Seventeen Seas

Episode 28 - Master and Commander

Intrigue Aboard The Righteous

Game Date: Clockways 29, Year 75
Starting Point: The Righteous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Dispatching the stormchaser drakes in short order, the Hammerhead’s officers and captain make a quick sweep of the remaining five masts, collecting what booty they can from here and there. When Captain Inio makes some noises about wanting to fish out Ilisa’s skeletal remains, Korbin obliges him. While the Captain roots through the pockets of the legendary captain’s enchanted coat, Korbin interrogates the fallen Iron Maiden with a speak with dead ritual. From this, they learn a number of startling revelations – that one of the Pearl’s might be responsible for the ship’s destruction and that the treasure is located somewhere to the west. Meanwhile, Inio discovers a coded treasure map and failures to completely convince his comrades of its importance.


Descending deeper into the vessel, our swashbuckling heroes loot the library and chart room and eventually arrive at the ship’s fortified deck. Here, they do quick battle with a pair of stormskulls, likewise animated by the ship’s powerful magic. While Hakari, Weed and Bō continue exploring lower, Korbin pursues a hunch on the fortified deck and eventually makes the acquaintance of Dogface, a young hyenafolk inexplicably aboard the derelict. Down below, Hakari and Weed make the acquaintance of Captain Dagger and her cronies, discovering a whole colony of shipwrecked children in the Righteous’ lower deck.

After browbeating the panicked children into listening, the pirates learn that these’re the descendants of the piratical prisoners the Righteous once took, all those years ago. Surviving by rations and occasional fishing, the kids – calling themselves the Brats – are ruled by the tyrannical Captain Dagger and currently in a tizzy about their missing hunters, having never returned from the latest expedition.

Dropping into the water to investigate, Weed is quickly attacked by the patrolling hunter sharks. The rest of her companions leaping into the water to her aid, the sharks are hastily dispatched and, wounded and wearied after a long day of exploring, our swashbuckling heroes debate their next move.



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