Excelsior Sea

The Excelsior Sea is one of the Seventeen Seas, located to the immediate west of the Windwaste.

Notable Islands

  • al-Jarim
  • Cape Pedra
  • Dead Makalo
  • Domiros
  • Infidel
  • Journey’s End
  • Noraldo
  • Plyno
  • Point Cerno
  • Seabottom
  • St. Alban’s Way (archipelago)
  • The Thimertes (archipelago)
  • Vine of Vepalta (archipelago)

Uncharted Islands

  • Sisterspire: A rocky spit of land amid a nasty shoal, Sisterspire is home to an abandoned lighthouse that, upon occasion, would flash messages in Thieves’ Cant to signal passing ships. When the Dragon Turtle’s drunken officers went to investigate, they discover a pair of banshees, victims of piracy in life, and a quartet of drownies, waiting in ambush for them and were very nearly all slain.

Excelsior Sea

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