Seventeen Seas

Episode 47 - Icebreaker

Iceberg Ambush!

Game Date: Widderways 65, Year 75
Starting Point: Shamala Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

Farther and farther north does the Dragon Turtle sail, into waters frozen and speckled with ice. Wrapped in what blankets and furs they can scavenge, the pirates guide their mighty vessel through a forest of ice floes, narrowly avoiding running the ship aground at every turn.

As they round one particular bend, however, Hakari hears the ice overhead shift and collapse, spilling down onto the deck. Scrambling back, the pirates avoid the avalanche of ice and snow that descends onto their ship – but do not avoid the avalanche of orcish raiders that spill down onto the vessel, accompanied by a mighty frost giant warrior.

It is a long and bloody battle on the deck of the Dragon Turtle, between the outnumbered orcs and the ambushed pirates. Among the orcish ranks are great berserkers and shaman, evoking wintry powers to edge out the pirate’s advantage. The frost giant is a terrible foe, sweeping pirates aside with great swings of his axe. From a distant iceberg, more frost giant hurl great snowballs toward the ship, attempting to punch holes in its deck.

When our swashbuckling heroes arrive on the scene, however, they quickly turn the tide.


Weed launches lightning, slaying the shaman and many orcs with her. Hakari climbs into the forward catapult, shoots himself across the deck and slams into the frost giant, tumbling the massive warrior to the deck. Nasira comes running from belowdecks and leaps into the fray, slaying both elite orcish warriors with her glaive. Korbin, with plenty of magical assistance, ultimates manages to cow the giant and his warriors, demanding they surrender or be slaughtered.

When the bloodletting is done, twenty orcs and twenty pirates each lie dead, among them Hugo, one of the last remaining member of the Kruthik’s crew. While Nasira chastises Weed for lying amid the slain, Hakari rallies the orcish survivors, boasting of his prowess until they accept him into the tribe. Korbin, meanwhile, makes the acquaintance of the frost giant, one Vjergblin, and learns of the many plights currently befalling his people – a missing jarl’s daughter, the dragonborn warship that may have stolen her and the presence of a massive undead sea monster, one that pulls war-bergs down like toys.

After much scheming, the heroes decide to accompany Vjergblin back to his hall to meet Jarl Balvorg. Before they depart, they send one of the frost giants, a suspicious giantess named Skalfadani, to accompany the Dragon Turtle on its way to Leviathan Rest, to ensure safe passage through the floes.

Climbing aboard a nearby iceberg, the pirates join Vjergblin on his odyssey north, back towards his frozen home and the heart of frost giant power in the region.



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