Seventeen Seas

Episode 52 - The Frost Giant's Daughter

Return to Vorgheim

Game Date: Widderways 76 – 95, Year 75
Starting Location: Naznoto
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

When Ylva Vorgsdottir transforms back into her giant form, the pirates are dismayed to discover her trapped between life, death and undeath. With no way to heal her and with no way to bring her back from the dead without her vital organs, our swashbuckling heroes plan to return to Naznoto and recover the canopic jars that contain her brain, heart and lungs.

Sneaking back to the temple, Korbin, Nasira and Weed creep back into the secret entrance. Confronted by vampire spawn at the entrance, they were aided by the two orc warriors – Qaniq and Oogrooq One-Eye – to clear the path. While his allies collected the jars, Hakari and Massak hid from an approaching Far Thanazian dreadnaught. It was a close call, the ship dispatching a few dinghies full of undead to march up to the entrance of the temple. Drifting away, disguised as an ordinary iceberg, our swashbuckling heroes successfully escaped Far Thanaz.

Seven days later, they arrived at Vorgheim and were immediately hustled before Jarl Balvorg. As the jarl grieved her dead daughter, her consort Hrodbovi attempted to marshall the giants, counseling against allying with the smallfolk. Conferring with the jarl and the völva, the pirates agreed to attempt a complex ritual that would implore Skadi, the goddess of winter, to bring Ylva back from the dead.

To perform the ritual, Korbin chanted phrases in Giant, Weed drew designs on the ground, Hakari performed a ceremonial dance in walrus costume and Nasira ran between her companions, helping any who needed it. Sacred ice enshrouded Ylva, covering over her wounds and fetching back her soul from where it had been snatched by Far Thanaz. When she awoke, Jarl Balvorg was overcome with joy and offered the pirates anything they asked for – orcish warriors, a favor from the Jarlfather,

Once they’re rested, the pirates board a new iceberg and make the long voyage to Leviathan Rest. They’re accompanied by Vjergblin and Hakari’s forty orcish raiders and, wisely deciding not to roll into Bonesburg with a small army at his back, Hakari agreed to encamp his orcs some distance up the beach. As both parties approach Bonesburg, they’re eager to see what trouble their ship and their crew has gotten themselves into in the intervening weeks.



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