Seventeen Seas

Episode 43 - Take the Helm

A Golden Opportunity

Game Date: Widderways 31-32, Year 75
Starting Point: Dead Makalo
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

The shockserpent attacks, lunging at Nasira and nearly swallowing her whole. The tail lashes at Hakari, who goes scrambling up a shockstone statue. Korbin summons a swarm of ravenous insects to throng the serpent’s midsection and Weed throws spells of various types – cold, lightning and air – at the beast, looking for what’s most effective.


It’s a brief but bloody battle. The shockserpent’s bite and especially its lightning breath are mighty indeed, knocking several of the heroes unconscious multiple times. However, it was their combined teamwork that allowed them to win the day. Hakari grappled the beast, attempting to clamp its maw shut. Nasira struggled to wrench the Golden Wheel away from its clutches. Korbin maintained concentration on his swarm of insects but it was Weed who delivered the final blow, trapping the serpent’s head within a sphere of stormy air.

Once the serpent was slain, our heroes rested, carved up the carcass and searched the wreck of the Majestic. Inside, they found a literal king’s ransom – fifteen thousand doubloons, a small trove of magic items and the corpse of an ancient Colonial king. Arguing for several hours about how best to transport the gold, they ultimately buried the majority, carried a few chests out and back to their apparatus, now freed from the shockstone’s magnetic grip.

After another journey in the apparatus, as uncomfortable and obnoxious as the last, our swashbuckling heroes returned to Seabottom and passed on the news to the Captain. Inio, in return, passed on the news that has officially departed, headed back south in the company of her mentor. After a brief discussion of what to do with his massive fortune they planned to unearth, the pirates departed to meet with Shipbreaker – not before Inio pulled Korbin aside and offered him the position of first mate.

In Shipbreaker’s cave, the Yasmaridd’s officers failed to secure the kraken’s aid in recovering the gold but did manage to convince the shipwright to add an additional modification onto their vessel, as compensation for how difficult the favor ultimately was.

The only question that truly remained, however, was which modifications to get?



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