Gibbet Islands

The Gibbet Islands are an archipelago of five islands in the Taltoc Sea. Named for the corpses of pirates the local Colonial government would string here to discourage piracy, the wave-blasted rocks have, since the sinking of the Continent, actually become a small pirate haven.


A wave-tossed rock, the pirate port of Barnacle is utterly lawless, constructed on a cliff-face and squabbled over by three competing trade bosses.

Size: Village
Population: 715
Demographics: Integrated (50% Colonial, 10% Chimeran, 10% elf, 10% undersea, 10% dragonborn, 3% tiefling, 3% half-elf, 4% other)
Authority Figures: Cruel Krazzt (female sahuagin, trade boss), Brother Toque (male human, trade boss), Sederigo the Scalp (male dwarf, bald)
Important Sites: The Cave Inn, The Pillow Walk, The Yardarm Dance, The Belowdecks, Shipbreaker’s Bay


Constructed on a wave-tossed island, Barnacle earned its name because it clings to the island’s sheltered side. Traffic in the town is conducted primarily on rope bridges and pulley systems, ferrying passengers and pedestrians from platform to platform. The only major settlement in the Gibbets, Barnacle is surrounded by dozens of smaller, rockier islands, notable only because of the frequent meets and pirate hideouts they contain. Crowclaw Island is the nearest of these, but Shipbreaker’s Bay is not much further to the southwest. The pirates from Barnacle tend to pray on merchant traffic leaving Omurrio on the southern gyre that passes so close to their lair.

The three districts of Barnacle are:

  • The Cliffs: Run by Sederigo the Scalp, the Cliffs are the largest and most affluent district. Consisting mainly of taverns, the Cliffs are constructed in caves and posts all along the island’s steep cliff wall. The Cave Inn and the Yardarm Dance are located here.
  • The Floats: Run by Cruel Krazzt, the Floats are Barnacles slums, mainly shanty housing that floats and bobs on the riotous waves of the district. The Belowdecks is located here.
  • The Gallows: Run by Brother Toque, the Gallows are the strangest district in Barnacle, hanging by ropes from the overhang. Consisting mainly of brothels, the Gallows can occasionally drop down onto unsuspecting ships below. The Pillow Walk is located here.


Relatively recent on the scene, Barnacle is still finding its feet in the scheme of the Taltoc Sea’s greater commerce. Ever since the influx of refugees on Omurrio, the city of Bagros has stopped clearing pirates from the nearby Gibbets. In this period of laxity, the town of Barnacle rose, a thorn in the side of shipping on the southern gyre.

Even for a pirate port, Barnacle is particularly lawless. Rather than a single trade boss, three smaller bosses squabble for control, each competing for supremacy. At present, there’s a bloody rivalry between Sederigo the Scalp and Brother Toque that threatens to blossom into open warfare, following an act of sabotage on one of Toque’s most profitable establishments.


Dropping anchor at Barnacle to move some cargo, the Kruthik and her crew dipped their toes into the gang war brewing there, seeking a buyer for their St. Zalomao honey. ( Episode 11) When they returned, however, they discovered Cruel Krazzt to be the victor, having slain the victorious Sederigo while supping at the Cave Inn. ( Episode 12)

Crowclaw Island

A small and uninhabited spit of land, Crowclaw Island was once home to a crowfolk colony, driven out years earlier. These days, the place is used many for covert meetings and hand-offs, between scheming crews of pirates.


Intercepting a message intended for another party, the Kruthik’s crew were inadvertenly summoned to Crowclaw Island. There, they stumbled into a hostage exchange with a bounty-privateer and acquired a most valuable prisoner. ( Episode 11)

Shipbreaker Bay

A large and rocky island, in the sheltered cove around its southern side does Shipbreaker keep his operation. Run by a pantherfolk, this Shipbreaker vastly prefers the company of other Chimerans and employs any he can acquire in his carpentry business.


Fleeing from the Immolator, the Kruthik and her crew hid in Shipbreaker Bay, engaging the Shipbreaker’s services as insurance against attack from the lurking bounty-privateer. ( Episode 12)

Gibbet Islands

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