The Dragon Turtle

The Dragon Turtle is a three-masted pirate galley. Once a dragonborn slave ship called the Yasmaridd, the Dragon Turtle was captured by Captain Inio and the Hammerhead at ib-Jaffad in the Shao Han Sea. Some weeks later, the ship was refitted and redesigned by Shipbreaker at Seabottom, complete with several magical modifications, and was subsequently christened the Dragon Turtle. Enormous and imposing, armed to the teeth and thickly armored, there’s nary a ship upon these Seventeen Seas that can stand to the Turtle in open combat.


Ship Type: Galley (3 masts)
Captain: Inio (male halfling, daft)
Crew: 150
Cannon: 80 (10 bow, 10 stern, 60 broadside)
Affiliation: Pirate (Independent)
Status: Active

AC: 12
HP: 800 (550)
Threshold: 15
Cargo: 106 / 400 tons (50 tons of crystal shards, 40 tons of purple spice, 16 tons of cotton)
Consumables: 90 days (41 days remaining)
Morale: 65/100


  • Enchanted Sails: When traveling long distances, the Dragon Turtle always has favorable winds.
  • Extradimensional Deck: One of the vessel’s several decks exists in an extradimensional space. (The tavern, the Misty Maiden, is located here, as well as the scheming room.)
  • Fogbank: A persistent cloud of fog hangs around the Dragon Turtle, capable of shrouding them entirely and providing full concealment.
  • Unseen Rowers: The ship’s banks of oars can, once per day, activate to row themselves at great speed.

Crew: 130

  • Officers (4): Captain Fakira az-Yassin ibbin-Nuritt (male dragonborn, captain), Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill (male ravenfolk, first mate), Hakari (male half-orc, bosun), Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit (female dragonborn, quartermaster)
  • Pirate Crew (61): Akvar bin-Kafir (male dragonborn, sawbones), Brainpan (female dwarf), Deadrick (male elf), Fangs (female human), Faveen Lone-Choir (male crowfolk), Gnish Humanfoe (male kobold), Meera (female hadozee), Muzca (male tiefling), Nadia Knuckles (female tiefling), Lavati (female oxenfolk, cook), Piranha (female merfolk, cook’s assistant), Pylvi (female halfling, cook’s assistant), Skins (male pantherfolk), Skinflint (male elf), Suyin (female elf), Talon (male pantherfolk), Twenk (female tiefling), Ursano (male dwarf), Vabette (female dwarf), Woodward (female halfling, spellsail), Yasha Battle-Beast (female hyenafolk), 5 male dragonborn, 4 female elves, 4 male elves, 3 female dwarves, 3 male sahuagin, 3 female tieflings, 2 female dragonborn, 2 male halflings, 2 male merfolk, 2 male tieflings, 2 male toadfolk, female halfling, female half-orc, male half-orc, male human, female oxenfolk, male oxenfolk, male toadfolk
  • Orcs (16): Massak (male orc), Shazalq (female orc, shaman), 8 female orcs, 6 male orcs
  • Dragonborn (42): Ghassan (male dragonborn), Malek (male dragonborn), Sakira (female dragonborn, artist), Sawdust (female dragonborn, carpenter), Zara (female dragonborn), 24 female dragonborn, 13 male dragonborn
  • Misty Maiden (6): Arin Azure (male dragonborn), Lermina (female half-elf), Melores the Mighty (female halfling, prostitute), Professor Hikmat (female dragonborn), Vito the Virgin (male human), Yu (female elf, bartender)
  • Lost (46): Bohai (male elf, slain by orcs), Chomper (male half-orc, slain by orcs), Vik Okt Mar (male coral-folk, slain by orcs), Hugo (male tiefling, slain by orcs), 8 pirates, 9 dragonborn (slain by orcs), Brasshorn (female minotaur, slain in duel), Bloodboil (male dragonborn, vanished), Earhorn Entonia (female halfling, vanished), Rigger (female human, vanished), Qango (male orc, sacrified by Massak), 5 pirates, 3 dragonborn (vanished), Gutpuncher (male goblin, killed in skullstorm), female orc (killed in skullstorm), Randy Rajov (male tigerfolk, slain by hydra), female dragonborn, male half-elf (slain by hydra), Waleed (male dragonborn, killed in storm), male mantisfolk (killed in storm), male orc, female dragonborn (frozen by dragon’s breath weapon), Sister Mallet (killed by will ’o the wisp), Malek (male dragonborn, killed in duel), Captain Inio (male halfling, tossed overboard)


The Yasmaridd was stationed at the mining colony ib-Jaffad on the far eastern end of the Whip when it was commandeered by Captain Inio and his pirates. Using a three-pronged approach, the pirates approached, posing as slave merchants, infiltrated the ranks of the slaves below and instigated a riot among them. While the Hammerhead exchanged fire with the fort, the pirates pacified and captured the vessel ( Episode 38 39). After a brief return to Sirenspire to sell the Hammerhead, acquire more crew and resupply, the Yasmaridd sailed north, across the Shao Han Sea. Along the way, it contracted greenwood, plundered an elven consular ship and scavenged a dead dragon turtle ( Episode 39). As they crossed the Clemestine Sea, they were waylaid in the night by a fey entity, the Lady of Weeds, who, seeking her stepdaughter, nearly destroyed the ship in the process. ( Episode 40)

