Seventeen Seas

Episode 8 - Port of Panthers

Pirates Hired, Books Collected, Ruins Explored

Game Date: Widderways 100 – 101, Year 74
Starting Point: Port Panthera
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Arriving in the bustling pirate harbor of Port Panthera, the crews of both Mikalakawika and Kruthik clambered ashore, eager to avail themselves of all the licentious seaside town had to offer. A little unnerved by the haunted ruins, Cecily, Inio and Ovette made for the Broken Yardarm, a popular blind-tiger, to hire more cutthroats. Meanwhile, Bael and Korbin went about the surreptitious business of selling some vodka they’d produced from Port Lunez potatoes – under the nose of Nashi, the trade boss.

At the Broken Yardarm, many new pirates were hired with promises of drink and plunder. While Ovette investigated rumors of the great looming ziggurat, Bael defeated an undead contender – with a radiant punch to the face – in an improvised bar brawl. This done and many more swords added to their ranks, the heroes split up, some to seek knowledge about the Elemental Plane of Water and other to chase a posted reward.

After some doing, Pennyfeather made the acquaintance of Bellany of the Black Rose, a very sassy sorceress and they exchanged notes about his artifact, the ravenfolk walking away with a volume tucked his arm. Meanwhile, Bael, Cecily and Ovette tracked down Five-Fang, a sahugain wanted by the local brothel’s madame for damaging one of her girls. In the process, they acquired a purse full of doubloons, the gratitude of Madame Okansha and a new crewman.

The next morning, to sate her curiosity, three of the four heroes departed to investigate the ziggurat, leaving behind Cecily, frightened away by the grim stories about the place. After braving thick jungle and unbearable stench, Bael, Korbin and Ovette reached the place and attempted to ascend – only to be afflicted by a strange curse, turning one party member against another. At this point, Ovette turned back and eventually became lost in the tangle of jungle, whereas Korbin and Bael pressed on, reaching the summit and eventually becoming trapped inside the monolith.

When a beleagured Ovette wandered back aboard the Kruthik, explaining what befell their comrades, the three of them – Inio included – started to organize a search party to retrieve them – and the spyglass. Meanwhile, inside the pyramid, the two trapped heroes performed some foul sacrifice ritual, spilling a morsel of Bael’s blood to grant access deeper into the depths of the ziggurat.

What awaits them below? Only time will tell.



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