Bao Chen Sea

The Bao Chen Sea is one of the Seventeen Seas, located to the far southeast of the Windwaste.

Notable Islands

Uncharted Islands:

  • Statuette Island – Located far to the northwest, Statuette Island is one of many that dots the Seventeen Seas. Only a few hundred feet across, the island is covered in a grid of one-foot tall statues, carved from obsidian and of unknown and mysterious origin. The Kruthik passed the island on its way to Port Pillage.
  • Gemshell Island – Located south of Dai Chen Bay, Gemshell Island is known for its rare beetles, their carapaces seemingly made from precious gemstones. A popular jewelry item in the surrounding ports, Gemshell has nonetheless remained a well-kept secret. When the Kruthik passed by on the way to the Xings, Korbin managed to snag a beetle for himself.
  • Polly’s Island – A tiny spit of land, hardly capable of supporting life, Polly’s island is the ideal place to maroon someone. When traveling to Vatino, the Kruthik’s crew rescued Polly, a woman squawking like a parrot, fearing that she might have suffered from heat stroke and gone made.

Bao Chen Sea

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