Frost Giant Hunter


“This specimen quite literally towers over you, blocking out the harsh northern sun with his height. At twenty feet tall and ten feet wide, a frost giant seems more mountain than man and this individual is no exception. Dressed in treated hides and shimmering armor of ice, the frost giant stoops down to speak with you. His skin is glacier blue, his eyes a burning red and his beard falls in two plaits, each one crystalized into icicles. Atop his head, he wears a great one-eyed helm, made from some massive insectoid beast and in his hands, he grips a greataxe made from pure ice.”


A hunter in the employ of Jarl Balvorg, Vjergblin is a simple frost giant, emblematic of his frigid people. He commands a tribe of orcs, the Unnuk, and spends his days hunting the ice floes for meat, bone and ivory to bring his jarl. He bears many of the superstitions of his people – he fears the undead, he mistrusts small folk, he considers orcs vermin. He is nonetheless impressed by might and magic and is not immune to reason.

Vjergblin led an attack on the Dragon Turtle as it passed through an iceberg forest, thinking this was the ship that captured Ylva Vorgsdottir, the daughter of his jarl. When confronted by the pirate’s might, however, he surrendered and agreed to both grant them safe passage and take the officers to see his jarl.

Months later, Vjergblin captained a desperate expedition to thwart Far Thanaz’s designs in the Windwaste. Too weak to lead the orcish force, he passed over the command to Hakari.

Race: Frost Giant
Age: 157
Height: 21’5"
Weight: 2,800 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Red

First Appearance: Episode 47 – Icebreaker
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 76 – The Four Winds


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