Aquos is the Elemental Plane of Water, one of the four elemental planes accessible from the material world. Aquos is composed entirely of ocean, unending water that reaching to infinite depths. The marids are the overlords here, garnishing themselves with elaborate titles and ruling from immense coral palaces. Rumors speak of three, more powerful than all – Tamati Tempest-Tamer, Whetu Wind-Wanderer and Ngaio Night-Navigator.

Both Port Pillage and the Kingdom of Kelp are both located on Aquos. The three Pearls of Power – the Pearl of Fathoms, the Pearl of Storms, the Pearl of Winds – originates from the Elemental Plane of Water.


Heading to Port Pillage to return Coquette, the Kruthik sailed through a planar gate to arrive on Aquos. ( Episode 14) While here, the supernatural effects of Ovette’s pregnancy was exasperated, a representative of the Wise Master reached out to Korbin, extending an invitation to meet and Cecily adopted a maripeshu kitten. ( Episode 15 18)


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