Seventeen Seas

Episode 79 - Skull and Crossbones
Drink Up, Me Hearties

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Point: Windwaste
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Lady Weed

The pirates plummet through the air.

Korbin, who fell first, attempts to steer himself towards the Pearl of Storms, relying on his ring of feather fall to cushion his landing. Hakari and Nasira, the former gripping the latter and the latter gripping the Pearl of Winds, weather a rain of jagged debris that comes down atop them and slowly begin to spiral towards the seascape of broken wrecks below them. Lady Weed struggles to right the spasming magic carpet and, this done, swoops to the rescue of Fakira. One by one, our swashbuckling heroes each safely reach the decks of smashed ships below them and must now contend with the next challenge – recovering the Pearl of Storms.

This is quickly done, thanks to Korbin’s clever plan and Fakira’s skilled timing. Once the Pearl of Storms is safely stored within an extradimensional pocket, the pirates prepare to return to the temple and survey the situation. To provide them a ride, Lady Weed animates a snapped mast from the wreckage and the party clambers atop this, soaring across the Windwaste towards what they soon discover to be devastation.

The Ashafira is sunk. The iceberg is destroyed. The temple is sinking to the bottom of the ocean. One dreadnaught is badly damaged but the water around the small island thrums with undead leviathans and there, in the midst of all the bloodshed and chaos, is the Shriek. Praying to Mother Monster, Korbin begs the Chimera to plant the temple back on the island, where it can be safely accessed. The goddess heeds his prayer and, with a bright flash of light, the temple appears on the unnamed island. As the survivors start to marshall there, the pirates prepare to launch a final assault on the Shriek and defeat whomever or whatever controls the Far Thanazian forces.

Then a portal opens, revealing an extradimensional corridor. From that corridor come a number of vessels – the Nymph, the Basilisk, the Yeenoghu and, last by not least, the Dragon Turtle. The pirates have come. Drawing battle lines, the pirates engage Far Thanaz and the leviathans, granting our swashbuckling heroes the chance they need to board the Shriek and claim victory.

Crews of wights assembled on the deck to thwart the party as they came swooping in. At their head was the Captain, that ancient foe, whose mastery over this ship of the dead was absolute. Also among their number was a strange Far Thanazian child, undead for nearly a century, with a mouth stitched closed and a back bent by the arcane onus placed upon them. The leviathan rose from the deep to contest the party as well, threatening even to destroy the Shriek in its attempt to stop our swashbuckling heroes.

It was a brief and bloody battle. Korbin cast a holy aura over the party, granting them all divine protection and strength for the length of the conflict. Hakari discovered many prisoners aboard the ship and worked tirelessly to free them. Lady Weed was menaced by the undead leviathan but threw bolts of devastating lightning nonetheless. Nasira swung her mighty glaive through the conflict, coming to blows with both the undead Captain and the stooped lichling, whose very necromancy kept the leviathans in thrall. At the last, the leviathan was attacked and embattled by none other than Hank the dragon turtle, thrown from the Dragon Turtle at precisely the right moment.

In the end, it was Nasira who cinched the day. By striking down the lichling, Far Thanaz’s hold over the Shrike vanished. The wights crumbled, the captain fell into an inert skeleton, the ship’s necrotic corruption peeled away and the leviathan bobbed to the surface, nothing but a festering island of corpse-flesh. Panting amid the wreckage, our swashbuckling heroes were hailed by their former vessel and clambered aboard a launch to meet the captain.

Of course it was Inio. Now named the Dragon Turtle’s new captain, the halfling was quite pleased to see the party alive, hoping he’d convinced the Sistren quickly enough to come to the party’s aid. Before any further pleasantry can commence, however, Inio leads his crew belowdecks to show them something shiny.

In the extradimensional deck, in the Dragon Turtle’s secret cargo hold, Inio opens Ilisa’s chest of holding and pours out a heaping mountain of gold. Treasure spills endlessly from the chest, mounting and mounting around the halfling’s feet, and the sound of the clanking gold and clattering treasure is dwarfed only by the maniacal laughter of the pirate captain.

The End.


Back aboard the Dragon Turtle, Taryoc whines for anyone to free him from his imprisonment, locked in a birdcage all those weeks ago. When someone finally does open the cage, he only wishes it wasn’t Nasira.

