The Nymph

The Nymph is a three-masted frigate and the personal flagship of Captain Corgaine the Cleaver. One of the three Sistren and a founding member of the Congress of Corsairs, Corgaine has captained several iterations of the Nymph and its current version – constructed in Year 65 – is the largest and most formidable.


Ship Type: Frigate (3 Masts)
Captain: Captain Corgaine the Cleaver (female half-elf)
Crew: 150
Cannon: 75 (12 bow, 12 stern, 50 broadside)
Affiliation: Pirate (Congress of Corsairs)
Status: Active


When Corgaine’s simulacrum vanished in a puff of snow, the real Corgaine came racing to the Ying Wei Sea to discover what the heroes found aboard the Righteous ( Episode 27). Though Korbin attempted to prevent her appearance, she nonetheless arrived in short order ( Episode 29)

The Nymph

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