ziggurat and the three of them – Cecily, Ovette and Inio – attempt to scale its imperious face. Halfway up, however, the strange bewitchments of the pyramid befall them and they fall into argument and even blows, Inio attempting to fire on Cecily.

Some more investigation inside the ziggurat eventually reveals its occupant – a great blind girallon, a creature Korbin identifies as an abomination of monkeyfolk sorcery, cursed and reviled by Mother Monster. Sensing their presence, the enraged ape charges the heroes, who go scrambling back up the stairs, in an attempt to lure the beast into a deadly fall. In this, they’re eventually successful, the creature slipping and crashing to the bones below.

Back atop the ziggurat, Cecily and Ovette attempt to scream some sense into Inio and eventually abandon the pirate captain to swing on his rope, holding a brief confab at the top of the ziggurat. Despite all Cecily’s protests that Ovette should remain behind, the two of them enter the leering monkey’s head and attempt to discover the fates and whereabouts of their two companions.

Working together, the reunited heroes manage to defeat the great slavering beast – Bael is enlarged into a giant, Cecily tosses darts at the beast, Korbin is nearly pummeled to death by its great fists and it’s ultimately an equally Ovette who deals the killing blow, blasting the girallon with a deadly witchbolt. Looting the beast’s body and the rest of the ziggurat, the shipwrecked heroes gather themselves to return to Port Panthera as conquering heroes.

Over the course of the next day, the crews of the Mikalakawika and the Kruthik celebrate boldly about their prowess and exploits. Meanwhile, Ovette frets over her companions, Korbin sleeps off his injuries, Cecily and Inio patch up their difficulties and Bael tells the tallest tales he can. The following evening, Inio gathers the officers together to discuss the next phase of the voyage. In short order, it becomes clear that they fundamentally disagree about the best next route and decide, with two vessels, to spilt their forces.

Captain Bael Briarborn will take the Mikalakawika and Prince Tua around the longer way, past Highpledge and the Rawbones, whereas Captain Inio will take the Kruthik the shorter path, past the Ixli Spires and the lurking taxwings.

Episode 8 - Port of Panthers
Pirates Hired, Books Collected, Ruins Explored

Game Date: Widderways 100 – 101, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Panthera
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Arriving in the bustling pirate harbor of Port Panthera, the crews of both Mikalakawika and Kruthik clambered ashore, eager to avail themselves of all the licentious seaside town had to offer. A little unnerved by the haunted ruins, Cecily, Inio and Ovette made for the Broken Yardarm, a popular blind-tiger, to hire more cutthroats. Meanwhile, Bael and Korbin went about the surreptitious business of selling some vodka they’d produced from Port Lunez potatoes – under the nose of Nashi, the trade boss.

At the Broken Yardarm, many new pirates were hired with promises of drink and plunder. While Ovette investigated rumors of the great looming ziggurat, Bael defeated an undead contender – with a radiant punch to the face – in an improvised bar brawl. This done and many more swords added to their ranks, the heroes split up, some to seek knowledge about the Elemental Plane of Water and other to chase a posted reward.

After some doing, Pennyfeather made the acquaintance of Bellany of the Black Rose, a very sassy sorceress and they exchanged notes about his artifact, the ravenfolk walking away with a volume tucked his arm. Meanwhile, Bael, Cecily and Ovette tracked down Five-Fang, a sahugain wanted by the local brothel’s madame for damaging one of her girls. In the process, they acquired a purse full of doubloons, the gratitude of Madame Okansha and a new crewman.

The next morning, to sate her curiosity, three of the four heroes departed to investigate the ziggurat, leaving behind Cecily, frightened away by the grim stories about the place. After braving thick jungle and unbearable stench, Bael, Korbin and Ovette reached the place and attempted to ascend – only to be afflicted by a strange curse, turning one party member against another. At this point, Ovette turned back and eventually became lost in the tangle of jungle, whereas Korbin and Bael pressed on, reaching the summit and eventually becoming trapped inside the monolith.

When a beleagured Ovette wandered back aboard the Kruthik, explaining what befell their comrades, the three of them – Inio included – started to organize a search party to retrieve them – and the spyglass. Meanwhile, inside the pyramid, the two trapped heroes performed some foul sacrifice ritual, spilling a morsel of Bael’s blood to grant access deeper into the depths of the ziggurat.

What awaits them below? Only time will tell.

