The Whip

The Whip is a large archipelago in the Shao Han Sea. Under the control of the Khalothrax Dragonate, the Whip consists of some hundred rocky, desolate islands, dotted with crumbling forts and slave labor camps. It’s here that the Dragonate sends its debtors and criminals, to work backbreaking labor in service to their draconic overlord.


A sleepy labor camp on the far eastern end of the Whip, ib-Jaffad is unremarkable to the world at large, protected by a fort and a warship nonetheless.

Size: Small Town
Population: 1,295 (1,000 slaves)
Demographics: Isolated (99% dragonborn, 1% others)
Authority Figures: Qamir Shaba zayb-Noora (female dragonborn, commander of the fort), Qayid Jibrain az-Zaif (male dragonborn, captain of the Yasmaridd)
Important Sites: Toiltown, Mount Beacon, Jaffad, Limestone Quarries


At the eastern most tip of the Whip, ib-Jaffad is comfortably ensconced in the Dragonate’s power. To the south lies its nearest threat, the pirates of Sirenspire but the fort’s defenses are sufficient to discourage much attack. In case of attack, a string of beacons connects the various islands of the Whip, allowing them to call for aid should they need. The island is rocky and inhospitable, supporting a small town and the fort, perched high on a southern promontory.

The four important sites of ib-Jaffad are:

  • Jaffad: The fortress that gives the island its name, Jaffad is undermanned and in crumbling repair, much of its former garrison pulled away to fight the frost giant menace to the north.
  • Limestone Quarries: Here, the enslaved dragonborn toil endlessly to mine limestone from the island. The taskmasters patrol them while they work.
  • Mount Beacon: The massive spire of rock in the center of the island serves as a arning to surrounding islands, should a slave revolt break out.
  • Toiltown: The small base camp surrounding the harbor, Toiltown is where the slaves sleep – in great barracks – and where the limestone they harvey is shipped out.


In Clockways 75, the Hammerhead approached ib-Jaffad, one of the many penal colonies in the Whip, conspiring to steal the Yasmaridd, a dragonborn slave galley, for their own purposes. Under the guise of selling its dragonborn crew as slaves, the Hammerhead’s officers came aboard the Yasmaridd and incited a slave revolt, quickly overtaking the vessel. ( Episode 37 38)

The Whip

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