Seventeen Seas

Episode 34 - Between Buccaneers

Scheming and Shenanigans Galore

Game Date: Clockways 45 – 48, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed

Three days sail into the Shao Han Sea, the Hammerhead encounters the Basilisk. A debate breaks out on deck about what, precisely, should be done to acquire their artifacts, The ideas range back and forth, from all out assault to parley and eventually a scheme is hatched the party is divided into two fronts. On the news that there’s a traitor onboard, there’s no shortage of suspicion among the crew, even between the officers, as the plan is set into motion.

Rowing over to the Basilisk in a dingy, Korbin, Weed and Captain Inio plan to stall the sentient sword as long as they can. Meanwhile, escorted by a team of merfolk, Hakari, Deadrick and Bō creep onto the Basilisk’s aftcastle and attempt to abscond with all the Cutlass’ stolen goods. To everyone’s surprise, this goes swimmingly – Hakari and Bō are swift and silent, recovering the artifacts, while Korbin and Weed are sufficiently distracting to keep everyone’s attention on the negotiations. Contriving an excuse to depart, the two parties separate and our swashbuckling heroes have only just reached the Hammerhead before all chaos breaks loose aboard the Basilisk.

There’s an abortive attempt at a chase but some accident with some contraption aboard the Basilisk conspires to slow them down and, moving swiftly, the Hammerhead is able to flee straight southward, heading towards Zao and into the night.

Once there’s a moment of relative peace, the suspicions start to fly again. Hakari presses Inio to reveal that he knows the real traitor – Bloodboil – but Inio is nervous about this, knowing how it might affect Korbin. When he does eventually gather the whole crew and make the formal accusation, Korbin shocks the whole ship and declares it was he who conspired with Cutlass and it should be he who takes the blame.

No sooner has he done this and a vote is called for, however, than strange glowing lights appear in the water around the ship. The water in a great circumference starts to bubble and boil, twisting and warping the wood below. That same sea monster – the very one that sank the Hurricane all those months ago – has returned!



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