Episode 7 - Articles of Agreement
Every Soul Signed

Game Date: Widderways 92 – 100, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Lunez
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Arriving at Port Lunez in the goblin-haunted Gnashclaws, the crews of the Mikalakawika and the Kruthik were both happy to disembark on shore leave, despite only five days at sea. Going their separate ways, our shipwrecked heroes embarked upon various errands through the humble stockade town, some more noble than others.

Bael Briarborn and Korbin Quill sought to purchase some dry goods – mainly potatoes – to start a bootlegging sideline. Ovette Whick started off responsibly, attempting to purchase the necessary supplies for the ships, and wound up sharing a drink with Prince Tua in his cabin. Cecily, meanwhile, joined a group of merfolk and pirates at the Green Gills, Port Lunez’s most popular tavern, and may have, in her cups, spilled some secrets she ought not.

The most infamous adventure the heroes shared, while in Port Lunez, involved an attempt to spring a goblin prisoner from Fort Lunez, for dubious and unknown purposes. Devising numerous schemes, each more complicated than the last, it was a simple enchantment from Ovette’s unearthly powers that freed their new friend, Overbite, from the Governor’s custody. Fleeing Port Lunez at first light, the Mikalakawika and the Kruthik departed for Port Panthera but not before Captain Inio, impressed with her loyalty to the cause, named Cecily his first mate.

Along the journey, the two ships weathered windstorms and faithless fog, the latter banished by Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill and his elaborate ceremonies on the Mikalakawika’s deck. In addition, a long debate and review process produced a comprehensive list of articles of agreement that, after some persuading, the pirates could all happily agree to. After much celebrating, the small flotilla drifted through the Owathi Chain and arrived at Port Panthera, here to recruit some more pirates for their cause.

Episode 6 - The Right of Parley
"Down With The Tyrant!"

Game Date: Widderways 90, Year 74
Starting Point: Axebeak Island
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Rowing across the expanse between the Mikalakawika and the Kruthik, our heroes quickly assemble their stories – they’re representatives of Prince Tuakoniakamai, here to investigate rumors of treasure and ancient ruins connected to Aquos, the Elemental Plane of Water. Invited to tea with Captain Pampion, things begin very courteously, despite the crowd of simmering, battle-ready pirates that encircle their conversation.

During the conversation, it becomes all the clearer that Pampion, despite all his pretensions, is unpopular among his crew. A former naval officer, he disdains rowdy behavior and drinking, much to the chagrin of his buccaneers. Spinning another in a long string of lies and falsehoods, the Prince’s representatives convince Captain Pampion that the treasure they sought is actually on the shores of Axebeak Island. Intrigued at this possibility, the pirate captain sends a crew of marauders aboard to search for the goods – unaware that a team of merfolk await them, ready to steer them towards the axebeaks and murder any who escape.

Meanwhile, as the time drags on aboard the deck of the Kruthik, the heroes start to prod the crew closer and closer to mutiny, while Pennyfeather continues to antagonize the Captain. As the sun sets and no word from the landing party, tensions finally mount and weapons are drawn. Fortunately, all the heroes badgering seems to have done the trick, turning half of Pampion’s loyal crew into mutineers and a bloody melee breaks out upon the deck.

While most of the party concentrates fire on the Captain, Bael sneaks away and into the Captain’s cabin, searching for valuable loot. Eventually, with the aid of the snarling hyenafolk mutineer Daranyu, Captain Pampion is slain and the ship claimed – eventually – for Prince Tua!

After another round of scheming, the hierarchy of the two “privateering” vessels is re-arranged. Bael Briarborn now serves as Vice-Admiral and Captain of the Mikalakawika, with Pennyfeather as his quartermaster and Daranyu as the first mate. Captain Inio, meanwhile, takes over command of the Kruthik, with Ovette as his bosun and Cecily as his master rigger. In addition, Inio is eventually convinced to surrender the spyglass into Korbin’s care, as a sign of good faith that he won’t shut up about.

The heading to the southwest, the small flotilla of ships departs Axebeak Island, headed towards Port Lunez and eventually Port Panthera, seeking supplies and sword-arms.

Episode 5 - Return to Axebeak Island
The Maiden Voyage of the Mikalakawika

Game Date: Widderways 87 – 90, Year 74
Starting Point: Palmsport, Statue Islands
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin Quill, Ovette Whick

After three days of shore leave in port, the shipwrecked heroes reconvene on the docks outside Thumb Street, some with new duds, others new lovers and some, in the case of Inio and his throng of ruffians, new friends. When Prince Tua arrives, he introduces them to his newly purchased vessel, the Mikalakawika and welcomes the heroes aboard.

