A creature of unimaginable size and ferocity, the Leviathan is an extraplanar monstrosity, larger than any other known creature on the Material Plane. What exactly it looks like – with tentacles, jaws, flippers and flukes – is unknown and where exactly it came from – a plane hitherto unknown to the sages and scholars of the Seventeen Seas – is just as mysterious.

What is known is that it feels some attraction to the three Pearls of Power, it is especially wounded by a strange mineral or metal derived from its home plane and that it is now undead, raised by the Shriek to serve some unknowable bidding.


Twice have our swashbuckling heroes encountered the creature and twice have they escaped with their lives. During their first encounter, the Leviathan sunk the Hurricane and marooned them on Axebeak Island ( Episode 1). Months later, when next they encountered the beast, it attacked the Hammerhead, seeking the Pearl of Storms, but was slain and eventually raised from the dead by the Shriek. ( Episode 35)


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