Naznoto is a Far Thanazian temple. Constructed on the very southern tip of that undead nation’s border, Naznoto serves some fell purpose to the strange northern people. The columns of frozen corpses seem to fuel the strange temple, regularly sending necrotic energy into the structure. Its various floors contain living quarters for the acolytes, ritual space, a catacombs filled with mummies and an observatory, high above the rest of the temple.

What’s more, Naznoto overlooks the awe-inspiring sight of Nazopolai, a southern Far Thanazian metropolis, constructed amid the polar ice.


When Ylva Vorgsdottir was kidnapped, she was brought to Naznoto and subjected to unnatural torments. The Dragon Turtle’s officers, on behalf of Jarl Balvorg, travelled north to rescue her. Infiltrating the temple, they encountered its priests, smashed its jars, solved its puzzles and ran afoul of its undead inhabitants. ( Episode 49 51)


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