Arriving at Seabottom in the Excelsior Sea, the Yasmariadd negotiated the whirlpool and “docked” at the strange undersea port ( Episode 41). After completing a mission for Shipbreaker, the Yasmaridd was redesigned into the Dragon Turtle, complete with magical oars, magical sails, an extradimensional deck and a persistent corona of fog that hangs around the ship. Cutting canvas northwest, the newly-christened Dragon Turtle endured a thunderstorm and investigated a bizarre lighthouse, haunted by banshees, that sought to lure pirates to their deaths ( Episode 44). After a close encounter with a pair of bounty-privateers, the Turtle crossed into the Shamala Sea. Debating the best course, they elected to sail around the Dragon’s Horn and risk the frigid northern waters. ( Episode 45)

Crossing the Shamala Sea, the Dragon Turtle was visited by the Knight of Weeds, attacked by a scrag and schemed circles around one another. ( Episode 46) Navigating through a forest of icebergs, the Dragon Turtle was attacked by a party of orcs, led by the frost giant Vjergblin. After a bloody battle, the pirates negotiated a surrender and learned of the giant’s plight. While the officers – plus Nasira – voyaged with Vjergblin back to Jarl Balvorg’s hall, the Dragon Turtle sailed onward to Leviathan Rest, a frost giantess named Skalfadani aboard to safeguard their passage. ( Episode 47)

Upon arriving at Leviathan Rest, the Dragon Turtle languished at anchor for some weeks, while her captain and her crew awaited the arrival of her officers. ( Episode 53). Once the bone shard was recovered, the Dragon Turtle departed Leviathan Rest, sailing southwest towards the next island on Ilisa’s treasure map. Along the way, they elected Nasira as their new quartermaster, weathered a minor storm and encountered a strange derelict, covered in troubling graffiti. ( Episode 55)

Continuing to cross the Ilisan Sea, the Turtle stopped at “Carry A Tune”, was waylaid by giant whales, visited “Charm A Serpent” and was confounded when, on the way to “Go Completely Mad”, Captain Inio inexplicably vanished. ( Episode 56 57) Around that same time, Sister Mallet was found murdered belowdecks. In the subsequent investigation, Brasshorn – a cat’s paw of Yasha Battle-Beast – was found guilty and sentenced to trial-by-combat, wherein she was defeated by Hakari’s pet yeti Festergut. Meanwhile, a landing party went ashore on “Go Completely Mad” and encountered the native qullans ( Episode 58 59). Departing “Go Completely Mad”, acting Captain Korbin charted an ill course northward, the Turtle stopped threw a beach party on an uncharted island, recovered their missing captain and, in a fearsome windstorm summoned by an extraplanar zephyr, snapped her foremast ( Episode 60).

Arriving at “Skip This Island”, the crew set to work repairing the ship’s foremast while the officers went ashore, in search of Weed’s abducted familiar ( Episode 61). With a repaired mast, the Dragon Turtle waylaid a crabman vessel en route to the next island, recovered their cargo and crew ( Episode 62). At the next island, “At Lake’s Bottom”, the pirates met the woads, attended their feast and stashed the captured prize in a nearby cove. ( Episode 63) En route to “Find The Fire”, the Dragon Turtle sailed through a sea – and eventually a storm – of skulls. En route to “Crazed Old Crone”, the ship was waylaid by a sea serpent ( Episode 64) Defeating the hydra and weathering another storm, the galley dropped anchor around “Crazed Old Crone” while its landing party went ashore and recovered the next bone trinket ( Episode 65).

As morale sank and sank, the Dragon Turtle was waylaid by Hoxorabad the White, a territorial white dragon, and frozen the ship solid in the middle of the ocean ( Episode 66). With morale sunk so low, Captain Inio faced his first challenge for captaincy, defeating his challenger out of hand ( Episode 67). After throwing a wild party to celebrate Weed’s departure, the Dragon Turtle next arrived at “Between the Lines” ( Episode 68). With the bone totem in tow, they departed “Between the Lines” and made for the final island. En route, Inio’s captaincy was challenged by Fakira and the two prepared to duel. ( Episode 69) Poisoned by unknown means, Inio was quickly defeated and tossed overboard and Fakira was named captain. After staging a pantomime, the Dragon Turtle weathered a supernatural thunderstorm, manifesting as great fists of water, and arrived on the final, hidden island of Ilisa’s treasure map ( Episode 70).

With Deadrick as acting captain, the Dragon Turtle lingered at anchor in the bay of Tog, awaiting the party to return with the treasure. ( Episode 71). When two more ships – belonging to Corgaine and Dohanna, respectively, arrived, the Dragon Turtle was captured, its crew imprisoned and its fate unknown ( Episode 74). When Tog awoke and the island began to animate, the Dragon Turtle, under its provisional crew, scrambled desperately to escape. While they did escape the rampaging island, the Dragon Turtle crashed into the Yeenoghu at the last moment before Korbin plane shifted away, leaving its ultimate fate unknown ( Episode 75).

The vessel returned in the hour of need, appearing through a gateway to harass the Shriek and its leviathan thralls. Captained by a returned Inio, they came to the party’s rescue, tossing Hank the dragon turtle into the water to aid in their battle against the leviathan. In the end, the ragtag alliance of coral-knights, dragonborn, merfolk, orcs and pirates were victorious. ( Episode 79)

The Dragon Turtle

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