Seventeen Seas

Episode 33 - Fog of War

The Mist Dissipates

Game Date: Clockways 40, Year 75
Starting Point: Gangwu
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Hurrying to rejoin her companions, Bō arrives at the misty monastery and together, our swashbuckling heroes turn to approach the fog-shadowed pavilion, the nexus of all the magical mist. Bō, eager to discover the secret, rushes ahead and thus triggers an attack from a quartet of stone lion gargoyles. Her companions rushing to her aid, the battle is joined!

While Bō, Korbin and his squad of clay-men give battle to the stone lions, Hakari and Weed sneak around the complex’s side, seeking a more advantageous position. In so doing, however, they managed to awaken the true master of the mist-shrouded monastery – a oni, a fearsome demon that attacked them with a vengeance. While Hakari fled from the creature, Weed teleported onto the pavilion’s highest point. Down on the ground, Bō smashes stone lions this way and that while Korbin draws the oni’s attention and loses one of his brave skeletons.

Through a combination of spells, they manages to push the oni back into the mists but not before another pair of mist monks drops from the rafters to confront them. These’re quickly dispatched by Hakari and Bō and, as the monk goes running to finally face the oni, it stops, almost recognizing her, before she dispatches the creature completely. In their examination of the monastery, our heroes discovered some treasures – the oni’s warclub, a mysterious bottle and several ki scrolls – but also a strange statue in one of the smaller shirnes, whose face eerily resembles Bō.

Upon returning to Gangwu, the buccaneers discover that the mist has completely vanished from Gangwu, breeding much confusion among the masses. When they return to the Hammerhead, they hear the full story from Captain Inio – thugs from the Basilisk broke onto the ship and stole several of Corgaine’s artifacts, her letters included – and he’s hopping mad to steal them back. Through some more investigating, Hakari learns it was Bloodboil who, however accidentally, provided them with the information and Bō speaks with her father, the one surviving witness of the attack.

Ready to depart, the Hammerhead puts out from the suddenly clear waters of Gangwu and heads west, in pursuit of Captain Cutlass.



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