Once aboard the barque, Bael – under the pseudonym Jagglesworth – is inducted into the Prince’s Royal Guard and Pennyfeathers is elected the ship’s quartermaster by a large margin. With Inio installed as the Captain, the ship prepares to get underway, but not before the shipwrecked heroes share a whispered conference of scheming in the Captain’s cabin, in which loyalties are questioned and backstories are revealed.

The Brave Prince departs for Axebeak Island the recovery of Inio’s lost spyglass, a three day voyage in total. Along the way:

  • Bael unsuccessfully attempts some “pirate fishing”, much to the Captain’s dismay.
  • Inio and Prince Tua argue near constantly,
  • The vessel passes by an abandoned island, piquing Cecily’s curiosity.
  • A thunderstorm sweeps upon the Mikalakawika from behind and the sailors, with grit and determination, persevere with minimal damage.

On Widderways 90, the Brave Prince arrives once again at Axebeak Island, a sight passing unpleasant for Bael’s eyes. Dropping anchor, three divers – Bael, Korbin and Konolani – are sent below to search out the spyglass, but not before Bael warns Prince Tua against Captain Inio and his treachery. Through the use of detect magic, Korbin manages to locate the spyglass and, back aboard the ship, passes the item to Inio beneath everyone else’s scrutiny.

No sooner has this exchange happened than sails are spotted on the southern horizon. The spyglass fetched, the ship’s revealed to be the Kruthik, a known pirate that’s followed them from Palmsport. A fierce debate erupts on the Brave Prince’s deck, a dozen or more plans suggested and shot down, before the Kruthik manages to close the distance and offer terms of surrender. Thinking quickly, Ovette shouts back that the ship is under the care of Prince Tua and terms of a parley are drawn up.

Piling into a dinghy, as the Prince’s “representatives”, the heroes – plus Makalini, the merfolk spokesperson – row across the gap to meet with Captain Pampion of the Kruthik, a squad of merfolk ambushers swimming below, should the worst happen.

Episode 4 - Welcome to Palmsport!
A Plan, However Convulted, Is Hatched

Game Date: Widderways 83 – Widderways 84, Year 74
Starting Point: Palmsport
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Corbin Quill, Ovette Whick

In the office of Professor Krillkator, sahuagin sage, Korbin Quill learns some valuable information – that the necrotic mark etched on all their foreheads is a curse, removable only by a casting of lesser restoration and, what’s more, that the massive pearl he carries originates on the Elemental Plane of Water. Meanwhile, at the Second Hand, the remainder of Bael’s companions attempt, with mixed success, to haul him up the stairs and into his bed before Korbin arrives with the news.

Beating the streets, they manage to locate a priest – Brother Miego – who offers to remove the curse, should they come to a prayer meeting. The next morning, four of the party – Korbin, Cecily, Ovette and Hurricane – attend the meeting, whereas Bael and Inio elect to case the docks, looking for a likely ship to commandeer or, in Bael’s case, join. After a brief stint of shopping, a heated debate emerges amongst crew about their next course of action.

Inio desires nothing more than to return to his spyglass, deposited on the bottom of the sea near Axebeak Island. To accomplish this, he means to hire a pirate crew and commandeer a ship to chase down the legendary treasure the spyglass supposedly guards. Bael, however, is fiercely opposed to committing acts of piracy and wishes simply to join a merchanter’s crew and earn an honorable wage. It’s ultimately the other three crew – Cecily, Korbin and Ovette who win the party over, deciding to commission a wealthy individual to pay for the expedition to retrieve the treasure.

For this role, they elect Prince Tua, the thirdborn son of King Mohuwawahikiko, the merfolk monarch. A libertine and a gloryhound, the Prince is discovered carousing in the Idle Hands and is fed, mostly by Korbin, an outrageous story, involving ancient temples and the Elemental Plane of Water and, above all, a fortune in magical pearls. Swept up in the fantastic narrative, the merfolk princes agrees to fund an expedition to recover the “treasure” – on the condition that he leads that expedition. Before anyone can object, Bael agrees and offers his services to the prince as his royal guard.

With three days to commission the ship, the heroes, having lied their way into command of the voyage, prepare to depart Palmsport and return, once again, to Axebeak Island.


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