Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

The Gangster


“An air of wealth and opulence hangs around this draconic individual. Her clothing, gauzy and flowing, conceals a shirt of well-crafted chainmail. The scales of her face, normally a russet color, here have been enameled and polished to a green shine, to better display her proud ancestry. She carries a great swooping glaive, an unique instrument of bloodletting for one of her stature. What strikes you most, however, is her swagger – the way she walks, head held high and shoulders wide, like she owns the very ship you’re standing on and everyone aboard.”

Female Dragonborn Fighter 12


Race: Dragonborn
Age: ?
Height: 6’4"
Weight: ?
Scales: Green
Eyes: ?

Rescued from bondage aboard the Yasmaridd, the dragonborn slave named Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit was once a high ranking member of the Yassin crime syndicate, deeply connected with the Dragon’s Hoard. What circumstances brought her to be chained to the oars of a slave galley has yet to be revealed but she clearly thinks no less of herself for her ill circumstances.

Now the quartermaster aboard the Dragon Turtle’s pirate crew, Nasira rolls with a posse of freed dragonborn slaves, commanding a tremendous amount of influence among the crew. Her family name has attracted some of these hangers-on – Deadrick chief among them. Her greed and list for gold cannot be underestimated, occasionally screwing over her fellow pirates to pocket a few more coins. Compared to her many influential siblings, Nasira has something of an inferiority complex and she also harbors a blistering fear of both frost giants and the undead of Far Thanaz.

First Appearance: Episode 41 – Breaker of Ships
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 58 – Marooned or Shot
Played by Nicole Tilly

Current: 114,230 XP
Level 13: 120,000 XP



Magic Items

  • Frostbrandr (frost brand glaive – attuned)
  • +1 splint armor (attuned)
  • Cloak of Protection (attuned)


  • Ideal (Greed): For her obsession with the Majestic’s gold. ( Episode 43)
  • Bond (Prestige): For drunkenly castigating her brother and nearly blowing the Dragon Turtle’s cover ( Episode 45)
  • Inspiration: For playing along with and into the vampire’s charm. ( Episode 51)
  • Ideal (Greed): For insisting that Latif gave the chest of gold to her and her alone. ( Episode 55)

Nasira az-Yassin bin-Nurit

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