Seventeen Seas

Episode 26 - Stormfront

The Clouds Burst

Game Date: Clockways 26, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

With nothing else for it, the Hammerhead steers straight into the hurricane.

Though obviously magical, the storm is none too rigorous at first. The waves are choppy, the winds are fierce, the occasional blue lightning bolt comes streaking down to ignite patches of the ship on fire. Working quickly, our swashbuckling heroes are able to scramble about the deck, keeping the ship afloat and the crew heartened.

Things become more complicated when a great wave deposits three water elementals aboard the vessel, moving to attack the hapless crew. What’s worse, the way before the ship starts to become treacherous, great whirlpools opening up before their path. Moving quickly into battle, the Hammerhead’s officers make quick work of the elementals. Bō wields her aggressive form in combat for the first time, blasting one elemental into steam. Korbin employs his new squad of “clay golems” to help rescue overboard crew and contain the water elementals. There’re some shenanigans involving Hakari, Weed, a treasure chest and one thousand ball bearings that does not bear repeating.


From here, however, the storm only grows worse as Captain Inio accidentally pilots the Hammerhead into one of the whirlpools. With a great blast of lightning, a fourth elemental – a towering lightning elemental – joins the fray on the aftcastle. While the heroes are busy engaging the massive elemental, sunken ships start to burst from the surf, thrown like missiles at the poor defenseless Hammerhead.

Through all these dangers and more do the heroes pilot their craft. The storm eventually breaks, however, and the Hammerhead emerges into its massive central eye – heavily damaged but still in one piece.



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