Seventeen Seas

Episode 54 - Seek the Peak

Into Greater Koboldia

Game Date: Widderways 96 – 97, Year 75
Starting Point: Leviathan Rest
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

At the Thrown Bones, in Bonesburg’s rowdy Shoulders district, our swashbuckling heroes assemble to meet Devraj Devil-May-Care, the dashing captain of the Manticore and his ancient and suspicious Mother. Through a combination of gambling, persuasion, artful embroidery of the truth and detect thoughts, they manage to convince the daring tigerfolk captain to purchase the forged treasure map, the one that claims Captain Ilisa hid her treasure far to the north, in the realm of Far Thanaz.

This done, Captain Inio set about the arduous task of supplying and preparing the ship for departure. Meanwhile, he tasked the crew with investigating Ilisa’s cryptic clue – “seek the peak”. Before that, however, it was imperative that the pirates visit the Jaws of Death, the local gladiatorial fighting ring. Entering Weed’s captive yeti – Fuzzy Wuzzy – into a scheme with the trade boss, they watched as the juvenile creature eviscerated the reigning champion, Gnish Humanfoe. Meanwhile, Nasira, on reconnaissance, spotted what was balanced atop the mountain peak – a shipwreck.

The next morning, accompanied by Meepo and the mysteriously resurrected Gnish Humanfoe, the pirates departed for the swamps, the nation of Koboldia and the mountain beyond. After his taller companions ignored the posted warning, Meepo stumbled into the alarm, alerting the kobolds to their presence. As they crossed the wetlands, they were beset by all manner of traps and hazards, from blood flies to poisonous gas, from quicksand to pit traps. Fortunately, they managed to cross the swamp without too much hue or cry.

Debating their next move in the wooded foothills, the pirates elected to send Weed on a scouting mission to reconnoiter the ship. Transforming into a bubblefly, Weed flew once around the ship, discovered the strange winds and the mysterious inhabitant and reported back to her comrades. Gathering their gear, they sent Meepo back to Koboldia to make way for their departure and went to scale the mountain. After a few harrowing close calls, they reached the Taranyar and, once aboard, quickly made the acquaintance of Latif’nazeem’nahal’yusafa’daqat, the djinn that made the ship his home.




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