Far Thanaz

Far Thanaz is a mythic nation, supposedly located on the world’s northern pole. Until the coming of the Shriek, there was little evidence to suggest Far Thanaz is a real place – only the passing reference in frost giant legend. According to the frost giants, they’re the draugr, the after-walkers, and they used accursed rituals and black magic to survive the cold climes of the northern seas.

What is known is that the Far Thanazians are highly skilled necromancers, worshipping the undead as the most divine form of life. The Shriek is a Far Thanazian vessel, converted from a Colonial privateer, and now the Leviathan as well serves their mysterious undead masters.

What goals or intents the Thanazians have remains unknown.


In Widderways Year 75, our swashbuckling heroes departed from Vorgheim, heading northward toward Far Thanaz, seeking to rescue Jarl Balvorg’s kidnapped daughter. Along they way, they passed great pillars of frozen corpses, climbed an ancient staircase and arrived at Naznoto, a Far Thanazian temple. ( Episode 49)

Far Thanaz

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