Ilisan Sea

The Ilisan Sea is the unofficial name given to the uncharted waters west of the Shamala Sea. Named for the famed pirate Captain Ilisa, the only reliable chart made of these waters depicts a string of islands, hardly mapped, all with obscure clues scribbled next to them.

Charted Islands

Uncharted Islands

  • At Lake’s Bottom: A green and verdant island of blossoming plantlife, “At Lake’s Bottom” is home to a thriving colony of woads, sentient plant-creatures that’re curious and welcoming to outsiders. When Captain Ilisa made an offering to their goddess, the island flourished, overflowing with fruits and nuts and plantlife. The Goddess’s shrine stands at the bottom of a lake, a massive willow tree sprouting from its base.
  • Between the Lines: The strangest island yet encountered, “Between the Lines” is composed entirely of books. Books in a hundred languages, on every conceivable topic, spread out across mountains and canyons and caves and forests and rivers and beaches of books.
  • Brave the Cold: Less an island and more an enormous landmass, Brave the Cold stretches for miles and miles, suggesting something more continental-sized. Large portions of that coastline, however, has been frozen solid by the cold breath of Hoxorobad the White, a white dragon that’s taken up residency on the continent.
  • Carry A Tune: A large island of jungles, gorges and waterfalls, “Carry A Tune” is curiously invisible to the naked eye. Only when music is played can a 100 ft radius circle of the island and its harpy inhabitants be brought, potentially from another plane of existence, into this world. The second island on her treasure hunt, Captain Ilisa stashed another bone trinket here, at the very summit of the island’s primary waterfall.
  • Charm A Serpent: A thickly jungled series of small islands, “Charm A Serpent” was once the seat of a mighty civilization of humanoids who worshipped snakes. By communing with their serpentine gods, they themselves were transformed into snakes. The island has since fallen into ruin and is now watched over by Ssessr, a guardian naga that oversees and protects the people.
  • Crazed Old Crone: A dusty island of gravel and rubble, “Crazed Old Crone” is perhaps the strangest island in the Ilisan Sea. Once a day, the ruins atop the island’s hill crumble into dust and debris, which spills out to litter the beach. An hour later, a new city, identical to the first, sprouts from the earth like a fast-growing plant and replaces the old crumbled one. The only inhabitant is an old beachcomber, who tells long-winded stories to any who’ll listen.
  • Find The Fire: A volcanic archpelago, “Find The Fire” is mostly devoid of life, save for a few palm trees and sea turtle nests. The largest island is dominated by a massive volcanic caldera, protected by a fire primordial. When a mortal disturbs her volcano, she appears as a blazing maiden, walking slow circles around the brim, causing the volcano to erupt and pour magma down its slopes.
  • Go Completely Mad – a rocky and inhospitable island, “Go Completely Mad” is surrounded by high cliff walls and descends downward into a rocky basin. Its inhabitants are a race of snarling savages known as qullans, humanoid creatures that inspire a murderous frenzy in any that approach them.
  • Skip This Island – a swampy bayou of sycamore trees, “Skip This Island” is home to a coven of hags and their walking hut. The hags hold complete dominion over the island, even the roots and branches of the trees under their sway. The animals here – snapping turtles, cormorants, cottonmouth snakes – don’t make great food and thus hunting is a difficult prospect.
  • Stonehand Isle: An unimpressive spit of land, Stonehand Isle earns its name from the disturbing extrusions on the boulders and even the trees of the island – perfectly rendered humanoid hands, grasping outward with gnarled fingers and claws.


Seeking Ilisa’s treasure, the Dragon Turtle ventured west and into these sparsely charted waters of the Ilisan Sea. Sailing southwest from Leviathan Rest, they discovered Carry A Tune missing, not where their treasure map said it ought to be. ( Episode 55) With the aid of Faveen Lone-Choir, the crew of the Dragon Turtle managed to sing “Carry A Tune” into existence and recover the next bone fragment. ( Episode 56) Sailing from “Carry A Tune”, the pirates were waylaid by a dire whale, dropped anchor at “Charm A Serpent”, convinced the guardian naga to relinquish the bone trinket and departed for “Go Completely Mad”, only to have their captain disappear en route ( Episode 57). After settling an internal matter aboard, the Turtle arrived at “Go Completely Mad” and sent a landing party ashore, where they confronted the native qullans in pitched battle. ( Episode 59). Sailing northward, the Turtle dropped anchor at Stonehand Isle and threw a beach party, before weathering a supernatural windstorm some distance to the northeast. ( Episode 60)

With their mast snapped, the Dragon Turtle limped to the next island, “Skip This Island”, and cut down a fresh tree to replace the foremast, while its officers recovered the kidnapped Ghostcrab from a coven of hags ( Episode 61). Sailing further westward, the galley plundered a crabman vessel, arrived at “At Lake’s Bottom”, made friends with the local woad population and collected another two bone trinkets ( Episode 62- 63) En route to “Find the Fire”, they sailed through a sea of inhuman skulls. Their attempts to recover the bone trinket from the volcanic caldera triggered a minor explosion and, en route to the next island, they were waylaid by a massive sea serpent ( Episode 64). On “Crazed Old Crone”, the pirates explored the empty city and barely escaped before it collapsed, only to encounter the eponymous crone an hour later on the beach and recover the bone trinket from her. ( Episode 65)

Further south, the Dragon Turtle was attacked by a passing white dragon – Hoxorabad – and frozen in its tracks, the dragonborn crew marveling at the very sight of her. ( Episode 66) After Weed’s departure, the Dragon Turtle arrived at Between the Lines and began to search its endless stacks for Ilisa’s clue and the final bone trinket. ( Episode 68)

Ilisan Sea

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