Seventeen Seas

Episode 29 - The Third Pearl

The Final Rest of the Righteous

Game Date: Clockways 29-30, Year 75
Starting Point: The Righteous
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Resolving to save the missing children, Hakari, Korbin, Weed and Inio went below, swimming through the shark infested waters to the last known location of the three hunters. They quickly stumbled upon a nest of facehuggers – strange aberrations that parastically attach to their victims faces – and flew into furious battle. Bō coming to the rescue, the facehuggers’ hosts were quickly defeated by the little critters proved a little harder to kill. Working quickly, however, they managed to defeat the creatures – and one opportunistic shark – without too much difficulty.

Needing some rest and recuperation, our swashbuckling heroes split up. Most retired back to the Hammerhead, to feed the children and research the map and inquire about Corgaine’s whereabouts. Hakari, meanwhile, elected to stay and guard the ship, starting a small fire and breaking into the captain’s quarters. Aboard the Hammerhead, Korbin subjected Woodward to a fierce interrogation about Corgaine’s magical nature and she begrudingly confessed all – Corgaine was always a simulacrum, ever since departing Port Pillage, and that she was almost certainly using Woodward’s glasses as a focal point to race here and see what became of the Righteous. Hatching a scheme to steal those glasses, Korbin joined his comrades the next morning to continue looting the Righteous.

After extinguishing the fire Hakari neglected, they continued their examination of the Righteous. Partways down the aftcastle, they eventually discovered, shrouded and mist and lightning, the third Pearl, the undisputed master of the derelict warship. Thanks to some quick thinking on Bō’s part, the Pearl was snatched and stuffed into a pocket of Ilisa’s enchanted coat, safely removing the powerful artifact from this plane. In so doing, however, they suddenly plunged the Righteous into the sea and our swashbuckling heroes needed to move quickly to escape the rapidly sinking vessel. As they rowed back to the Hammerhead, they were amazed to discover the raging storm had vanished.

No sooner were they back aboard, however, than Woodward confronted Korbin about the theft of her glasses. Managing to deflect the blame onto Inio, Korbin quickly went to retrieve those glasses and, their enchantment dispelled, Corgaine and her flagship, the Nymph, promptly arrived.



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