The Hammerhead

The Hammerhead is a three-masted pirate caravel. Once a Colonial merchant called the Ricola, the Hammerhead was captured by the Corsair’s Congress and offered to the party by Corgaine, as payment for one of the many favors she owed them. Refitted with a large ram, its figurehead carved to resemble the eponymous shark, the Hammerhead is marked improvement, in almost all senses, to their previous ship, the Kruthik.


Ship Type: Caravel (3 Masts)
Captain: Captain Inio (male halfling, piratical)
Crew: 75
Cannon: 30 (5 bow, 5 stern, 20 broadside)
Affiliation: Pirate (Independent)
Status: Active

AC: 15
HP: 400 (current 237)
Threshold: 15
Cargo: 200 tons
Consumables: 1 month
Morale: 65/100

Crew: 75

  • Officers (4): Captain Inio (male halfling, captain), (female elf, first mate), Hakari (male half-orc, bosun), Deadrick (male elf, quartermaster)
  • Pirate Crew (32): Akvar bin-Kafir (male dragonborn, sawbones), Bloodboil (male dragonborn), Bohai (male elf), Brainpan (female dwarf), Chomper (male half-orc), Faveen Lone-Choir (male crowfolk) Hugo (male tiefling), Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill (male ravenfolk), Letters (female illumian), Meera (female hadozee), Piranha (female merfolk, cook’s assistant), Pylvi (female halfling, cook’s assistant), Talon (male pantherfolk), Twenk (female tiefling), Vik Okt Mar (male coral-man), Xiao Wan-Su (male elf), Yasha Battle-Beast (female hyenafolk), Zurutan (male toadfolk), 2 male dragonborn, 2 male elves, 2 female humans, female dragonborn, female dwarf, female elf, female half-elf, male halfling, male human, female merfolk, female lizardfolk, male tiefling, male toadfolk
  • New Crew (31): Bullion (male dragonborn), Gutpuncher (male bugbear), Nadia Knuckles (female tiefling), Sister Mallet (female dwarf), Randy Rajov (male tigerfolk), 4 female dragonborn, 4 female elves, 4 male sahuagin, 2 male dragonborn, 2 male elves, 2 female oxenfolk, 2 male toadfolk, female dwarf, male dwarf, male elf, male halfling, female halfling, female human, male merfolk, male oxenfolk, female ratfolk, female sahuagin, male tiefling
  • Bone Yard (5): Earhorn Entonia (female halfling), Lermina (female half-elf), Melores the Mighty (female halfling, prostitute), Professor Hikmat (female dragonborn), Yu (female elf, bartender)
  • Others (2): Weed (female halfling), Zhitao (female elf, sifu)
  • Lost (35): Majomet (male dragonborn, died in storm), Ovette Whick (female halfling, killed by shambling mound), Pimas (female halfling, walked the plank), Pallab Patchfur (male pantherfolk, lost in storm), Jitay (male crowfolk, lost in storm), Silence (female elf, lost in storm), Grigori the Great (male tiefling, lost in storm), Beth Bathtime (female halfling, killed aboard the Courageous), 2 female tieflings, male dragonborn, male dwarf, female half-elf, female halfling, female lizardfolk, male sahuagin (killed aboard the Courageous), Odrien (male dwarf, killed in robbery), Whitefish (male merfolk, killed in robbery), Goodfer (male sahuagin, killed by Leviathan), Slimy Skorl (female anguillan, killed by Leviathan), Silverscale (male dragonborn, killed by Leviathan), Talli (female monkeyfolk, killed by Leviathan), Winifreda (female dwarf, killed by Leviathan), Dandy Donghai (male elf, killed by Leviathan), 2 female merfolk, female halfling, male sahuagin, female half-elf, female dwarf, male toadfolk, male dragonborn, female oxenfolk, male elf (killed by Leviathan), Yrnesta the Yellow (female half-elf, ensorcelled by seaweed)


Commissioned out of Port Pillage, the Hammerhead set sail from the Elemental Plane of Water, crossed the canal and emerged in the Material Plane near Cape Celesta in the Sea of Rapture. ( Episode 19) Sailing across the Sea of Rapture, she shared a service with St. Ladromas, weathered a storm, dropped anchor in Withernsea and lost her boatswain to a shambling mound ( Episode 20). Crossing into the Clemestine Sea, the Hammerhead suffered from a fire, the work of a saboteur aboard who was, to the crew’s rabid screaming, put to death. ( Episode 21). Posing as a privateer, the Hammerhead conned a hold’s worth of cargo from the Adventure and sailed to New Colonia to receive its reward. ( Episode 22 Episode 24)

Fleeing New Colonia with some trouble on its tail, the Hammerhead continuing hunting the storm into the Ying Wei Sea. Along the way, she was chased by a Colonial warship, the Courageous, and eventually arrived at the storm’s edges, unsure how to proceed. ( Episode 25) Plunging straight into the tempest, the Hammerhead emerged in the storm’s eye heavily damaged but intact, surviving wave, wind and whirlpool. ( Episode 26) Once the Righteous sank, the Brats – the shipwrecked orphans dwelling in the ship’s bowels, joined the Hammerhead’s crew ( Episode 29). When the Nymph arrived, Corgaine agreed to take the orphans and the two parties split ways. Shortly thereafter, however, the Hammerhead threw itself into a conflict between an elven vessel and the Courageous, a Colonail corvette. ( Episode 30)

After a tense battle aboard the Courageous, the two crews – Colonial and corsair – came to agreeable terms. Afterward, along with the prize ship the Gaolong, the Hammerhead sailed for Gangwu, to repair, recruit and resupply. ( Episode 31). While docked in Gangwu, the Hammerhead was boarded by burglars from the Basilisk, who sought to steal back Corgaine’s artifacts and slew several crew in the process. Once her officers returned, the Hammerhead put out from port immediately, intending to give chase. ( Episode 33) Catching up the Basilisk in the Shao Han Sea, the Hammerhead’s captain and crew managed to trick the sentient sword out of its artifacts and escape – but not before running afoul of the massive sea monster that destroyed the Hurricane. ( Episode 34) In an epic struggle with the Leviathan, the Hammerhead barely managed to escape in one piece – thanks to the timely intervention of the Shriek. Limping away from the battle, with many dead crew and much damage to the ship, the officers sought a friendly port where they could drop anchor and make repairs. ( Episode 35)

Limping across the Shao Han Sea, the Hammerhead arrived in Sirenspire, where she sought repairs, new crew and to sell her cargo. ( Episode 36) Once repaired, the pirates held a contentious election to elect a new quartermaster – Deadrick – before sailing north to the Whip, in search of warship to commandeer. ( Episode 37) While its officers hatched a plan to spark a slave revolt aboard the Yasmaridd, the Hammerhead made war on the fort of Jaffad, trading broadsides and trebuchet shots. ( Episode 38) Once the fort was pacified and the warship seized, both ships sailed back to Sirenspire and here the pirates bid farewell to their loyal vessel, selling the Hammerhead for thirty-thousand doubloons. ( Episode 39)

The Hammerhead

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