Seventeen Seas

Episode 22 - Into the Clemestine Sea

The Reign of Captain Quincy

Game Date: Widderways 165, Year 74 – Clockways 12, Year 75
Starting Point: Clemestine Sea
Player Characters Present: Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Perturbed by her sudden appearance, the Hammerhead’s officers pawn off Weed’s care on various members of her crew – Twenk, Corgaine – and debate their options concerning the Giuzeppa and the Adventure.Learning from Corgaine that the Adventure is actually a member of the Corsair’s Congress, she attempted to convince them to capture the vessel’s captain, but the Hammerhead’s crew made other plans. Under the guise of privateers, they would attempt to shake the Adventure down, securing some or all of its cargo with minimal bloodshed.

Departing northward across the Clemestine Sea, the Hammerhead has an uneventful voyage. The New Year arrives, with seventy-five obnoxious tolls from the ship’s chronometer. Weed wanders about the ship and develops an attraction to Korbin’s pearl. Zhitao continues Cecily’s training and the student chooses a new name – Bō. Korbin receives a missive from Ngaio, the Night-Navigator, warning him to “beware the weed”. Before long, the Adventure appears on the northern horizon. Signaling for parley, the Adventure accepts a boarding crew rows across.

Aboard the Adventure, Captain Quincy and his crew find the deck curiously deserted. Both fore and aftcastle filled with pirates lying in ambush, Captain Borothea the Braggart comes forth to hear terms. After exchanging forged letters of marque, the parley begins and is quickly interrupted when Weed, having snuck aboard, attacks Captain Borothea with drownie’s touch, causing her to start choking. However, through some quick words and cunning action, our swashbuckling heroes manage to stop hostilities before they start.

Threatening to out Captain Borothea in front of her crew as a pirate and a member of the Congress, Captain Quincy and his allies managed to secure an alarming portion of the Adventure’s cargo. Their hold full, their crew happy, the ship departed back south, headed to New Colonia and new adventures.



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