Episode 78 - Pearls of Power
One Pearl To Go

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Point: Windwaste
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Lady Weed

Whisked back to Korbin’s floating temple, our swashbuckling heroes surveyed the unfolding battle. Thus far, their plan appeared to be working. The Ashafira was harassing the Far Thanazian squadron, enough that one of the dreadnoughts peeled away from its consorts and was tacking straight towards her. Marshaling their orcish forces, led by the Cutlass, the party decided to meet the dreadnought in battle, ramming their iceberg into its broadside and boarding with all their screamers.

As they approached, the cannonades took a few orcish casualties and even knocked poor Korbin unconscious and in that state would he spend the entire battle. Nasira and Fakira went wading through the undead crew, cutting down all that stood before them. Lady Weed stayed at her remove, animating the ballistae and blasting the undead with lightning. Hakari took the fight straight to their vampiric commander and, surrounded by orcish reavers, the battle was quickly won.

Once the ship was pacified, the party hatched a plan to send the dreadnought, crewed by merfolk, straight at the Shriek and its counterpart, hoping to disrupt their leviathan hunting. Scrambling back to the temple to rest, they were disappointed to see massive tentacles rise from the ocean and pull the ship effortlessly apart. Commanding the Ashafira to play cat-and-mouse with the remaining two ships and their captive monsters, our swashbuckling heroes turned their sights on the next pearl.

Via various means – an overburdened magic carpet and two polymorph spells – the party flew through the air, heading towards the Pearl of Winds. Suspended three hundred feet above the broken lighthouse, the Pearl had shrouded itself with a spinning vortex of debris and summoned a pair of air elementals to defend it. Entering the whirlwind, the pirates struggled to retrieve the Pearl of Winds and fight off the elementals.


Lady Weed quickly ran afoul of the air elementals and spent much of the fight caught in their own private whirlwinds, blasted out of her bubblefly form. Korbin was unfortunate enough to be caught in one of the Pearl’s periodic blasts, tossing him from the vortex and plummeting him hundreds of feet to a death only avoided by his borrowed ring of feather fall. It was Nasira who first laid hands on the Pearl of Winds and it was a good thing too, since her strength meant she was unlikely to be thrown by the artifact. Wrapped up in the tendrils of bubblefly-Hakari, the two began to descend towards the surface, not realizing that, as they left, the vortex would dissipate.

As a rain of wreckage came down atop their heads, so too did Lady Weed and Fakira, falling towards the dooms.

Episode 77 - The Seventeenth Sea
A Dimension of Monsters

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Point: Windwaste
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed

Three ships with black sails appeared on the horizon, swirling into existence from the waters of the Ethereal Plane. The lead ship, its rails bristling with glowing harpoon weapons, was guided by an enormous sea monster, moving sluggishly through the seas before them. Far Thanaz had come.

On the deserted island, our swashbuckling heroes marshall their forces. After some further debate about tactics, they eventually settle on a plan. The majority of their forces – minus a small company of merfolk and coral-knights – will harass and harry the Far Thanazian ships, to frustrate their efforts to raise any more undead monsters. Nasira and Fakira – mounted atop their new flying carpet – will attempt to recover the Pearl of Winds. Meanwhile, Hakari, Korbin, Lady Weed and a small strike team of merfolk and coral-knights will dive down below the surface, attempting to recover the Pearl of Fathoms and close the portal. Before they depart, Hakari uses his luckblade to wish the Cutlass as an eternal ally, granting it command of the orcish forces.

Plunging into the deeps, our swashbuckling heroes swam towards the sunken continent, attempting to avoid all the leviathans that schooled in the waters. Attracting one’s attention, one brave merfolk gave his life to divert the creature away and make an opening for the heroes to descend further.

Descend they did, into a ruined castle on a sunken mountain peak. There, they gazed into a massive abyss, a void into a dimension undreamt of, and floating above the scene was the Pearl of Fathoms, maintaining the portal it had opened. Before they could snatch the Pearl, however, they were confronted by the Jeweler, emerging from the ruined keep to stop the heroes. After an extremely short parlay, combat was quickly joined.


During the brief and bloody battle, Korbin was snagged by the monster’s tentacles, Hakari was grappled by a facehugger and Lady Weed drained the creature of moisture, dealing a devastating blow. In the battle’s final moments, Hakari severed the aberration’s tentacle before both he and Korbin were plunged into the void. As the kraken’s tentacles closed around Lady Weed, she blasted the extraplanar horror with lightning, utterly destroying the creature. She quickly organized a rescue for her companions and attempted to grab the Pearl, despite the crushing pressure it exerted on her.

