Seventeen Seas

Episode 62 - Strange Sails

Eyes on the Prize

Game Date: Clockways 108 – 112, Year 75
Starting Point: Ilisan Sea
Player Characters Present: Hakari, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit, Weed

Having defeated the hags, our heroes loot their hut of its many strange creatures and accoutrements. Among the bizarre items they recovered were a number of captured creatures – a will o’wisp, a sprite, a cranium rat, an imp and most notably a pseudodragon named Taryoc that instantly took to Nasira. After an abortive attempt to steer the hut back to the sea, the pirates returned to the Dragon Turtle and, with the mast repairs underway, departed for the next island.

En route to the next island, our swashbuckling heroes went about their normal scheming. Hakari, armed with a new tankard of truth, attempted to get some answers from Yu about why she’d been acting so distant lately. Weed’s staff continued to sprout vines and pointed her unerringly southwest, toward the next island. Nasira was badgered up and down the ship by her newfound companion Taryoc. The crew, meanwhile, slowly began to come down with an unknown ailment, further worsening the morale aboard.

Thankfully, a topeyes spotted a flicker of hope on the horizon, four days into the voyage – sails.

It was a strange vessel that they approached – with its massive sails, layered topdecks and crew of chimps and crabmen. It was a strange strategy the pirates devised, involving Hakari, Festergut the yeti and the ship’s trebuchet. Once they’d closed to a comfortable distance, the Dragon Turtle used their fog to obscure themselves and launched the yeti in its crate – plus Hakari clinging to its side – onto the ship and began the boarding process.


Surrounded by enemies, Hakari and Festergut fought like hell until their re-enforcements could arrive. When the Dragon Turtle swung up alongside the crabmen’s vessel, Captain Inio, Nasira and Korbin swung across the gap and engaged the enemy with sword, pistol, glaive and spell. Weed, aided by Korbin’s confusion spell, hung behind, employing her storm sphere to confuse the enemy spellsail and their team of trained apes. During the battle, Korbin overheard a slave in the ship’s cages, crying out for rescue and invoking the name of Yassin. Nasira took the fight straight to the crew’s biggest bruiser while Hakari fought tooth and nail to prevent Festergut from becoming overrun by the swarming crabmen.

At the end of the day, however, the superior numbers and firepower of the pirates quickly turned the tide. It was a blood-drenched blade that Inio thrust over his head, standing amid a spread of crabman corpses, and cried “Victory!”



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