Seventeen Seas

Episode 51 - Death is Everlasting

Escape from Temple of Death

Game Date: Widderways 76, Year 75
Starting Point: Naznoto
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed


Confused by their presence, the vampire attempts to communicate with the pirates but, lacking a common language or a magical means to attain same, combat quickly ensues. While Korbin successfully turns his spawn, the vampire closes to melee with Nasira, Weed and Massak. In such close quarters, he nearly slays the orc outright, attempts to drink Weed’s blood but is ultimately defeated by Nasira, driving him into a corner with her glaive. Before our swashbuckling heroes can celebrate, a door opens, revealing another vampire and another pair of dragonborn spawn.

In short order, this second vampire had charmed Nasira and was attempting to convince her to bring Weed to him when Korbin, acting quickly, completed the constellation puzzle. Transformed suddenly into black smoke, the pirates were sucked downward, through the remainder of the temple and into a previously unknown lower chamber.

In this chamber, they discovered Ylva, maimed and tortured but still alive, chained to an altar and pumped full of necrotic magic. In order to resuce her, our swashbuckling heroes faced off against a deformed high priestess, her two acolytes, a pair of conjured flameskulls and two necrotic crystals that shot bolts of black lightning across the room. Weed dispatched the acolytes with ease, Hakari charged one of the dark crystals and went to work tearing it apart, Nasira cleaved the high priestess into multiple pieces and Korbin summoned a spirit guardian to hold the door. Once all the enemies were vanquished, Weed cast a polymorph spell on Ylva, transforming her into a crab for safe delivery.

Escaping out a secret exit, the pirates were chased by the remaining vampire. As they clambered back onto their ice floe, Nasira fell the tugs of the vampire’s lingering charm and attempted to rejoin the undead creature. Only the timely intervention of Korbin and his hold person spell managed to keep her from leaping off the ice floe and swimming back to the vampire’s clutches.

Speeding southward with all haste, the pirates fled Naznoto and Far Thanaz, ferrying the polymorphed form of Ylva Vorgsdottir southward, to rejoin her mother in Vorgheim.



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