In a realm of darkness and writhing monsters, Korbin and Hakari drifted without hope. Struggling to retain their identity in this hellscape beyond their widlest imagination, they both attempted and failed to escape – Korbin by pleading with his deity, Hakari by swinging his sword. Only when another leviathan – a huge and tusked beast – shattered the veneer between dimensions were they able to escape. No sooner did they free themselves than Korbin, thinking quickly, summoned them all back to the cathedral he’d cast, whisking away the Pearl, closing the portal and severing the monstrosity’s head.

Upon returning to the cathedral, our swashbuckling heroes surveyed the battle. With one pearl recovered, two more to go.

Episode 76 - The Four Winds
The Party Scattered

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Points: Aquos, Vorgheim & Qhuwad
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit


Lady Weed appears on her throne in the Kingdom of Kelp, surrounded by her loyal knights and retainers. Her majordomo, the triton Gillsby,is anxious to brief her on the dilemma. It seems there’s a massive void, sucking all the water and citizenry of the Kingdom into it, that leads to some unknown location. Having tracked the source of the extraplanar vacuum, they believe it originates on the Material Plane at the center of the Windwaste. Ordering a battalion of coral-knights to accompany her, Lady Weed departed immediately, using the spell plane shift to arrive on a small uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Nasira and Fakira appear in the evening salon of their father, the dragonborn crime lord Nurit az-Yassin. After offering them dates and palm wine, he explained the situation to them thusly. All the winds in the world are steering every ship the same place – a massive thunderhead in the center of the Windwaste. This has obviously disastrous connotations for the Dragon’s Hoard and, for this reason, he sent his nephew – Fairuz az-Yassin – to investigate. The privateer was slain, however, in the hurricane and now he needs a new captain to seize this effect and potentially bring him whatever can control the winds. After requisitioning a box of prized roc jerky, the two sisters were gathered before the portal, their father wishing that “the best Yassin win” before teleporting them both to a small uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Hakari was sculpted from ice, standing in the midst of a circle of frost giant jarls. Summoned before the Jarlsmoot, Hakari was briefed by Jarl Balvorg. Something is summoning Far Thanaz southward. After decimating the frost giant forces with their draumungandr, they recently dispatched a small flotilla of ships, all armed for hunting, to the Windwaste. The Jarlsmoot could only spare one war-berg to pursue but their frost giants cannot operate in such cold seas. Instead, they need a commander who can lead them to victory – enter Hakari. Hakari agreed but only on the condition that, henceforth, all orcs go free. While the rest of the jarls balked, the Jarlfather, leader of the frost giants, agreed. No sooner had he agreed than the ice that contained him cracked and fell away, dumping him on an uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Korbin appeared in dark, deep water. Tossing in a pearl, he swam down the tunnel, heading toward the flashing blue light that guided him deeper. At its source, he found a lethally wounded Ngaio and nursed the marid back to health. The situation was dire, Ngaio explained. Someone – a kraken by the name of the Jeweler – had stolen all three Pearls of Power and assembled them in the Windwaste. Having nearly given his life in their defense, Ngaio begged Korbin for his aid, providing him a merfolk kingdom and a holy artifact of Mother Monster to aid him in the recovery of those three Pearls. Carrying his cumbersome artifact – a figurehead with a massive carven spider – Korbin was whisked away to an uninhabited island in the Windwaste.

Reassembled on the uninhabited island, our swashbuckling heroes squeeze in a little scheming before their collective forces arrive. Lady Weed spots another leviathan in the waters beyond the island. Nasira chows down on her honeyed roc jerky. Hakari wards off the Cutlass’s psychic advances. Korbin has trouble keeping his figurehead standing.

More importantly, our heroes have a much deserved rest – before the real battle begins.

Episode 75 - Tog Unleashed
The Real Treasure Was Friendship

Game Date: Clockways 167, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

The battle quickly turns against Captain Ilisa and her borrowed buccaneers. Though Hakari does become ensorcelled by the Cutlass, the tiefling pirate is quickly surrounded and, facing defeat, she disappeared. Once Hakari – after a brief interlude as a penguin – is freed from his enchantment and claims the Cutlass, Nasira and Fakira enter the treasure chamber. No sooner have they done this, however, than Tog awakens and Korbin bloats up like a balloon, full of Ssessr’s poison.

As the totem of Tog bellowed his pronouncement, hot magma poured down his face and all the faces in the labyrinth beyond. Rushing to recover the chest, our swashbuckling heroes realized they had no good means of escape as Tog slowly awakened. Thinking quickly, Korbin shifted himself, Inio, Nasira and Fakira all onto the Ethereal Plane, safe from the calamity around them. Lady Weed transformed into a bubblefly and carried the chest out through the snapping teeth of Tog while Hakari simply climbed his way to freedom, using his crowbar to prop open Tog’s teeth.


