Owathi Chain

The Owathi Chain is an archipelago of seven islands in the Vindharna Sea. Thickly jungled and scattered with ruins, the islands of the Owathi Chain are roundly avoided, particularly by Chimerans. Idols to bizarre gods can occasionally be seen between the trees and those who venture into the trees rarely return. The tigerfolk routinely marooned exiles here and the only settlement of any size is Port Panthera on Jogami. The six islands are each named after some of the worst rajs in the history of Dharna.

Port Panthera

Constructed amid the crumbling and haunted ruins of Jogami, Port Panthera is where the tigerfolk of Dharna cast their exiles, since blossomed into a lawless pirate port.

Size: Village
Population: 733
Demographics: Integrated (60% Chimeran, 15% Colonial, 15% undersea, 3% elf, 3% dragonborn, 3% tiefling, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 1% other)
Authority Figures: Nashi (male pantherfolk, trade boss), Captain Hada the Hag (female tiefling, captain of the Executioner), Madame Okansha (female tigerfolk, madame of the Menagerie)
Important Sites: The Menagerie, Nashi’s Place, The Broken Yardarm, Ziggurat


The only viable anchorage in all the Owathi Chain, the reefs and shoals that encircle the island protect Port Panthera from any approaching enemies and the reputation keeps idle curiosity from venturing into those haunted jungles. Constructed amid the ruins, the pirates use the port as a striking out point against ships that traffic the region but tend not to stay long, considering the very real peril that occasionally claims the lives of a pirate or a crew.

Notable locations within Port Panthera include:

  • The Menagerie: Run by Madame Okansha, the Menagerie is an import from the Cities of the Chimera, promising carnal pleasures from various beastfolk whores.
  • Nashi’s Place: His office constructed on a rickety shack above a spacious ruin, the superstitious trade boss Nashi meets clients here, to sell and purchase their ill-gotten gains.
  • The Broken Yardarm: The best blind-tiger in Port Panthera, the Yardarm is where all the unemployed pirates come, to look for signage aboard visiting pirate ships.
  • Ziggurat: Visible above the treeline, the ziggurat that looms over all is one place the otherwise heedless pirates dare not tread, too frightened of its evil reputation.


A lawless port, Port Panthera is run by commerce. Via his various contacts throughout the Vindharna Sea, Nashi is able to sell stolen goods to legitimate ports and charges an egregious percentage for the right to do so. Should any trouble rear its head in the bay, The Executioner is always ready to enforce Nashi’s rule, even though her captain, Hada the Hag, resents the idea that she works for the weaselly little trade boss.


Dropping anchor at Port Panthera to hire more cutthroats, our shipwrecked heroes took in all the town has to offer – the taverns, the brothels, the visiting ships, even the great and imperious ziggurat, much to the chagrin of their crewmates. ( Episode 8)

Owathi Chain

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