The product of some bizarre magical experiment gone wrong, Seabottom is a pirate port constructed at the heart of a whirlpool, at the bottom of the Excelsior Sea.

Size: Hamlet
Population; 251
Demographics: Mixed (25% colonial, 25% undersea, 15% dragonborn, 15% elf, 15% chimeran, 2% tiefling, 2% other)
Authority Figures: Princess Kaimanakonakani (female merfolk, trade boss and merfolk royalty), Shipbreaker (kraken, legendary shipbreaker)
Districts: The Risers, the Reefs, the Rocks


Located in the southeastern corner of the Excelsior Sea, Seabottom has one of the most unique defenses of all pirate port in the Seventeen Seas. The swirling whirlpool that encircles the town is both a shield and a danger to the pirates who attempt to “dock” here, oftentimes responsible for as many deaths and shipwrecks as it isn’t. The actual town is constructed from driftwood, rocks and conquering reefs of coral that span across the sandy floor.

Major districts of Seabottom are:

  • The Reefs: The entertainment district, the Reefs has taverns and brothels and dicing dens, all spattered or dotted or colored or covered with coral. The Coral Cudgel is located here.
  • The Risers: Creaky wooden platforms, the Risers serve as the dockside district, where sailors literally leap from the decks of encircling ships.
  • The Rocks: The warehouse district, the Rocs are a less less frequented than the Reef and contain more residences and storehouses than taverns and brothels. Princess Kai’s warehouse is located here.


An independent pirate port, Seabottom is mostly devoid of political intrigue, though some swirls around its two central figures. The port’s trade boss is a merfolk princess, the eldest child and one-time heir of Queen Iolanakonali. Princess Kaimanakonakani is less interested in hereditary rule and more interested in establishing her own small kingdom. The port’s other central figure is Shipbreaker, a bizarre specimen of a kraken who’s fascinated by ships and carpentry. Though few can speculate on its motives, many pirates bring captured prizes to Shipbreaker and, in exchange for favors, the kraken will service, repair and upgrade them.


Arriving in Seabottom to upgrade their new warship, our swashbuckling heroes “circled the drain” – went barhopping to every tavern in town and promptly got smashed. The next morning, and her Gong Zao brethren departed aboard a pirate port and her unwitting companions went to meet and accept a mission from Shipbreaker. ( Episode 41)


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