The Kruthik

The Kruthik is a three-masted pirate caravel. Commandeered by the servants of Prince Tuakoniakamai, the ship was once under the command of Captain Pampion, a tyrannical former naval officer and fell victim to a mutiny – encouraged by the Mikalakawika’s crew. By now, the crew is mainly pirates, recruited in Palmsport, Port Panthera, Barnacle and Port Pillage.


Ship Type: Caravel (3 Masts)
Captain: Captain Inio (male halfling, piratical)
Crew: 36
Cannon: 20 (2 bow, 2 stern, 12 broadside)
Affiliation: Pirate ( Corsair’s Congress)
Status: Retired (Damaged)

AC: 15
HP: 300 (88)
Threshold: 15
Cargo: 100 tons (2 jars of St. Zalomao honey)
Consumables: 1 month
Morale: 35/100

Crew: 36

  • Officers (4): Captain Inio (male halfling, captain), Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo (female elf, first mate), Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill (male ravenfolk, acting quartermaster), Ovette Whick (female halfling, boatswain)
  • Pirate Crew (27): Hakari (male half-orc), Akvar bin-Kafir (male dragonborn, sawbones), Beth Bathtime (female halfling), Bloodboil (male dragonborn), Deadrick (male elf), Goodfer (male sahuagin), Hugo (male tiefling), Pallab Patchfur (male pantherfolk), Pimas (female halfling), Piranha (female merfolk, cook’s assistant), Pylvi (female halfling, cook’s assistant), Talon (male pantherfolk), Twenk (female tiefling), Whitefish (male merfolk), Ynersta the Yellow (female half-elf), Zurutan (male toadfolk), 2 male sahuagin, male tiefling, female dwarf, female merfolk, female dragonborn, female halfling, female tiefling, male toadfolk, female halfling, female lizardfolk, male crowfolk
  • Hen House (4): Yu (female elf, bartender), Melores the Mighty (female halfling, prostitute), Earhorn Entonia (female halfling, prostitute), Lermina (female half-elf)
  • Others (1): Zhitao (female elf, sifu)
  • Lost (18): Moko (male merfolk, killed by a chuul), Nails (male halfling, killed by drownie), Mama Madras (female tigerfolk, killed by drownie), Ropes (female tiefling, killed by dharculus), Polly (female human, killed in battle with Shriek), Hani (male tigerfolk, killed in battle with Shriek), Lank (male pantherfolk, killed in battle with Shriek), Jing (male elf, killed in battle with Shriek), 2 female pantherfolk, male human, male tigerfolk, female merfolk, female dragonborn, female tigerfolk, female dwarf, female crowfolk, male tiefling, female pantherfolk (killed in battle with Shriek)


Once under the command of Captain Pampion, the Kruthik stalked Prince Tua’s Mikalakawika from Palmsport to Axebeak Island, seeking an easy score. The heroes, coming aboard for a parley, systemtically engineered a mutiny among his unhappy sailors and subsequently took control of the vessel, giving its command to Inio. ( Episodes 5 6) After acquiring the Kruthik to join their expedition, the pair of ships departed for Port Lunez and Port Panthera, to acquire more supplies and more crew, respectively. ( Episode 7) At Port Panthera, twenty-one more hands signed aboard, swelling the crew total immensely. ( Episode 8)

Departing Port Panthera, the Kruthik and the Mikalakawika went their separate ways, intending to rendezvous in the Gibbet Islands. Crossing the Taltoc Sea, they navigated the Ixli Spires, were boarded by ensorcelled sahuagin and gave chase to a merchant posing as a pirate, the Ameline. ( Episode 10). Capturing the Ameline’s cargo, the crew discovered a chest of St. Zalomao’s honey, one of the most valuable commodities in all the Seventeen Seas, and sailed into Barnacle to sell the plunder. ( Episode 11) While in the Gibbet Islands, they were chased by a bounty-privateer, acquired a founding member of the Sistren as a captive and guide and were attacked by an ensorcelled chuul, before heading into the Bao Chen Sea. ( Episode 12)

The Kruthik sailed across the Bao Chen Sea, heading for Port Pillage. Along the way, they acquired two strange new crewmates – Zhitao, the elven master, and Polly, the crazed maroon – plus a captive drownie. ( Episode 13) En route to Port Pillage on the Elemental Plane of Water, the Kruthik passed through the Astral Sea, suspected a saboteur aboard and fought off a ravening dharculus. ( Episode 14). Arriving in Port Pillage, the Kruthik’s crew enjoyed ample shore leave to explore the marvellous pirate city. (Episode 15-16). When the Shriek attacked, the Kruthik leaped to defend the port and suffered grievous losses, losing some fifteen souls in the battle. ( Episode 17). Convincing Corgaine to purchase the damaged ship, the Kruthik’s crew and officers transfered to a captured caravel, once called the Ricola, now called Hammerhead. ( Episode 19)

The Kruthik

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