Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

The Gangster


“An air of wealth and opulence hangs around this draconic individual. Her clothing, gauzy and flowing, conceals a shirt of well-crafted chainmail. The scales of her face, normally a russet color, here have been enameled and polished to a green shine, to better display her proud ancestry. She carries a great swooping glaive, an unique instrument of bloodletting for one of her stature. What strikes you most, however, is her swagger – the way she walks, head held high and shoulders wide, like she owns the very ship you’re standing on and everyone aboard.”

Female Dragonborn Fighter 11


Race: Dragonborn
Age: ?
Height: 6’4"
Weight: ?
Scales: Green
Eyes: ?

Rescued from bondage aboard the Yasmaridd, the dragonborn slave named Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit was once a high ranking member of the Yassin crime syndicate, deeply connected with the Dragon’s Hoard. What circumstances brought her to be chained to the oars of a slave galley has yet to be revealed but she clearly thinks no less of herself for her ill circumstances.

Now a member of the Dragon Turtle’s pirate crew, Nasira has inserted herself in the doings of its officers as they seek a means to upgrade their vessel. She’s also acquired a posse of followers, mainly dragonborn but some pirates – Deadrick chief among them – as well, that value her connections and influence among the crew. Compared to her many influential siblings, Nasira has something of an inferiority complex and she also harbors a blistering fear of both frost giants and the undead of Far Thanaz.

First Appearance: Episode 41 – Breaker of Ships
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 53 – Leviathan Rest
Played by Nicole Tilly

Current: 95,730 XP
Level 12: 100,000 XP



Magic Items

  • Frostbrandr (frost brand glaive – attuned)
  • Cloak of Protection (attuned)


  • Ideal (Greed): For her obsession with the Majestic’s gold. ( Episode 43)
  • Bond (Prestige): For drunkenly castigating her brother and nearly blowing the Dragon Turtle’s cover ( Episode 45)
  • Inspiration: For playing along with and into the vampire’s charm. ( Episode 51)

Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

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