Seventeen Seas

Episode 27 - The Righteous

The Storm's Secret Revealed

Game Date: Clockways 26 – 29, Year 75
Starting Point: Ying Wei Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Taking several days to repair their vessel and see to the injured crew, the Hammerhead headed cautiously towards the center of the storm’s eye, to investigate that strange dark dot on the horizon. Soon as they approached, however, they marveled to discover the Righteous, a floating Colonial fotress left derelict both by a fearsome storm and by a fearsome battle. Learning some of the ship’s sordid history from a stunned Corgaine, our swashbuckling heroes – plus Captain Inio and Korbin’s clay-men – crewed a dinghy to row closer and investigate.

The skies and water around the Righteous thrum with ensorcelled drakes and sharks, the pirates are surprised to learn – plus her deck is manned by a literal skeleton crew. During the boarding attempt, Hakari quickly became separated from the rest of his companions and overwhelmed by the ship’s undead crew. As the rest of the heroes attempted to scramble aboard, they were all horrified to discover that Corgaine was nothing more than a simulacrum, a magical facsimile made from snow.


The battle is bitter, the heroes hopelessly outnumbered. Despite this, the pirates acquit themselves well, Bō emerging from her trance-like state to deal death to a small crowd of skeletons. Korbin and Weed, meanwhile, coordinate with the ravenfolk’s squad of clay-men to quickly dispatch their overwhelming enemy. The tide starts to turn against the heroes, however, when Hakari inadvertently provokes a water elemental, nearly drowning him and Korbin when he comes to rescue him.

In the end, the heroes manage to defeat the skeletons and escape the water elemental but not before noting a suspicious-looking tiefling in amongst the other skeletons, one the crew suspect may be the remains of Captain Ilisa. Taking a short rest, the Hammerhead’s officers do a little light scheming, learn that Corgaine’s nowhere to be found aboard the ship and subsequently send for the luckblade, for Hakari’s use. Resolving to continue searching the ship for signs of anymore clues, the pirates make a sweep of the topdeck.

When inspecting one of the masts, Weed stumbles onto a nest of stormchaser drakes and, when Korbin hears they’ve collected some shinies, he cannot resist starting battle with them. Once again, our swashbuckling heroes are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of foes and retreat into the mast, the stormchaser swarms biting and clawing at their heels.



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