Lady Weed

The Princess Under The Sea


“There’s something profoundly unnatural about this woman. Her cerulean skin shimmers in the sun, as though she’s stepped, moments ago, from the surf. Her eyes glimmer with the lambent glow of the moon on the waves. Her hair is an artifice of silver-green seaweed, worn in the fashion of an otherworldly noble. Her clothing is effervescent, an ever-shifting wardrobe of elegant and aquatic dresses, full of slink and shimmer, frills and scales. There is something unspoken and captivating about her, something that draws the eye and clouds the minds of lesser men, surrounding her always with a corona of admirers and hangers-on, eager to throw themselves before her wherever she strides.”

Female Water Genasi Sorcerer 17


Once the bizarre and protean child of Ovette Whick and the Knight of Weeds, some interplanar flux has aged eerie little Weed into a grown woman, virtually overnight. Where once she was small, impish and fell, now she is tall, graceful and fey. The girl has become the woman and lived a lifetime of rulership, dominion and luxury in her palace on Aquos, the Elemental Plane of Water. Returned now for her share of Ilisa’s plunder, Lady Weed is nonetheless as unsettling, magical and mysterious as ever she was.

Where once her physical form changed and formed with each passing day, now Lady Weed’s gowns and dresses are subject to such capricious flights of fancy. One moment she may wear a dress of radiant coral, gleaming with ten thousand unique colors, and the next she may be adorned in a pearlescent gown of rippling scales, interlocking like a fish’s mail. So too is she unearthly and compelling, such that she is always attracting a posse of pirates to carry her about, to answer her every whim, to serve her hand and foot, as befits a fairy tale princess.

By campaign’s end, Lady Weed spent her share of the treasure on relief and repair to her kingdom and then returned to the Material Plane, seeking out and eventually finding a suitable bridegroom to become her new Knight of Weeds.

Race: Water Genasi
Age: 25? 26?
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Green (seaweed)
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Episode 21 – People Drown
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 80 – A Merry Life And A Short One
Played by Hallie Clawson

Current: 225,000
Level 17: 225,000



Magic Items:

  • Driftwood Staff (attuned)
  • Trident of Fish Command (attuned)


  • Flaw (Inhuman): For attacking Captain Borothea and attempting to make her drown like Mommy did. ( Episode 22)
  • Personality Trait (Protean): For her wild mood swings and physical changes. ( Episode 27)
  • Personality Trait (Curious): For following the mysterious voice in the mist of her own accord. ( Episode 32)
  • Personality Trait (Storyteller): For encouraging the qayid in his very boring stories ( Episode 38)
  • Personality Trait (Curious): For her curiosity about Shipbreaker ( Episode 41)
  • Flaw (Inhuman): For treating the death of Takiyok like a broken toy ( Episode 49)
  • Personality Trait (Curious): For transforming into a bubblefly and investigating the ship perched atop the mountain peak ( Episode 54)
  • Personality Trait (Storyteller): For writing an in-character fairy tale ( Episode 57)
  • Personality Trait (Storyteller): For urging Korbin to follow the Hollow Star ( Episode 60)
  • Personality Trait (Storyteller): For listening to the crone’s story attentively ( Episode 66)
  • Ideal (Family): For refusing to submit to the Lady of Weeds’ charm. ( Episode 68)
  • Bond (Dominion): For answering the call to defend her kingdom in its hour of need ( Episode 76)

Lady Weed

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