The island was in utter revolt. As Tog animated, he pulled the various arms of the island from the sea and began to slog through the water, headed northwest. This brought utter pandemonium and calamity to the island. The earth cracked and shook. Trees fell, snapped and were thrown through the air. The ground ruptured in lava, avalanches flattened forests and the sea seethed like soup. Through this gauntlet must Lady Weed and Hakari run, carrying the chest and haunted by their ethereal companions.

By the time Hakari climbed aboard the Dragon Turtle, he’d dodged avalanches, bursting magma, galloping dinosaurs, vertiginous falls and a harrowing swim through the tumultous bay – all while carrying the chest and the unconscious Lady Weed. When Korbin, Nasira and their fellows appeared on the deck, they quickly browbeat her provisional crew into getting the ship underway.

As quickly as she could, the Dragon Turtle fled the ravages of Tog. Now fully animated, the island stomped through the rioting sea, headed for an unknown destination. In their frantic escape, they surged through tidal waves, explosive plumes of water, clouds of steam, Tog’s baleful eye and even a collision with the Yeenoghu.

During the escape, Lady Weed used her sorcery to disintegrate waves, sang shanties to inspire and was eventually whisked away into the Elemental Plane of Water. Nasira took the helm from a frightened hyenafolk and steered the ship faithfully, until her father arrived to collect her and her sister for some unspoken urgency. After getting a drink and reuniting with Deadrick, Hakari took the wheel but promptly dissolved into snow. Now abandoned aboard the vessel, Korbin attempted to inspire the remaining crewmen with religious verve but was teleported away by Ngaio, possessing Nadia, in the seconds before he could secure the treasure.

Episode 74 - X Marks The Spot
Speak of the Devil

Game Date: Clockways 166 – 167, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

After awakening to the news that the Sistren had returned to Tog, our heroes decided to take another rest, to allow both Inio and Lady Weed to recuperate after their conflict with the iron gorgon. During the watch, Captain Fakira fretted about her ship and Hakari heard the echo of voices, navigating the maze somewhere unseen.

Many hours later, when the whole company was rested, they continued on their way through the labyrinth. Unfortunately, with Korbin at the head, our swashbuckling heroes got off to a rocky start. After running afoul of the same dead end twice, Nasira elected herself leader and guided the ragtag pirates faithfully until the end of the maze.

As with their first march, the second day spent navigating the labyrinth saw the party another series of deadly traps. They ran a gauntlet of projectiles, from arrows to spears to poison darts. They nearly drowned in a flooding sand trap. They were tossed like dice by a rotating corridor, covered with spikes. They were quite nearly melted by a stream of bubbling magma that poured from the ceiling. Despite all these dangers, the pirates arrived at the end of the labyrinth and Korbin inserted the bone totem into an appropriately sized carving on the wall, opening into a chamber beyond.

Before they could explore that chamber, however, the unseen voices made their appearance. Another party of pirates, heavily armed and out-for-blood, rounds the corner and who should lead them but the Iron Maiden herself. Resurrected by Corgaine, Captain Ilisa was delighted to meet the characters – if disappointed that Cecily wasn’t among them – and wished to hear of their adventures. The party, having survived the long and exhausting expedition, was in no mood to swap stories and soon, the two parties were at loggerheads. Captain Ilisa had returned for her treasure, one the party was not about to back down from. After a brief conference, they both agreed to a duel – to the victor goes the lion’s share of the booty.

Once the battle lines were drawn, the fighting was quick and fierce. Hakari instantly added confusion and chaos by tossing two trolls into the mix from his bag of ball bearings. Korbin swamped most of the buccaneers with a confusion spell that kept them occupied. Lady Weed swapped sorcery with her fellow spellsail, eventually bringing the merfolk down with a chain lightning. Nasira and Ilisa went toe-to-toe, the dragonborn falling briefly under the spell of the Cutlass she now wielded.

When the episode ended, the battle’s outcome remained uncertain but things were beginning to swing in favor of the swashbucklers.

