Leviathan Rest

Leviathan Rest is an island in the western Shamala Sea. Mainly uninhabited jungle, Leviathan Rest gets its name from the hundreds of sea monster skeletons that litter its beaches. What drives the creature to come here and die, none know.

Among those bones, the local pirate element have constructed the town of Bonesburg, which serves as a pirate port for the region.


A comparatively large island, Leviathan Rest has several distinct terrains – the beach, the swamp and the mountain. The beach, littered with the bones of sea monsters, is where Bonesburg is located. Further inland, a fringe of jungle gives way to a stinking bog, full of blood flies, poisonous gas and alligators. In the depths of this swamp, in an ancient and decrepit dragonborn fort, dwells the kobold population of Koboldia. At the center of the island stands a mountain peak, unnamed by most of the island’s inhabitants. Balanced upon a spur of rock near that peak is a ship – an ancient dragonborn vessel, perched precariously atop this perilous height.


Description: A prosperous pirate port on Leviathan Rest, Bonesburg is constructed amid a graveard of washed-up sea monsters. Buildings and shaky lean-tos are constructed above, beneath and among the ancient bleached bones of monsters.

Size: Village
Population: 445
Demographics: Mixed (20% dragonborn, 20% colonial, 20% kobold, 10% tiefling, 10% half-orc, 10% Chimeran, 3% elf, 3% half-elf)
Authority Figure: Boss Sash (female tiefling), Captain Devraj Devil-May-Care (male tigerfolk, captain of the _Manticore__)
Important Sites: The Jib Cage (local blind-tiger), Jaws of Death (gladiatorial arena)


Constructed on the island’s northern beaches, Bonesburg incorporates and exploits the graveyard spread of bones that litter the sands into its architecture. The vast majority of the taverns, shops and ramshackle housing features some manner of sea monster skeleton, whether a skull, a shoulder of a vertebrae. Further inland, the island dissolves into jungles, scrubland and swamps, eventually rising to a massive mountain peak in the far distance.

The four districts of Bonesburg are:

  • Skull: The mercantile district, most of the town’s shops and curios are constructed here, in the eaves of this enormous monster’s skull.
  • Spines: The de facto residential district, a number of hovels, hotels and domiciles are shakily constructed amid the vertebrae of several beasts.
  • Shipyard: Constructed from massive ribs that arch over the beach, the Shipyard is where the pirate vessels moor themselves.
  • Shoulders: A tavern district, the Shoulders is where most of the singing, brawling and drinking can be had, in many open-air saloons and beer gardens.
  • Scraps: On the edge of the jungle spans the scraps, a disreputable district – even here – that is predominantly the home of kobold beggars and thieves.


An unaffiliated port, Bonesburg is free to govern its own affairs. The local trade boss, Boss Sash, is a wealthy and opulent tiefling entrepreneur. Besides the hefty price she placed on plunder, her main enterprise involves the Jaws of Death, a fighting ring that she runs. With primarily kobold fighters pitted against the occasional monster or drunken volunteer, Boss Sash has been known to cut profitable side deals with those who support her beloved champion, the kobold gladiator Gnish Humanfoe.


The Dragon Turtle arrived in Bonesburg late Widderways, Year 75, but without its officers. Lanquishing at anchor while part of its crew meddled in frost giant affairs, the pirates drank, made merry and painted the town red for several weeks. Once the officers did return – in the company of a large orcish warband – they immediately set to scheming. Defeating Captain Rotgut in a bar brawl, they hatched a plan to sell a counterfeit map to another pirate captain and also to investigate this particular island’s clue – “Seek the Peak” (Episode 53) Crossing the swamp and contending with the kobold traps, the pirates eventually climbed the mountain, boarded the decrepit ship balanced there and met its master, the djinn Latif ( Episode 54).

Leviathan Rest

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