Haunted by sirens and constructed from shipwrecks, Sirenspire is a Congressional pirate port that’s nonetheless grown fat and wealthy on the Shao Han Sea’s amble plunder.

Size: Small City
Population: 12,018
Demographics: Mixed (25% dragonborn, 25% elf, 15% undersea, 15% colonial, 15% chimeran, 3% tiefling, 2% other)
Authority Figures: Cheapskate (male merfolk, trade boss), Magistrate (female dragonborn, settler of disputes), Shipbreaker (male crowfolk)
Important Sites: Corsair’s Court, The Friendly Noose, Skatespire, Abbey of St. Alessia, Breaker’s Spire


Located in the central Shao Han Sea, Sirenspire is unique in its proximity to several major shipping lanes, making it an ideal place from which to raid passing merchants. Like all pirate ports, Sirenspire has its defenses – in this case, a host of wailing sirens that lure unwary ships to their own destruction. Made from the repurposed wood of shipwrecks, the latter half of the port’s name comes from the dozen stone spires that rise up from the seafloor and pepper the town.

Notable sites in Sirenspire include:

  • Corsair’s Court: A public forum run by the Magistrate, Corsair’s Court is where captains and crew come to settle their grievances.
  • The Friendly Noose: The local blind-tiger, the Friendly Noose is constructed halfway up a spire and accessible only via a number of pulleys and winches.
  • Skatespire: A spire on the edge of the port, Skatespire is the hollowed-out headquarters of Cheapskate, the town’s trade boss.
  • Abbey of St. Alessia: A small and ill-attended chapel, the Abbey of St. Alessia is the headquarters for the thumpers who wander the city’s streets.
  • Breaker’s Spire: A short distance from the main harbor, Breaker’s Spire is where ships go to be sold, broken down and repaired.


A Congressional port, Sirenspire is a shiny example of the Sistren’s experiment, a port that has prospered mightily by its association with the Congress. The trade boss here is reputedly very stingy and a tough bargainer, known to campaign hard to convert new buccaneers to the cause. In addition to the roving lay-priests of St. Alessia, Sirenspire is well known for Magistrate, a former dragonborn official that now rules as a legal expert on the Cogressional Code and settles disputes amongst pirate captains and crews.


Narrowly avoiding destruction on the spires, the Hammerhead limped its ways into Sirenspire in Clockways 75. Here to repair and resupply the ship, it was also here that our swashbuckling heroes hatched a plan to steal a warship for their own uses. ( Episode 36). After capturing the Yasmaridd, the pirates returned to Sirenspire to sell the Hammerhead and refit the galley, before departing north once again. ( Episode 39)


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