Episode 73 - Devil's Plaything
Beneath The Island

Game Date: Clockways 165 – 166, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Lady Weed

Cooler heads prevailed. Once Inio was beaten to a pulp, Korbin proposed heading back into the jungle to search for suitable prey to sacrifice, in lieu of any sentient creature. While Sengka, Lady Weed and Korbin mounting a hunting expedition, Hakari, the senseless Inio and the scheming dragonborn siblings remained behind, whispering and plotting against one another. Once the hunting party returned with a sackful of lizards and a genuine surprise to see their companions unmurdered, a lizard was sacrificed, the way was opened and the pirates descended into the darkened passages below.

What they discovered below was a seemingly endless maze, a labyrinth of carved stone that appeared to run all beneath the island. Watched on all sides by the sneering face of Tog, our swashbuckling heroes started to make slow progress through the maze-like passages, with Korbin as guide and Hakari as scout. Meanwhile Inio, Fakira and Nasira sniped at each other and Lady Weed struggled to keep herself entertained.

It wasn’t long before they ran afoul of their first trap. Poisonous gas poured from the walls and the ceiling started to lower and lower, threatening to crush them beneath it. Once that trap was passed, they stumbled into another, one that nearly split the party into two halves but was circumvented by Korbin’s use of stone shape. After that, a massive boulder rolled from the ceiling and, in combination with a series of spears shot from the ceiling, could have flattened the pirates, were it not for Nasira and Fakira’s teamwork to stop the rolling stone. Next Fakira was the sole target of a swinging axe that tossed her into a spiked pit, much to Inio’s amusement.

Battered, beaten and losing their grip on reality, the pirates made an improvised shelter for the night and camped in the midst of the maze. They were awoken, quite rudely, however, by a very strange intruder – a massive mechanical bull, with an oddly familiar face – that came galloping into their campsite. Goring with its horns, stomping with its hooves and spewing petrifying gas, it managed to petrify both Inio and Lady Weed but was first banished, for all eternity, to the Elemental Plane of Water.


The next morning, when Inio and Lady Weed were restored, the party was preparing to depart when they received a most unwelcome message from Woodward – two ships had suddenly appeared, trapping the Dragon Turtle in the bay. One of those ships was the Nymph, the personal flagship of Captain Corgaine the Cleaver.

Episode 72 - Kneel Before Tog
Clash Between Captains

Game Date: Clockways 164 – 165, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Lady Weed

The trumpeting behemoth galloped towards the pirates, swinging its elongated neck and stomping its massive feet. While Korbin and Fakira were crushed, Sengka thrown back and Hakari scrambled onto its neck, Nasira played the butcher – hacking into the beast’s leg with her glaive and Lady Weed preserved the meat with a blast of freezing cold water. The enormous creature, despite its tremendous size, was defeated handily and its flesh carved for future meals.


Marching through the mire, our swashbuckling heroes were next beset by poisoned darts, fired from cover. Deflecting the overwhelming majority of the missiles, the pirates were eventually confronted with a tribe of short humanoids, their faces painted blue in an eerie resemblance to Tog, pointing spears in their direction. While Lady Weed manages to induce most of them to flee, the one that remains squeaks the word “Inio” and Korbin, relieved, leaps into action. Casting tongues, he convinces this gnome to lead them to their warren to meet with “Captain” Inio.

In a secretive warren beneath a massive tree, the pirates reunite with Inio, now styled as the chieftain of the Otog tribe. Having convinced the gnomes that he was Ilisa’s representative returned to the island and won their loyalty, he’s initially cold to the party, even lifting the bone totem off Korbin’s person. He tells them he knows where the treasure is and that he’ll happily lead them there – if they reinstate him as captain and maroon Fakira. The rest of the party reluctantly agrees, even Nasira, assuring Inio that the treasure is more important to her than her own family.

Around the fire that night, our swashbuckling heroes scheme and scheme. Nasira wants to kill Inio once he’s revealed the location of the treasure but the rest of the party is conflicted, especially Korbin, the moral center of the group and the one who went to all the trouble to rescue the captain in the first place. With nothing truly resolved, the pirates head to bed, putting off the decision of what to do with two captains for another day.

En route to the treasure, our swashbuckling heroes, plus their growing retinue of guides and retainers, survive both a Tog-inspired earthquake and navigate the bubbling tar pits. At the center of the tar pits, they discover a totem of Tog and a blood-stained altar. It takes little guesswork to surmise that a sacrifice is necessary. Before anyone can react, Nasira leaps into action, seizes Inio and attempts to use him as sacrifice. A short scuffle ensues, during which lines are drawn between the party. When the dust settles, Fakira’s been injured “accidentally” by Hakari, Inio’s subdued by Fakira and Korbin and Lady Weed call for peace.

