Port Pillage

The capital of the Corsair’s Congress, Port Pillage is a floating metropolis on the Elemental Plane of Water. Constructed from thousands of prize ships, all strung and nailed and rebuilt together, it’s the very beating heart of all piratical life on the Seventeen Seas.

Size: Metropolis
Population: 27,724
Demographics: Cosmopolitan (15% Colonial, 15% Chimeran, 15% dragonborn, 15% elf, 6% undersea, 6% tiefling, 6% half-elf, 6% half-orc, 11% other)
Authority Figures: Corsair’s Congress (governing body of pirate captains who decide all official matters within the confederation and the capital city)
Districts: Barter Bay, High Carouse, Point Pretty, Stashside, Tosshouse


Secreted in the Elemental Plane of Water, Port Pillage is only accessible via magical means, called canals, that ferry ships from the Material Plane to Aquos and back. The city is a marvel, constructed of thousand upon thousands of prize ships, all nailed and strung and soldered together. Their decks rebuilt and repurposes, there are infinite pathways and rope bridges and hidden tunnels that lead from one area of the city to another. Given over entirely to the piratical way of life, this place is lousy with taverns, brothels, dice dens and bazaars, where murder is common and cheap and life is merry and short.

Barter Bay

The largest of Port Pillage’s five districts, Barter Bay is where all the city’s commerce takes place – where booty is bought, sold, bickered and bartered over.

  • Baywater: An open bazaar on the water, Baywater has no rules – merchants can bicker, fight, kill, set whatever prices they want. Anything and everything is bought or sold on the water of the bay.
    The Happy Accident: Located in the city’s rigging layer, the Happy Accident is a sleepy little tavern that’s constructed from a smaller ship impaled on the three masts of a larger ship beneath.
  • The Iron Fist: Impaled on the pinnacle of Landspit Island, the Iron Fist is an ancient tiefling warship and the official headquarters of the Congress of Corsairs. It’s here that all records are kept and all votes are conducted.
  • Plunder Plaza: The beach of Port Pillage’s central island – Landspit Island – is covered with stolen monuments, the proceeds of an unofficial competition between the various important plunderers of the Congress, to amass the most ludicrous prizes – statues, thrones, figureheads – they could.
  • The Sea Creature: A seedy tavern in Barter Bay, the Sea Creature gets its name from the great jarred sea monstrosity in the center of the main room.

High Carouse

The loudest and most raucous of Port Pillage’s districts, High Carouse is full of taverns and watering holes, the sounds of its shanties audible all across the city.

  • Revel Riding: Located at its own berth, the carnival is a ribald circus, intended for the intoxicated. There’re shooting contest, mock duels, trained animals, all sorts of wackiness about.

Point Pretty

Sometimes called Point Poxy, Point Pretty is Port Pillage’s northern district and home to many brothels, bordellos and establishment sof ill-repute.

  • The Cargo Hold: An average enough tavern, constructed belowdecks, where all the walls and furniture are made from stacked crates. Blabbermouth, the mute tiefling, is the bartender here.
  • The Lace Curtain: A belowdecks brothel, the Lace Curtain is separated entirely by eponymous curtains and run by a grizzled hyenafolk named Marrow-Drinker, the sister of Dohana and an ally of Corgaine.
  • The Underbelly: A partially-flooded brothel, the Underbelly caters specifically to those of an aquatic persuasion, their prostitutes predominantly of an Aquan nature.


The quiestes of Port Pillage’s districts, Stashside is comprised mainly of warehouses and cargo holds, where the local captains stash their booty from prying eyes.

  • The Courtyard: An especially fancy tavern, protected by high walls and furnished to appear as a garden, the Courtyard comes complete with a goblin butler named Yancy.
  • Scholar’s Row: Located in East Riding, Scholar’s Row is a long string of residences for the Spellsails, where they dwell in secrecy. The Lorehoard is located here as well.


The smallest of Port Pillage’s districts, Tosshouse is the center of all gambling in Port Pillage, filled with dicing dens and boxing rings, where corsairs come to squander their ill-gotten gains.


With Coquette in tow, the crew of The Kruthik sailed across the Bao Chen Sea and through the Astral Sea to reach Port Pillage in its true whereabouts, the Elemental Plane of Water. ( Episode 14). Once arrived, the Kruthik’s crew took advantage of all the revels and pleasures the city had to offer, eventually becoming embroiled in Coquette’s politics. ( Episode 15)

Port Pillage

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