Seventeen Seas

Episode 9 - Secrets of the Monkeyfolk

Phadkhambra Revealed!

Game Date: Widderways 101-102, Year 74
Starting Point: Jogami
Player Characters Present: Bael Briarborn, Cecily Xiao Ling-Huo, Korbin “Pennyfeather” Quill, Ovette Whick

Descending the eerie stairs inside the ziggurat, Bael and Korbin are relieved to discover some faint green light, helping to illuminate the massive chamber they’re entering. The entire ziggurat hollowed out, the two pirates descend and descend a spiral staircase, open to the air, until they come eventually to the ground, discovering every inch of ground covered in more dusty bones. A cautious testing of those bones reveals a shuffling sound somewhere deeper in the chamber – they’re not alone down here.

Accompanied by a band of pirates, Cecily, Ovette and Captain Inio plunge into the thick jungles surrounding the ziggurat, off to recover their companions and their spyglass respectively. Braving next the horrible stench, they eventually arrive at the foot of the ziggurat and the three of them – Cecily, Ovette and Inio – attempt to scale its imperious face. Halfway up, however, the strange bewitchments of the pyramid befall them and they fall into argument and even blows, Inio attempting to fire on Cecily.

Some more investigation inside the ziggurat eventually reveals its occupant – a great blind girallon, a creature Korbin identifies as an abomination of monkeyfolk sorcery, cursed and reviled by Mother Monster. Sensing their presence, the enraged ape charges the heroes, who go scrambling back up the stairs, in an attempt to lure the beast into a deadly fall. In this, they’re eventually successful, the creature slipping and crashing to the bones below.

Back atop the ziggurat, Cecily and Ovette attempt to scream some sense into Inio and eventually abandon the pirate captain to swing on his rope, holding a brief confab at the top of the ziggurat. Despite all Cecily’s protests that Ovette should remain behind, the two of them enter the leering monkey’s head and attempt to discover the fates and whereabouts of their two companions.

Working together, the reunited heroes manage to defeat the great slavering beast – Bael is enlarged into a giant, Cecily tosses darts at the beast, Korbin is nearly pummeled to death by its great fists and it’s ultimately an equally Ovette who deals the killing blow, blasting the girallon with a deadly witchbolt. Looting the beast’s body and the rest of the ziggurat, the shipwrecked heroes gather themselves to return to Port Panthera as conquering heroes.

Over the course of the next day, the crews of the Mikalakawika and the Kruthik celebrate boldly about their prowess and exploits. Meanwhile, Ovette frets over her companions, Korbin sleeps off his injuries, Cecily and Inio patch up their difficulties and Bael tells the tallest tales he can. The following evening, Inio gathers the officers together to discuss the next phase of the voyage. In short order, it becomes clear that they fundamentally disagree about the best next route and decide, with two vessels, to spilt their forces.

Captain Bael Briarborn will take the Mikalakawika and Prince Tua around the longer way, past Highpledge and the Rawbones, whereas Captain Inio will take the Kruthik the shorter path, past the Ixli Spires and the lurking taxwings.



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