Episode 71 - Castaway Island
End of the Line

Game Date: Clockways 163 – 164, Year 75
Starting Point: Tog
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Lady Weed

The Dragon Turtle dropped anchor in the island’s expansive bay. Preparing to send launches ashore, our swashbuckling heroes made one paling discovery – neither Korbin nor the bone totem where anywhere to be found.


On the island, deep inland, Korbin spotted the black-sailed ship drop anchor in the bay. Considering the wide expanse of jungle between himself and that bay, he quickly departed towards the beach. Along the way, he encountered waterfalls, crocodiles and the carved face of Tog, leering at him from every rock, stump and trunk.

As the launches crossed the bay, a massive behemoth surfaced from deep water to attack the small boats. It destroyed one, ate three sailors and stranded the rest on the shore. No sooner than they arrived than Korbin, disguised as a certain half-elf maroon, wandered out from the trees. Once his illusion was pierced, the captain arrived on the shore, thanks to a fly spell from the ship’s spellsail, and they debated their next move. Having scouted the terrain somewhat from his perch high above the island, the group agreed that the shipwrecks might offers some answers and agreed to head west. Before they did, they agreed to elect the most untrustworthy crew imaginable to watch the ship in their absence – Deadrick as captain, Nadia Knuckles as first mate, Yasha Battle-Beast as quartermaster and Massak as bosun.

It took the rest of the day to reach the wrecks. After camping in a sheltered alcove, our swashbuckling heroes discovered not only a colony of winged behemoths in the rigging but also a colony of castaways the wrecks. Impressing their leader, an illumian named Squiggles, they conscripted the two dozen desperadoes into their scavenging party, sending them back to assist the other crew in gathering food and supplies. Meanwhile, the party chose one of the castaways – a bizarre cactus-man named Sengka – to guide them north, towards a totem to the primordial Tog that might point them towards the treasure they sought.

Along the way, as they crossed through the marshlands, our swashbuckling heroes were set upon by an enormous, tower-necked behemoth, its face cast in a rictus eerily reminiscent of the face of Tog!

Episode 70 - Pistols, Then Swords
A New Captain

Game Date: Clockways 158 – 162, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Lady Weed, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

With Lady Weed back aboard the Dragon Turtle_, the duel could commence. Obviously poisoned, Captain Inio simply couldn’t stand to Fakira and was quickly dispatched via her twirling axes and her poison breath. When he collapsed to the deck, Korbin ran to ""check his vitals":" and proclaimed him dead. Fakira az-Yassin ibbin-Nuritt was declared the ship’s new captain.

A small congregation of pirates turned up for Inio’s funeral rites, sharing stories and supplying the former captain with two pistols and a cutlass. He was tossed overboard, Korbin ensured, with a pearl in his mouth and, once the coast was clear, Korbin leapt into the water to retrieve him. Much to his anxiety, he discovered that Inio had fallen into a trench, possibly a volcano vent, and was carried along swiftly underwater through heated channels. Refusing to allow his friend and former captive to disappear, Korbin gave chase through the vent.

Back on the Dragon Turtle, the crew prepared to stage Hakari’s pantomime of Castaway Island. While Deadrick and Nasira bickered about donations and asking price, Lady Weed was ferried to the performance by her coterie of admirers, Hakari sought to reconcile Yu and Woodward and the whole crew had an absolute raucous blast, throwing two afterparties to celebrate their successful show.

Meanwhile, Korbin continued to drift down the vent.

The next morning, a fierce thunderstorm rolled over the pirate galley. Scrambling to their stations, the crew attempted to weather-proof the ship but when great fists of water rose from the sea and began slamming the ship, they knew they’d encountered something different than an ordinary thunderstorm. Nasira attempted to stow cargo, Lady Weed sang to inspire the sailors and a hungover Hakari struggled with a rope, back and forth across the deck. Miraculously, this somehow succeeded in steering the vessel through the thunderstorm.

Meanwhile, Korbin continued to drift down the vent.

That is, until he wasn’t. Emerging amid a small body of freshwater, Korbin was exhausted, enervated and senseless, after two days of drifting after his disappeared captain. He’d arrived on a massive jungled island, complete with carvings of the bone totem he carried in his pocket. He was confronted by a number of small, thick-skulled inhabitants and, brushing aside their darts, wandered senselessly through the jungle until he saw something on the horizon.

There was a ship with black sails arriving in the bay. The Dragon Turtle had, after many long months at sea, had arrived at the island of treasure.



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