Seventeen Seas

Episode 5 - Return to Axebeak Island

The Maiden Voyage of the Mikalakawika

Game Date: Widderways 87 – 90, Year 74
Starting Point: Palmsport, Statue Islands
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin Quill, Ovette Whick

After three days of shore leave in port, the shipwrecked heroes reconvene on the docks outside Thumb Street, some with new duds, others new lovers and some, in the case of Inio and his throng of ruffians, new friends. When Prince Tua arrives, he introduces them to his newly purchased vessel, the Mikalakawika and welcomes the heroes aboard.

Once aboard the barque, Bael – under the pseudonym Jagglesworth – is inducted into the Prince’s Royal Guard and Pennyfeathers is elected the ship’s quartermaster by a large margin. With Inio installed as the Captain, the ship prepares to get underway, but not before the shipwrecked heroes share a whispered conference of scheming in the Captain’s cabin, in which loyalties are questioned and backstories are revealed.

The Brave Prince departs for Axebeak Island the recovery of Inio’s lost spyglass, a three day voyage in total. Along the way:

  • Bael unsuccessfully attempts some “pirate fishing”, much to the Captain’s dismay.
  • Inio and Prince Tua argue near constantly,
  • The vessel passes by an abandoned island, piquing Cecily’s curiosity.
  • A thunderstorm sweeps upon the Mikalakawika from behind and the sailors, with grit and determination, persevere with minimal damage.

On Widderways 90, the Brave Prince arrives once again at Axebeak Island, a sight passing unpleasant for Bael’s eyes. Dropping anchor, three divers – Bael, Korbin and Konolani – are sent below to search out the spyglass, but not before Bael warns Prince Tua against Captain Inio and his treachery. Through the use of detect magic, Korbin manages to locate the spyglass and, back aboard the ship, passes the item to Inio beneath everyone else’s scrutiny.

No sooner has this exchange happened than sails are spotted on the southern horizon. The spyglass fetched, the ship’s revealed to be the Kruthik, a known pirate that’s followed them from Palmsport. A fierce debate erupts on the Brave Prince’s deck, a dozen or more plans suggested and shot down, before the Kruthik manages to close the distance and offer terms of surrender. Thinking quickly, Ovette shouts back that the ship is under the care of Prince Tua and terms of a parley are drawn up.

Piling into a dinghy, as the Prince’s “representatives”, the heroes – plus Makalini, the merfolk spokesperson – row across the gap to meet with Captain Pampion of the Kruthik, a squad of merfolk ambushers swimming below, should the worst happen.



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