Seventeen Seas

Prologue - Once in a New Moon

"I shall be your gracious host!"

Game Date: Widderways 29, Year 73
Starting Point: Dakanpur Sea
Player Characters Present: Crew of the Avalanche

Tossed about by a terrible hurricane, the Avalanche, her captain Jolly Janda and her crew of buccaneering miscreants were stranded in a patch of unnatural fog in the midst of the Dakanpur Sea. For nine days, they languished thus, with no wind and no means to move the ship until the lookout spotted a strange orange light, way away to the southeast.

Desperate for any sign of life on that empty sea, Jolly Janda chose a landing party from among the crew and quickly dispatched a dinghy to investigate. Along the way to the island, the crew was able to ascertain that the island they approached was Candleclimb, known for its solitary lighthouse. Everything the crew had heard, however, was that the island and the lighthouse were both long abandoned.

Upon arriving at the island, the crew made the acquaintance of three strange beings – mephits, extradimensional imps native to Ignos, the Elemental Plane of Fire. These three – the hot-headed Steam, the unctuous Smoke and the dim-witted Magma – invited the very suspicious landing party to a great revel their master, the illustrious Dif’Khilal’Faham’Hariq’Algushuq, Supreme Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, Nourisher of the Coalfire Court, is throwing within the abandoned lighthouse. Highly reluctant, the heroes accepted the invitation and joined the three mephits inside the tower.

Once there, they made the brief acquaintance of their host – now only a face in the firelight – and started to mingle. The party is a lavish, opulent affair, full of strange creatures and bizarre fire magics. While the captain gorged herself at the banquet table, the crew made the rounds and began to grow suspicious about their host and the guests at the party. Upon hearing the testimony of one memory-addled dwarf, one member of the crew abruptly left the party, while the others were ushered upstairs to meet with their host.

Lord Dif, an efreeti from the City of Brass, was only to happy to receive his new guests and explain his plight to them. Years ago, an ancient wizard bound Dif to the massive brazier at the top of the lighthouse, forcing him to return once every two weeks – during each new moon – and illuminate this fog-shrouded region of the Dakanpur Sea. Immensely bored by this edict, he became adopting those shipwrecked on the island into his retinue of party guests and became dismayed when the crew expressed no interest in joining his endless revels on the Plane of Fire.

By tricking the efreeti into releasing them into the care of his mephit servants, the landing party was able to take the elemental imps by surprise and escape. One member – the crew’s warlock – decided to stay behind, join the captain and accompany Dif to the Plane of Fire. The rest, after looting the cabin of the ancient wizard who once dwelt here, hastened to the waiting Avalanche, eager to escape the vicinity as soon as possible.



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