Seventeen Seas

Episode 35 - Leviathan

Two Titans Clash

Game Date: Clockways 48, Year 75
Starting Point: Shao Han Sea
Player Characters Present: Bō (Cecily), Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Weed


A compulsion falls across the deck of the Hammerhead, urging its crew to run forward and hurl themselves into the boiling water below. Most resist and those that do not are saved by Korbin and Bō’s quick thinking. Before they can congratulate themselves too much, three massive tentacles rise from the water and commence an attack on the unsuspecting caravel.

It is a bitter struggle. With one sweep of a tentacle, the Leviathan can snatch a dozen sailors in its grasp and several of our swashbuckling heroes are so ensnared. Hakari works quickly to tie down crew, to ensure they’re not carried away. Bō and Weed take the fight immediately to the creature, lashing out with fists and spells. Korbin commands his golems to operate and cannon and commence firing on the tentacles but notices that the third tentacle is most interested in Emilio and its secreted Pearl. Destroying the ship in its attempt to apprehend him, the tentacle grabs the Pearl and slinks back into the water defeated.

While Korbin leaps into the water in an attempt to wrest the Pearl back, a third party enters the conflict. The Shriek, firing strange blue ballistae, appears on the horizon and engages the Leviathan. Supremely wounded by this attack, the great behemoth lets go of the Pearl and swims off to confront this new threat, allowing Korbin to escape the boiling water with his prize in tow. Due to some expert sailing, the Hammerhead is able to swiftly escape the churning water as sea monster and ghost ship give ferocious battle to one another.

Before they escape, however, they manage to see that it’s the Shriek, somehow, that emerges as the victor, the Leviathan’s great defeated corpse rising to the surface.

As they lick their wounds, new anxieties gnaw at the Hammerhead’s crew. What was the Shriek’s aim? Why did it come to their aid? What was that strange glowing metal they used to defeat the creature? Against their better judgment, our swashbuckling heroes crew a dinghy and row across to investigate. When they arrive, Hakari’s guess proves correct – it seems the Shriek’s crew mean to raise the Leviathan from the dead for some fell purpose. Unable to intervene but unwilling to stand by, they go sneaking onto the Shriek while its crew is distracted and pillage the mysterious Captain’s office.

As they make their hasty escape, the undead crew catches wise and, what’s worse, the dead Leviathan starts to come to life, complicating their escape all the more. Finally, in a wacky plow that involves waterwalk, Hakari dragging Korbin by a rope and Weed polymorphing into a giant octopus, the Hammerhead’s crew make their escape, returning to their vessel immediately as the Leviathan comes under the Shriek’s control.



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