Seventeen Seas

Episode 25 - Into the Ying Wei Sea

The Storm Discovered

Game Date: Clockways 15 – 26, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Departing New Colonia with trouble on their tail, the Hammerhead strikes out into the Ying Wei Sea, once again on the trail of the storm. The further south they sail, however, the closer and closer they come to their prize, those forbidding clouds growing all the greater on the horizon.

On the first leg of their voyage, Korbin conducts an experiment with his pearl, opening a void to another startling dimension. Captain Inio makes a startling discovery in perusing Corgaine’s pilfered letters – she and Ilisa were lovers, he discovers, and they speak in their coded messages about a secret island of the tiefling’s, where they hoped to return one day. Shortly thereafter, they’re pursued by a Colonial warship, the Courageous, which chases them until nightfall, when they manage to lose the vessel. All the while, through the spyglass, that storm grows closer and closer.


On the second leg of their voyage, our swashbuckling heroes make the acquaintance of Toruka Kaia, the Knight of Weeds and Weed’s father. Though he has little time to speak, he pleads with the crew to protect Weed against the Lady of Weeds and gifts his daughter with an old companion – Ghostcrab. The crew also rescues an entangled sea lion from a net, allowing the wounded beast to escape and swim away to freedom. Finally, Korbin notices some competition in his duties as Chimeran priest and ponders what to do. Ever closer comes that storm, the wreckage of ships its destroyed a constant reminder of its strength and potency.

On the third leg of the voyage, Ngaio the Night-Navigator sends a messenger to collect the Pearl from Korbin, while he continues to investigate his second one. A third care package is left for Hakari and he officially goes on the investigation, attempting to discern whom his secret admirer might be. It is eventually revealed to be Woodward, the halfling spellsail, despite Hakari’s jilted suspicions that it might be Yu, the ship’s standoffish bartender. Finally, the Hammerhead arrived before the storm – a great roaring tempest that spreads across the entire horizon – and debated how best to plunge themselves into those troubled waters.



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