Bigby Baldasaré

CEO of Bigby Baldasaré's Magical Mysterium of Mystical Merchandise


“Dressed in a stereotypical pointy hat and robes – both emblazoned with moving stars and galaxies – this wizard looks positively bored out of his skull. He’s middle-aged, his brown hair starting to gray around the goatee. On the counter before him rests an open spellbook and, with a wand, he’s waving his way through the book. Now and again, when he needs something from across his shop, he conjures a gigantic spectral hand that nosily and occasionally destructively retrieves the item for him. Then he commences reading, looking as bored as ever.”


A famed adventurer and archmage, Bigby Baldasaré is known the world over. Having ranged far and wide in his youth, traveling the planes, collecting treasure and amassing immense arcane power, the former adventurer has since retired into a life of simple shopkeeping. He runs a magical emporium, selling all his mystical merchandise at BIGBY BALDASARE’S MAGICAL MYSTERIUM OF MYSTICAL MERCHANDISE! Dozens of his ships sail the Seventeen Seas, each one a private gateway to an extradimensional storefront, where one can purchase any number of magical items for ungodly prices.

Since so few customers can afford his wares, Bigby has become increasingly bored by this enterprise. Only the occasional loaded adventurer, pirate lord or archmage gives him any business anymore and these rare customers he actually treats with respect.

Race: Human
Age: 50
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Episode 45 – Wanted Men

Bigby Baldasaré

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