Seventeen Seas

Episode 21 - People Drown

The Traitor Unmasked!

Game Date: Widderways 160 – 165, Year 74
Starting Point: Sea of Rapture
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Ovette’s death sends The Hammerhead’s crew reeling. Stunned at the sudden loss, the crew musters together a humble service, Korbin saying grace. Many pirates – including Hakari – come forward to say something on Ovette’s behalf, including one shanty sung by the fond crew, but Cecily keeps silent as the burlap sack, filled with trinkets and remembrances goes overboard. There’s a brief disagreement between the bereaved officers over who should take the warlock’s role as boatswain but Hakari eventually wins out and claims the officer’s title.

The caravel’s not a full day from Ovette’s tragic end when another disaster – a fire in the larder – strikes. Working quickly, the crew is able to extinguish the blaze before it can threaten the powder magazine but the message is clear. There is still a saboteur aboard the Hammerhead and they absolutely must be rooted out before the voyage can continue.

There are numerous subjects unearthed and discarded. The cooks are questioned, with little success. Deadrick assures them he’s nothing to do with the fire, even though he’s been seen around the scene of the crime. A plot is uncovered concerning one of Hakari’s prostitutes and another sailor, one that Hakari decides to keep quiet for now. There’s something equally fishy about Corgaine and her inaction during the emergency, the Sister citing only that she cannot, for mysterious reasons, approach fire.

Strenuous investigation eventually reveals Pimas, a near invisible member of the crew that came aboard following the battle on Crowclaw Island. Seeking revenge for her slaughtered shipmates, Pimas has been working against our swashbuckling heroes for months, immediately beneath everyone’s noses. After a brief scuffle, Pimas is chained and made to walk the plank, much to the crew’s jeering thrill and Cecily’s sudden horror, seeing another halfling woman pulled below the water.

Nonetheless, the Hammerhead continues and crosses into the Clemestine Sea. Along the way, they pass a damaged privateer, the Adventure, that seems to stick in Corgaine’s mind. Another day past, they encounter an even more heavily damaged merchant cog, the Giuzeppa, and, posing as privateers, they approach the beleaguered vessel. Learning the Adventure are too only disguised as privateers and fell upon the Giuzeppa, the faux-privateers of the Hammerhead agree to retrieve the cargo and return it to New Colonia.

Before they can embark, however, they’re hastily summoned back aboard the Hammerhead. Eerie singing steers them towards Ovette’s cabin, where they discover an eerie little child, her hair all of seaweed, vandalizing the storybooks she’s found. “Mommy drowned,” she explains to them, much to our heroes’ collective horror.



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